Thursday, April 8, 2021

UFO Research and the Esoteric Paradigm - A Guide for Students and Investigators

Most serious field investigators who have spent years documenting UFO, Fortean and paranormal phenomena sooner or later come to a point where they start asking themselves the basic question: what are the implications of all these phenomena? There are of course ufologists and Forteans who gather cases like stamp collectors, without bothering about paradigm issues or the scientific and philosophical challenges implied by the phenomena. But for investigators with a scholarly or intellectual approach the various phenomena are usually the starting point of a life long search for the deeper existential questions.

Field investigators who from personal experience have discovered that the orthodox reductionist-materialist paradigm is untenable when confronted with UFOs and paranormal phenomena find themselves facing a dilemma. How to find a world view or paradigm that can be used as a reasonable working hypothesis to account for all the unexplained phenomena? Entering the field of alternative world views is for many a mission impossible with the hundreds of conflicting teachings from different groups and cults. Like entering a djungle full of snakes and swamps. Still, a pathfinder force attitude to this problem is necessary.

The critical and scientifically minded student will eventually, if persistent, in this djungle of conflicting messages and teachers, discover that there is a philosophy and tradition of a quality vastly different from the popular new age channelings. It is referred to as The Esoteric Tradition, Ancient Wisdom or Science of the Multiverse and can be regarded as the third intellectual force or pillar in cultural history alongside religion and science.

For those non-conformist and heretical ufologists who wish to open the door to Forbidden Science this guide in using Esotericism as a paradigm or working hypothesis can be a starting point and inspiration. From a philosophical or bird´s-eye view ufology is very much more than just simple identification of lights in the sky. It may take many years of field investigation and study but eventually you will probably arrive at the same conclusion as pioneer ufologist Jacques Vallee:

 ”…the history of ufology should be placed within an esoteric context. Throughout history there has been a tradition of higher knowledge, and the claim that it was accessible to us, if only we agreed to be tested, to work through certain spiritual problems… That´s the meaning of the hermetic schools. The UFO problem, the question of parapsychology, are central to this business. Looking for the solution isn´t just a scientific project; it´s a quest, an initiation, an enigma like that of the Sphinx…”.
(Jacques Vallee, Forbidden Science II, p. 211).


Esotericism – Elementary


Alice Bailey


Borderland Sciences Research Foundation (BSRF)




Contactees and Esotericism


Cyril Scott


Desmond Leslie


Devas and Elementals


Edith Nicolaisen


Esoteric Intervention Theory


Esoteric Novels


Esotericism and Politics


Esotericism as Paradigm and Working Hypothesis


Geoffrey Hodson


Etheric Versus Physical Visitors


Henry T. Laurency


Jacques Vallee


John Keel




Paul Foster Case


Quarantined Planet (The Alcatraz Theory)


Retreats and UFO Bases




Viola Petitt Neal and Shafica Karagulla