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Orfeo Angelucci and the Esoteric Tradition

”His charm, humility, and sincerety are recognized by all who know him, and he is widely regarded as expressing the religious wing of the UFO contactee movement at its best.” This assessment of American contactee Orfeo Angelucci (1912-1993) was given by religious scholar Robert Ellwood in The Encyclopedia of UFOs, p. 21, (edited by Ronald Story). To state that Angelucci expressed the ”religious wing” of the movement is a bit misleading. What he actually did was presenting a somewhat simplified version of the Esoteric Tradition, which was the philosophy of the space people contacting Angelucci. As a member of the Theosophical Society in America and a priest in the Liberal Catholic Church, Robert Ellwood should have recognized the Ancient Wisdom or Science of the Multiverse in the Angelucci story and message.

Orfeo Angelucci

The contacts with space people made in the 1950s were not only a psychological test of the public reaction to contact with alien visitors but also a somewhat novel way to present the Ancient Wisdom. Upon a careful rereading of he classic books of a.o. George Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, George Van Tassel, Daniel Fry and Howard Menger I discovered that the world view and philosophy of the alien visitors given in these books was actually the esoteric worldview, although expressed in novel terms. But to recognize this fact an in-depth acquaintance with the core Esoteric Tradition (Blavatsky, Bailey, Laurency) is a necessary prerequisite.

After many years of study of the early contactee movement I also found strong indications that this movement was a carefully orchestrated project by at least two alien groups. This is revealed in the article Venusians Walk Our Streets by California journalist och esotericist Paul M. Vest (Mystic Magazine, no. 5, Aug. 1954). From an esoteric viewpoint this is one of the most interesting and informative articles ever written on the UFO contactee phenomenon. Vest´s experiences and articles in Fate and Mystic Magazine has been decisive in my formulation of an alternative Esoteric Intervention Theory.

In the Summer of 1953 Paul Vest was contacted at his home in Santa Monica by the alien visitor ”Bill” who asked Paul to help his group publicize the experiences of Orfeo Angelucci. This was part of a experiment in contacting ordinary citizens in various ways by physical meetings, ham radio, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Paul Vest was exceptionally well equipped to handle this delicate project as an investigator of paranormal phenomena as well as an experienced esotericist with a profound knowledge of the Esoteric Tradition. The alien group behind Bill had obviously done a lot of preparation before contacting Paul Vest. He is given a list of names, addresses and telephone numbers of people in the Southern California area who had been contacted by space visitors or would be useful because of their special knowledge. Later Vest spent several months contacting the people on the list given by Bill to get a verification of his claims.

Paul Vest

Orfeo Angelucci had several physical meetings with space people and at least one trip in their spacecraft. These well known experiences can be found on several websites and his book The Secret of the Saucers can be downloaded as a pdf. Orfeo´s wife Mabel also met the space people on at least two occasions, one of them an encounter with ”Bill”. She was seemingly not amused by the visit from Bill: "Oh, that man gave me the creeps. He rang the doorbell one day and introduced himself with an odd name I can´t remember. He seemed to know everything about us. It frightened me - there was something so strange and downright weird about him." The space people asked Angelucci to go public with his experiences and he started lecturing to groups of people in Los Angeles. Because of the harsh criticism and social stigma resulting from his activities Mabel was very much against his activities. She was concerned for the family reputation and their sons safety: ”Mabel pleaded with me to forget my experiences. I tried to explain to her why I had to tell about them, and we had some bitter misunderstandings on the subject.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.38).

Orfeo and Mabel Angelucci

On February 19, 1953 Angelucci published a newspaper, 20th Century Times. It was essentually the same information later published as The Secret of the Saucers (1955). He had plans to make this a weekly newspaper but only one issue was published. In spite of his lectures and newspaper he reached comparatively few people. But all this changed in September 1953 when Paul Vest´s article about Angelucci was published in Ray Palmer´s Mystic magazine: ”I was amazed at the public interest and the general acceptance of my story. It appeared that intuitively many persons had been prepared for the account.” (Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.116). Obviously the work and planning of ”Bill” produced the effect hoped for by the space people. During the rest of the 1950s and 60s Orfeo Angelucci was a prominent member of the contactee movement and lectured at many UFO conventions.

Mystic magazine, November 1953

Continuing the tradition from Meade Layne, Desmond Leslie and Riley Crabb I will here give a few examples of esotericism in The Secret of the Saucers, compared with a few quotes from the esoteric writings. Laurency quotes are from the web editions.

”We feel a deep sense of brotherhood toward Earth´s inhabitants because of an ancient kinship of our planet with Earth… We ask that you look upon us simply as older brothers”.
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p. 9).

”The ancients” (initiates) called the planet Venus ”the morning star” (not the evening star) as well as ”Lucifer” (he who brought the light”, the knowledge to our planet). By order of the solar systemic government the Venusian planetary government relinquished some of its members, who took over the management of our planet when biological evolution had reached so far that the brain of ape-man could begin to be mentalized. This was 21 million years ago.
(Henry T. Laurency, Knowledge of Life One, The Planetary Hierarchy, 5.7.1).

”… we function in dimensions unknown to man and hence interpret all things differently”:
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.12).
”You have just fully realized that we are not like earthmen in that we function in dimensions unknown to your world.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.43).

”The last time you saw me, Orfeo, I was in a less objectified projection in your three-dimensional world… but tonight you see me fully objectified… tonight I am no half-phantom, but can move among men as an Earthman… You now know that we can appear and function as human beings.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.56).

Our planet (Terra) is the only planet in the solar system where organic life is possible. On other planets, man’s lowest envelope (49:5-7) is an aggregate envelope and not an organic one. As a rule there is only one such planet in each solar system. That planet is in fact given a special task.
(Henry T. Laurency, Knowledge of Life Two, Conscious Development, 7.2.9).

Organisms are by no means necessary to the development of consciousness in the lowest physical molecular kinds (49:5-7). On other planets also the lowest envelope is an aggregate envelope. When a 45-self (in his second self envelope) “physicalizes”, so that he becomes visible in the physical world, he uses the first triad the energies of which shape a replica of his “lowest material form”, a replica as similar to the original as possible and consisting of mental, emotional, and physical molecular kinds. Shaping as well as dissolution is the work of an instant. This physical body cannot be distinguished from an organism.
(Henry T. Laurency, Knowledge of Life Two, The Matter Aspect, 6.7.8-10).    

Interplanetary Alcatraz
”For all of its apparent beauty Earth is a purgatorial world among the planets evolving intelligent life. Hate, selfishness and cruelty rise from many parts of it like a dark mist.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.24).

”I may tell you that to the entities of certain other worlds Earth is regarded as ´the accursed planet´, the ´home of the reprobate, fallen ones´. Others call your Earth the ´home of sorrows´. For Earth´s s evolution is evolution through pain, sorrows in, suffering and the illusion of physical deaath. Belive me, all evolutions are not similar to Earth´s, despite the present beliefs of your scientists.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.43).

”Regrettably, our very planet is the “slop-pail” of the solar system. Monads of repulsive tendency have been transferred here from other planets and also solar systems, such hateful types as have caused trouble in planets with individuals of attractive tendency. “All bad qualities” are precisely the qualities of hatred, and all too many people have acquired such ones more than 50 per cent. It will take many incarnations before those qualities have been supplanted by good ones.”
(Henry T. Laurency, Knowledge of Life One, The Law, 9.45.3).

Our planet holds a special position, not just in our solar system but also in the greater globe comprising seven solar systems. Nowhere has such a mass of monads of repulsive basic tendency been gathered, nowhere has the tendency to selfish individual character been so intense. Nowhere has mankind incurred such a bad reaping by bad sowing. Our planet is the star of sorrow in our cosmic globe.
(Henry T. Laurency, Knowledge of Life Two, Consciousness Development, 7.17.6).

"...this planet of suffering, sorrow, pain and struggle"
(Alice Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age, p. 385).
"...the unhappy little planet of suffering which we call the Earth"
(Alice Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age, p. 649).
 "conditions of agony and of distress such as are found on our planet are found in no such degree in any other scheme."
(Alice Bailey, A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 416).

Ad for The Secret of the Saucers in Fate Magazine, July 1955

”Once there was another planet in your solar system… that planet was the original home of Earthlings... They made war among themselves… Ultimattely they destroyed their own planet which today exists only as a sterile and barren ring of asteroids and debris in the solar system. In order that those entities might gain understanding, compassion and brotherly love they were born into the animalistic, material evolution of a lesser planet, Earth. Suffring, sorrow, frustration and death became their teacher. Their symbol became the Man-Beast.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.44).

”The planetary hierarchy foresees that if religions are not freed from fear and aggression, if they do not seek that synthesis which eliminates the mutual antagonism and competition of the nations… then this will in the future lead to a new world war, this time a religious war, which in its bestiality will supersede everything and will spell the annihilation of life on our planet… If so, it would not be the first one. Astronomers have observed that in the wide interval between Mars and Jupiter, instead of one planet, there are hundreds of asteroids (so far they have discovered more than 1700). They were once part of a big planet. Will Terra share its destiny?
(Henry T. Laurency, Knowledge of Life Five, The Black Lodge, 23.19.5).

Of interest regarding this issue is also this quote from contactee George Hunt Williamson:
”We must now decide what to do about your planet Earth. Your bombs will destroy Universal balance. Your Hydrogen Bomb could make an asteroid belt out of you. This happened many years ago to planet of the fifth orbit. We knew what they were doing but we didn´t interfere. We cannot stand by and see another waste.”
(George Hunt Williamson, The Saucers Speak, Neville Spearman 1963, p. 52).

Orfeo Angelucci

Swedish esotericist and founder of the publishing house Parthenon, Edith Nicolaisen,  corresponded with Orfeo Angelucci 1958 – 1962. She was given the publishing rights for The Secret of the Saucers but unfortunatly this was one of her many projects that was never implemented.  Edith´s co-worker in Parthenon, Mrs. Gertrud Bengtsson, had made a translation of the book and she asked Angelucci to write an addendum for the Swedish edition of the book. Four pages were sent to Mrs. Bengtsson and as this document has never been published before here are a few quotes of interest:

Gertrud Bengtsson, pen name Hillevi Lindahl

”It is the month of May, 1962, just ten years since the first experiences given to me in this wonderful age of new awakening. A large volume could be written about these ten years, but the main events, the rapid unfolding into the new awareness, the vibrant days, began May 23, 1952 and extended to the very end of the year 1954… It is not easy for me to add this letter, fully ten years later, for I re-endorse every word, every meaning, every effect. I am happy to make this attempt for the Swedish edition of the book, which is due for publication in 1963…

Mabel, my wife, still remains a phenomenon. Her smile is as dolcent as it ever was, her laugh as warbling and full as a spring day. She still does not believe all of what I have told, but she still holds nothing against me for it… In the past ten years Earth has made only a glimmer of progress, and even that glimmer is in the material things, such as electronics and satellites. In the moral and spiritual and ethical dimensions there has been more backward sliding than forward progress… my own involvement started May 23, 1952, the very first to announce a contact… I felt this would be the beginning of a golden age, the final emancipation of mankind from the last fetters of ignorance. And soon others were heard from, who also announced contacts. These were George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Truman Bethurum, Dan Fry, others, too may to list here.

I continued for a while to attend meetings, lectures, an some of my own activities. Finlly I dropped my own lectures, and devoted more time to attending thos of other contactees. George Van Tassel was in the desert, near Yucca Valley, California, and in 1954 he continued with the idea of conventions… Those who were able to accept the flying saucers as visitors from other places, far advanced from us on earth have the reward of knowing that our progress in the cosmos is not a lonely, unseen, and un-recorded series of events. We know it is part of the Cosmic Plan, the eternal existence, and the everlasting state of things. So, ten years have not blunted us, but sharpened us. It is the glory of the Truth, which only a few at a time can experience.”
(Document sent in letter to Mrs. Gertrud Bengtsson, Sweden, May 1962).

Orfeo Angelucci speaking at the Giant Rock Spacecraft Convention October 14, 1961. Photo by Swedish ufologist Kerstin Bäfverstedt

Something must have happened to Orfeo Angelucci in the 1970s, that changed his views and perspective. He published some booklets, very far from his earlier UFO experiences and philosophy. The Worst Crisis was published in the beginning of the 1970s and the tone of this document reminds more of a fundamentalist Christian from the Moral Majority than a UFO contactee. His hope is now not the space people but evangelist Billy Graham:
”The time is near when one who is truly a shepherd of men will step forth, break the chains that hold mankind, crumble the false things, and rebuild it all. I, for one, feel there is such a one among us. Many of u shave seen him, heard him, and have seen him struggle before the throngs as though straining at the leashes that hold him… Today, this world has experienced everyhting, good and bad. Man is landing on the moon physically, while going into the much spiritually. But it won´t. If this wonderful leader who is among us feels unequal to breaking the chains of rusty links that hold him, he can at least point to one who can do so… Even as a born and abiding Catholic, I nevertheless discern this wonderful Brother and World Helper, as the one now known all over the world. He is BILLY GRAHAM.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Worst Crisis and You, p. 28).

Even more surprising is an interview with Angelucci made in the late 1980s:
”… he appeared in a PBS documentary called California Saucers a revealed a new spin on his previous otherwordly encounters: ”What I think happened was that I dreamed a lot of my experiences which came back through my subconscious in visions.”
(Adam Gorightly, Greeg Bishop, ”A” is for Adamski: The Golden Age of the UFO Contactees, p. 21). Whether Angelucci refer to some of his later more visionary experiences or all of his space contacts I don´t know, as I haven´t found this interview on the web. Hopefully more data on this enigma will come forward.

The core contactee movement as represented by a.o. George Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, George Van Tassel, Daniel Fry and Howard Menger actually represented a unique and positive cultural impulse and a philosophy of hope for a whole generation of humanity. They advocated a philosophy in accordance with the Esoteric Tradition, the third intellectual force or pillar i cultural history alongside science and religion. More research on this aspect of the first contactees should be of interest both to ufologists specializing in contactee studies and academic scholars of Western Esotericism.

Whatever happened to Orfeo Angelucci during his later years this assessment of him by Bryant and Helen Reeve reflects very aptly the author of The Secret of the Saucers:
”.. we discovered that we were indeed talking with an individual of great spiritual advancement, discernment and experience. By this we do not mean that he was what people call a ”religious” person far from it. There is a tremendous gap between religious orthodoxy, and the type of cosmic advancement we found i Angelucci.”
(Bryant and Helen Reeve, Flying Saucer Pilgrimage, p. 223. They interviewed Angelucci on September 19, 1955).

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The Dark Vision of Don Worley

”The lone isolated researcher who knows so much of this sort of thing and really cannot communicate it to his fellow citizens, tends to examine himself and wonder if he is really normal or just a stupid believer of colossal lies… Some categories of the unknown and secretive-lie modus operandi seems to be amply identified and described in the Holy Bible. We earthlings are under assault as never before and at this late date we don´t even know it. Our enemy is making great progress on all fronts. For instance just one area – the moral and physical destruction of our most precious resource (our youth) via mind altering drugs and weeds has now reached frightening proportions.”

This was the dystopian vision and conclusion reached by American ufologist Donald (Don) Worley, presented in his first letter to me on March 19, 1981. We continued corresponding until 1995 and Don, very generously, provided me with lots of data and documents from his many years of field investigations. John Keel very aptly described Don as ”an experienced student of the unknown” (The Mothman Prophecies, p. 34). He began his studies of UFO and paranormal phenomena in 1965, being a member of NICAP and APRO. At the CUFOS conference in 1976 Don Worley was invited to present a paper on the relation between UFOs, Bigfoot and paranormal phenomena, titled The UFO-Related Antropoids: An Important New Opportunity for Investigator-Researchers With Courage.

To enter the controversial and possibly dangerous underground world of contactees, abductions, cattle mutilations and Men In Black (MIB) certainly requires a form a courage. This was the specialized area of research of both John Keel and Don Worley. In a certain sense they also arrived at similar conclusions regarding the intelligences behind the phenomena, although expressed in different terms. Keel used the more esoteric name elementals, while Worley preferred a mainstream Christian interpretation of good and evil - angels and demons.

Don Worley (1921- 2018) was born and lived in Connersville, Indiana most of his life. He was a member of Baptist Temple and American Legion Post No. 1. Employed at Boeing Aircraft in Seattle and at Roots Blowers for 31 years. After graduation in 1941, he served in the U.S. Coast Guard for 3 and a ½ years. On a Patrol Frigate, he was a radioman operating U boat detection equipment in the North Atlantic, south of Greenland. His active UFO interest and field investigations began in 1965 resulting in many articles, lectures, radio and TV appearances. Several of his articles can be found on the website.

Don Worley

Reading the articles by Don Worley is to be catapulted into a world of sinister forces and entities. Although he did consider the possibility of benevolent alien visitors his many articles on the Nordics mostly imply dubious or evil intentions behind their activities. This is clearly stated in one of his later articles The Nordics Mystery (Contact Forum, March-April 1995): ”Are these ”love-exuding” entities – who are directing the lawless, invasive deeds of the greys and other types – simply greys in ”sheep´s clothing”?... Are the Nordics good, evil or indifferent?At this time it seems to me, we remain baffled and suspicious, yet hopeful.”

The mystery and possible threat from the Nordics, human-looking aliens, was a central theme in many of Don Worley´s articles. He was very serious about this issue and for several years engaged in a sort of mission impossible agenda to alert all he could reach of his findings: ”I have tried to ”wake up” congressmen, senators, (they contact the Pentagon which sooths with the usual lies, newsmen, national editorial writers, national TV commentators etc. Actually its just like World War Two. The escaping Jews returned to the gehettos and tried to tell everyone that the Germans were liquidating them by the millions but the monstrousness of the truth was unimaginable to the human mind and could not be accepted. After 22 years I have come to believe that the situation is really that grim. We don´t comprehend the primordial mind, know what it has done and is doing or what its final aim is.”
(Undated letter from Don Worley 1988).

Article by Don Worley in UFO Universe, Winter 1997

In a letter May 28, 1985 Don Worley told me he was working on the manuscript for a book with twelve chapters, cases and documents from his many field investigations. The title was UFO Ground Phenomena: The Visible Evidence of Earth´s Hidden Nemesis. Some of the chapters were The Hidden Deceivers at Work; Analysing the Hidden Enemy; Looking for a Savior. In the last letter to me November 1, 1995 Don had changed the title to Starships of Evil, reflecting his increasingly dystopian vision. The book was never published and I don´t know what happened to the manuscript or his archive.

Don published many articles in Flying Saucer Review (FSR), during the editorship of Gordon Creighton. He shared Worley´s doom and gloom estimation of mankind´s situation, although he favored an anthroposophical interpretation of the phenomena. A World Under Assault was published in Flying Saucer Review, Spring 1999: ”An epic, unseen, struggle has been raging for many years. Large intelligence groups in Earth´s leading nations and the valiant forces at their disposal are locked in a hopeless struggle with a foe whose power is unsurpassed. Sleeping humanity little suspects what lies in its perilous future. It is much like the falsely secure revellers on the doomed Titanic. If some miraculous help does not finally intervene it is probably that our cherished values and even we ourselves will be annihilated.”

There are several ufologists who, after a few years of field investigation, have reached the same conclusions as Don Worley regarding the intelligences behind the UFO phenomena. Some of them have completely abandoned ufology and joined more or less fundamentalist Christian churches or groups. But Don kept on researching the enigma although with his view of the situation he must have felt an increasing paranoia. This was somewhat reflected in a letter to me 1985: ”Here and there in ufology those who got into something big and got too close to the MIB sometimes end up exiting this life usually by the heart attack route. ”They” know about me of course , but I don´t think my book will be stopped. I believe there are forces protecting me that will not allow this to happen. Others like Keel, Dr. Vallee etc survived and seen their revelations published… It is amazing how the UFO situation may parallel just what the Bible has to say about good and evil. You said it was too bad I was such a pessimist. Facts are facts and I must stick to them but I do in a limited fashion cover the good guys (angels?) in my book. However its mostly about those in temporary control now – the great deceivers.”
(Letter from Don Worley, September 9, 1985).

One of the reasons Don Worley arrived at the conclusions above was that he relied rather heavily on claims made by abductees during hypnosis. Data obtained during hypnosis are exceedingly unreliable and must be confirmed by clear empirical or circumstantial evidence to have any value. In the 1980s many amateur psychologists and ufologists made a mess of the abduction phenomenon by using hypnosis with inadequate knowledge of the proceedings. Real and physical abduction do occur though but very few have been witnessesed by those not involved. The most well known is probably the Travis Walton abduction in 1975. Two abductions observed by independent witnesses are documented by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke in her book Sky People, pp. 124 and 286.

With Don Worley´s deep fascination with contactee cases (Nordics) I find it strange that he never made an indepth study of the classic contactees of the 1950s: Adamski, Angelucci, Fry, Menger, Van Tassel etc. Many were still alive and possible to interview in the 1960s and 70s. Such an investigation could have made him realize that here was evidence of activity by a benevolent groups of alien visitors and this could have made his theories more moderate and less gloomy. Don was also bound by his Christian paradigm or worldview. If he had studied and considered the core Esoteric Tradition (Blavatsky, Bailey, Laurency) as an alternative hypothesis or paradigm he would have found some interesting clues to the UFO enigma. But in this respect he was, like many other ufologists, what Meade Layner and Riley Crabb called a ”metaphysical illiterate”.

Still I can feel a certain sympathy with Don Worley as in some respects I share his views, based on my own investigations of contactee cases. There definitely are some very strange things going on on this planet and obviously we have both good and bad ”players” in this drama – whoever they are. Although evil or dangerous space people were often mentioned by the first generation contactees there are very few references to ”cosmic evil” in the core Esoteric Tradition. Of possible relevance is one cryptic reference by the Tibetan to Alice Bailey: ”… the place where another kind of evil dwells - an evil which is not indigenous to our planet, an evil with which it was never intended that men should deal.” (Alice Bailey, The Rays and the Initiations, p. 753). To mainstream scientific ufologists such ideas and scenarios are simply myths and irrational conspiracy theories. Now suppose you, as a researcher, would find absolute and one hundred percent personal proof that there really is a secret war going on for this planet, but you are unable to prove this publicly. What would you do? How would you react? 

Here a few options:
1. Join the fight, hopefully on the side of the Angels.
2. Try the mission impossible option of going public with your knowledge.
3. Write a novel and in fictional form present what you know.
4. Document your knowledge and preserve it in a safe-deposit box, to be published after your death.
5. Forget the whole thing and try to live a normal life.

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A Study of the Inner Circle Teachings

Meade Layne (1882-1961) was a lifelong student of psychical research, paranormal phenomena and UFOs. He was a connoisseur of both Eastern and Western esoteric traditions, having been a member of Dion Fortune´s Society of the Inner Light and began publishing articles on psychical research in the 1930s. Meade Layne was well acquinted with all types of paranormal phenomena and had in 1936 written an article, Experiments in Evoking Images, published in The Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research (vol 30, no 9). When founding the small newsletter Round Robin in February 1945 (later The Journal of Borderland Research) and circulating it among 15-20 friends he had no idea that within one year he would begin co-operating with a unique deep trance medium of unusual capacity – Mark Probert.

Irene and Mark Probert

Meade Layne discovered Mark Probert´s unusual gifts as medium in the Spring of 1946. Probert never channeled any ”space people” as so many of the other mediums in the 1950s and 60s. Instead the communicators claimed to be ordinary individuals who had lived on earth before. The group speaking through Probert were referred to as the Inner Circle and presented themselves with names such Charles Lingford, Ramon Natalli, Theresa Vandenberg, Professor Luntz and Yada di Shi´Ite. Information channeled by mediums is generally a bore to read, platitudes coupled with naive love-and-light mysticism, But the Mark Probert communications are different, of a definitely higher intellectual and cultural quality, with interesting discussions of science, philosophy and esotericism. Meade Layne and his associates worked for many years with Mark Probert and the results were published in Seance Memoranda.

Mark Probert

In 1953 Meade Layne wrote a summary of this work in Round Robin:
”For some seven years past we have had the volunteer services of one of the finest deep-trance mediums in the world (Mark Probert). Through him, some hundreds of the excarnate have spoken with us - and particularly an Inner Circle of some fifteen communicators, ancient and modern, from both East and West. This is not at all the kind of thing made familiar by spiritualism, and it serves no cult or creed or propaganda. Instead we have recorded thousands of pages of science, philosophy, psychology and history - three-fourths of which does not have the sanction of existing text books. And after hundreds of hours of free conversational exchange with these invisibles, we feel that we have come to know them intimately and well, and … · that they are honorable and highly informed persons, human and limited like ourselves but speaking from standpoints of immense advantage.”
(Round Robin, vol. 9, no. 1, May-June 1953 , p. 4).

Meade Layne

When the BSRF archive was donated to AFU in 2016 and 2018 a full set of the Seance Memoranda was found, most of these Memoranda have been digitized. I have made a study of the information and statements made in these seances. They are of interest especially as the views and data presented by the Inner Circle has influenced the UFO movement. Mark Probert was also one of hundreds of witnesses to the UFO observed over San Diego October 9, 1946.

Eugene Register-Guard, October 14, 1946

Members of the Inner Circle explain that they have trained Mark Probert for many years to be able to channel comunications from their group on the astral plane. Readers of the Seance Memoranda will probably find it unusual that the Inner Circle often allow various types of not very interesting individuals talk through Probert. We find a.o. a temple dancer, suicide victim, man killed in an air plane crash etc. Many of these communicators are confused, not knowing where they are. The Inner Circle mention that they also perform a sort of astral rescue work. Helping people who have recently died to understand their condition.

Yada Di Shi´Ite

Ramon Natalli

Professor Luntz

The leader of the Inner Circle, Yada Di Shi´Ite,  presented this explanation of their work:
”What is your particular interest in these meetings, asked John.
Yada Di Shi´Ite: ”My interest is in the Boy; first, because we have spent several years in developing him to this point where we can use his vocal cords to express our ideas. But please understand, we wish no following; we wish only to express some ideas that may be of help to those who care to listen. There has come a time now in your civilization where the teachings and ideas you have held as being true must be changed. There are many, many ways of bringing about these changes, and we do not classify ourselves as being great teachers with wisdom greatly superior to yours – not by any means. We only hope you will find what we say of some value to you in your own particular path as you go on in life.”
(Seance Memoranda, May 29, 1949, p. 16. BSRA No 10-D Previously Unpublished Series).

For blog readers to get some overview and estimation of what is discussed during the seances I have chosen a few subjects of interest to ufologists and students of the Esoteric Tradition.

”Anonymous communicator came as formerly – repeated that ”Kareeta” really came from…  planet not in our vibration rate , and that K. could pass from one rate to another and materialize here, just as everything else on this planet is rooted in the invisible planes as source.”
(Seance Memoranda, 8-A, no 1, Nov. 3, 1946, p. 14.)

For some reason the communicator refer to the UFO observed over San Diego on April 9, 1946 as a Kareeta. Of significance is that the Inner Circle already in 1946 claimed that some UFOs were interplanetary visitors, but coming from a different level in the multiverse. This theory, advanced by Meade Layne and BSRF came to be known as the 4-D, etheric or interdimensional theory and influenced ufologists like John Keel, Jacques Vallee, Allen Hynek and many others, although they used different terms for the same idea.

”Ramakalo: Yes, these people come in peace – they are much more advanced than you are. Their bodies are similar to yours, but much lighter. These people would like to make a landing but they are afraid of their reception. They know they will not be understood…
(Seance Memoranda, Transcript 1, October 10, 1946, p. 10. BSRA No 8-A).

”Charles Lingford: Now, I want to add about the discs, we haven´t given any wrong information. The predictions of that woman, about the discs being of Russian origin, are incorrect. There is no new information at present. But the Russians source is ridiculous. I do know that they come from the etheric world.”
(Seance Memoranda, Transcript 4, July 13, 1947, p. 66. BSRA No 8-B).

”Ramon Natalli: The phenomena of the flying discs will continue and probably increase. And no doubt there will be some of your bold and devoted pilots who will pursue these phantoms of the skies – very foolishly, of course. … No, we do not change the interpretation of the discs as we first gave it to you. They do come from the Etheric world.
(Seance Memoranda, Transcript 5, Janury 24, 1948, p. 26-27. BSRA No 8-C).

”Yada: Space people from various planets have certain work to do here on earth…There are many hundreds of space people walking on this earth. They have ships that go to the bottom of the ocean; they go deeper into the bed of the ocean to test conditions there. The earth is heating up, you are not going to have another ice age, you are going to have a water age. The space people are testing the snow on the top of the mountains as well as rocks, the atmosphere, the changing conditions of the atmosphere and the rate of cosmic radiation.
(Seance Memoranda, Transcript 30, February 1956, p. 2. BSRA No 9-E).

This is an interesting and very early prediction that the earth is heating up and that we are going to have a ”water age”. Appears to be a correct assessment when looking at todays environmental problems. Regarding the 4-D interpretation even ufologist and iconoclast James Moseley had a few kind words commenting on BSRF:
”Borderland Sciences Research Foundation… claims to have come out with the ”4-D” explanation of UFOs back in 1946, quite a few years before ”4-D” became respectable or even acceptable in Ufological circles. Among those who used to snear at that sort of thing was yours truly. Now we aren´t sneering quite as loudly.”
(James Moseley, Saucer Muse, Non-scheduled Newsletter, vol 23, no 18, April 1, 1976, p. 1).

Epistemology is the study of the nature of knowledge. How do we know that we know. This question should have been asked more often to the members of the Inner Circle but I have found very few examples in the Seance Memoranda.

Charles Lingford: ”Marc´s hatred of Catholicism is due to the fact that he was a Lutheran and was put to death by the Inquisition, or at any rate by Catholics.”
(Seance Memoranda, Sept 29, 1947, BSRA 8-A, No 1, p. 4).

Professor Luntz: ”We greatly deplore the boy´s antagonistic feelings towards certain religious groups, but we understand the reason, because we know that in a former life he was percecuted and finally burned at the stake, so it is understandable that he would hold this feeling of resentment against this one church in particular.”
(Seance Memoranda, July 28, 1949, p. 8. BSRA No 10-E Previously Unpublished Series).

Meade Layne: ”How do you get hold of data like that?” (Marc Probert burned by the Inquisition in a former incarnation).
Charles Lingford: ”Well, it can be secured from the astral records, of course, but there are so many ways, on both sides of life, for learning things that it is hard to explain. We might say that the desire to learn sometimes creates a kind of telepathic or clairvoajant response, or draws in some way on universal knowledge and life. Names are often forgotten simply because they are not used.”
(Seance Memoranda, Sept 29, 1947, BSRA 8-A, No 1, pp. 4-5).

George Adamski
 "The story is in the main true. The Disc did land and Mr. Adamski did carry on a conversation with the operator of said ship. But brother Adamski was so excited he does not remember clearly all that was said. This particular ship was from the planet Venus. We would like to remind you however, that the intense heat on that body, due to its proximity to the sun and an atmosphere heavy with carbon dioxide, make it highly unlikely or impossible that beings with the same organic structure as earth-man could abide on its surface. The Venus beings live in the ether of this planet."
Journal of Borderland Research, Jan-Feb. 1972, p. 20. Trance session December 1, 1952).

The Yada di Shi´Ite: ”New conditions are developing. You are verging upon a contact with these other beings. Certain persons in high official places have had this information already – in Scotland, Australia and the Andes. These have received definite contact, not through a medium or any psychic means, but in ordinary conversation, just as we converse sitting here. The Etherians, to use your word, were present in natural earth bodies. To turn first to our friend, Mr. Adamski – it is a Polish name with accent on the first syllable. This man, while somewhat excitable, is honest and sincere. These people from other time shave been among Earth people for many years, going and coming as you do, but unknown to you as different from yourselves.” 
(BSRA Release 12-A-52, Dec 1952, p. 1).

This confirmation of George Adamski´s contact in the California desert November 20, 1952 caused much dissension among ufologists and co-workers of Adamski as he always maintained that the space people had organic physical bodies like we. But the etheric interpretation is in accordance with the core Esoteric Tradition regarding people living on other planets in our solar system.

Meade Layne: ”The honesty of a medium is in itself no guarentee against deceit by the communicators. There have been occational impersonations, such as that of ”Sir Isaac Newton” who knew no mathematics and less Latin, but was a very smart fellow for allt that. And it is obvious that the true identity of Lo Sun Yat cannot be verified. All one can say is, that they are (very often) powerful, learned and fully integrated personalities, and that there is no reason to suppose them fictions of the subconscious etc. The RR Editor merely reports, from time to time, communications which seem of interest… He only entreats the sceptical-minded to suspend judgement, and above all to continue to investigate with patience, and growing knowledge, and with a critical but open-minded attitude.”
(Seance Memoranda, BSRA 8-A, No. 2, Jan. 5 – April 6, 1947, p. 28).

This is an interesting comment from Meade Layne. The Inner Circle in a few instances let people of dubious character talk through Mark Probert. They then made it clear that these were impersonations or simply pretended to be famous historical persons. Meade Layne discussed this problem in his booklet Mediums and Mediumship (1949):
”Much importance is attached, in some quarters, to establishing the alleged identity of spirit communicators. The question seems of little importance to the present writer, except when spiritism is considered only in its consolatory and religious aspects. The basic question is whether any intelligent and excaranate operator is present; and beyond this, the importance of the communication lies in its content, whether it is intellectually and morally profitable, and whether it conveys any information not easily aviable by normal means.” (p. 14)

Although the statements of the Inner Circle cannot, in philosophical and intellectual quality, be compared with the writings of Alice Bailey or Henry T. Laurency the core teachings is in accordance with the Esoteric Tradition. Mention is frequently made of Masters and the work of secret esoteric lodges on our planet. The weak point is the often referred Advaita mysticism and subjectivism adhered to by several members of the Inner Circle. A problem found in much of Eastern presentations of esoteric philosophy. Even Alice Bailey´s teacher, the Tibetan, was not always clear on this point. Esoterism is basically Hylozoism - all matter (forms) have consciousness at all levels of the multiverse. 

”Yada: Soon comes the day you think of as Christmas Day – this is the day of all the Christ minds, the day of all the great masters. By masters I mean those great individuals who through many life experiences finally came into the highly advanced state of awareness, and by a certain process which is sometimes called the mystical presence have finished, completed their final initiation here on earth which gave them the right of being free beings.”
(Seance Memoranda, Transcript 21, December 23, 1952, p. 9. BSRA No 9-D).

”The principal feature of this sitting was an anonymous communicator who declared that he was an Adept still having an earth body; that he had left his body in trance, in India, and was attending a meeting of Adepts on the Astral – that they were experimenting to see how well the medium could be controlled by an Adeptus who was still earth-living; that if the method worked out it might be of much use for spreading knowledge of occult facts, etc.”
(Seance Memoranda, Transcript 1, November 17, 1946. BSRA No 8-A).

”There is a certain secret work going on at present between the Etherians and certain high earth authorities (You understand, I suppose, that I do not use the word ”high” in the usual sense. I am referring to those belonging to some of the secret Lodges on Earth). This work has to do with the great possibility of the Earth´s destruction… These men have landed in Australia in a secret landing field. They have not only been to Scotland, but to high authorities in England, and to a few of your men and women here of high standing (I refer to the secret Orders).”
(Seance Memoranda, November 28, 1951, p. 30).

Yada Di Shi´Ite: ”Some things we are not allowed to say…”
(Mark Probert Seance, Oct 15, 1953
. Clips, Quotes & Comments A9, Oct. 31, 1953).

A very intriguing statement by the Inner Circle, indicating they were part of a larger organization controlling what data could be given openly.

Mark Probert

Who were the Inner Circle?
The Inner Circle present themselves with names such as Ramon Natalli, Dr. Charles Lingford, Yada Di Shi´ite, Lo Sun Yat etc. Could these names be personas, fictional characters used by members of some of the secret lodges on earth? If this theory proves correct my guess would be the Yucatan Brotherhood mentioned by Charles Leadbeater, Annie Besant, Alice Bailey and Henry T. Laurency. This secret lodge created the first physical materialization phenomena that inspired the formation of the Spiritualist movement in the 19th century. Academic scholar Dr. Joscelyn Godwin has written several interesting articles seriously discussing this "The Hidden Hand Theory". He advances the theory that there was a "hidden hand" behind the spiritist phenomena in the 19th century, a secret group with the aim of changing the culture of the West. This is also stated as a fact by the Tibetan in the Alice Bailey books: "It is interesting to note that this movement (modern spiritualism)  was started by a secret society which has existed in the world since the last period of seventh ray dominance in Atlantean times."
(Alice Bailey, Esoteric Psychology, vol 1, 1970 clothbound ed., p.166-167).

Meade Layne´s meeting with Mark Probert was a seminal event in the history of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation and had a tremendous impact on the work and theories of BSRF. Whatever is the truth behind the Inner Circle teachings they have influenced a whole generation of ufologists and students of paranormal phenomena. After nine years of working with Mark Probert and the Inner Circle Meade Layne summarized his position:
”Mark Probert is one of the finest trance mediums now living, and the communications received through him have been of exceptionally high intellectual quality, mainly in the field of the sciences, metaphyscs and philosophy.”
(Meade Layne, Clips, Quotes, & Comments, B11, June 1, 1954, p. 10).

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The Youthful Space People

”They were dressed alike, in blue-gray ski-type uniforms… I could see they were fair-skinned, and of average height… Through the large opening in the craft stepped a beautiful woman. She had long blond hair and was dressed in a similar outfit… as she approached, she appeared to be the same woman I had met 14 years ago… This lovely creature had not changed at all in appearance during those 14 years. She still looked only about 25.”

Connoisseurs of contactee literature probably recognize this quote from Howard Menger´s classic From Outer Space to You (p. 51), published in 1959. Several other contactees have described this group of benevolent alien visitors in similar terms, intrigued by their youthful and ”ageless” physical appearance. They generally look like young men and women between 20 and 30 years. Ufologists and esotericists who have investigated contactee cases have proposed various theories to account for this mystery. A question often asked: do these visitors have the same type of organic physical bodies like us?

On January 30, 1965, at about 2 a.m., radio and TV technician Sid Padrick was walking along the Pacific coast near Watsonville in California when he heard a sound like a jet roar. When he looked up he saw a shadowy outline of a huge disc-shaped UFO, and started to run away down the beach in panic. He then heard a voice coming from the UFO that assured him the occupants of the object meant no harm to him. They invited him on board. The crew of the UFO was of 8 men and 1 woman, basically human in appearance. One occupant told Padrick he could call him "Xeno", the Greek for "stranger" and guided him into the ship; which had two floors with seven rooms each. Xeno was the only one to talk to Padrick, with "no accent whatsoever". He said he was the only one in the crew who spoke English. Sid Padrick would tell that space men are on mission of exploration and survey, that they had been in contact with a group of people in New Zealand for two months, but are not interested in meeting governments.

After a while, the spaceman told Padrick that they had traveled some distance and were now parked in a deserted area, which revealed on subsequent investigation to be near Leggett, California, 175 miles northwest of Watsonville:
"After we had landed on the hillside, he told me to step out so that I could come back to the place later - to know this was real and not dreamed. I stepped out alone and walked around the outside of the ship. I felt the hull. It seemed very hard but not metallic: I never felt anything like it before. The closest thing to it I ever felt on this Earth would be a windshield - plexiglass. It had a very fine finish, a highly polished finish. He didn't tell me that touching this craft would do me harm, and I had no bad effects from it - none whatever. I was outside for not more than three minutes. I got down and looked at the legs it was on and I tried to find markings on it: I didn't find a mark on it anyplace."

Padrick was then taken back to where he had been picked up two hours earlier, he stepped out of the craft and walked home. He reported his experience to the Air Force, and was grilled for three hours by a team headed by Major Damon B. Reeder from Hamilton Air Force Base, the Headquarters, Western Air Defense Force, near Sacramento. Sid Padrick was interviewed by several ufologists and journalists. I found one of these detailed interviews in the Wendelle Stevens archive, which I am presently organizing. In an article A Probing Conversation With a Contactee by Harold D. Salkin, we learn some further details of the visitors physical appearance: 

”Question: What did the people you talked with look like? Were they human in appearance?

Padrick: The people were all about 5´ 9´´ tall, about 150 to 155 pounds. They all had the same short hairdo, all exept the woman. She had long hair, pushed right down the back, under her clothing. We didn´t go into the room she was in – we just passed by the door – so I didn´t get a close look at her; but I did see that she was very pretty. By our standards, I would say they all looked between 20 and 25 years old, very young , pert, energetic and intelligent looking. (Official UFO, January 1978, pp. 33-34).

Regarding the venusian "Orthon" George Adamski writes: "The flesh of his hand to the touch of mine was like a baby’s, very delicate in texture, but firm and warm. His hands were slender, with long tapering fingers like the beautiful hands of an artistic woman. In fact, in different clothing he could easily have passed for an unusually beautiful woman; yet he definitely was a man. He was about five feet, six inches in height and weighed – according to our standars – about 135 pounds. And I would estimate him to be about 28 years of age…  As nearly as I can describe his skin the colouring would be an even, medium-coloured suntan. And it did not look to me as though he had ever had to shave, for there was no more hair on his face than on a child’s."
(Desmond Leslie, George Adamski, Flying Saucers Have Landed, Werner Laurie edition, London 1959, p. 195).

In the Daily Times Advocate, December 23, 1973 Adamski co-worker Charlotte Blob told of visit from what she belived was the space people: ”… she was lecturing on UFOs once in a home in a remote section of Wisconsin and only the scientists and teachers invited were given the address. As it got under way there was a knock on the door, and two young men, with golden suntans that you just don´t get in a Wisconsin Winter, she said, asked to come in. Believing that they were students told about the meeting by one of the professors, she let hem in and only after considerable conversation which they carried on in an unusual accent and a singsong tone, and after the intensity with which they followed each speaker and the information he contributed, did she even begin to believe they might be visitors from a ship.”

As I have documented in a former blog entry my Danish friend and research colleague Rene Erik Olsen had several meetings in 1990-1992 with two intriguing, good looking individuals who displayed unusual knowledge and technology. The man said he was 28 years old and the woman appeared around 30. The result of these encounters was the book The Alien Visitors.

” While doing research both in the U.S. and researching the Eduard Meier-case (trips to Switzerland in 1988-1990) I was contacted by many people during that period, but especially two people stood out - they knew of my research in Switzerland and my planned trip to the U.S. and they wanted to part some information on the subject. Subsequently I had four meetings with these two individuals who provided intricate details on the propulsion principles… Those two individuals (a woman and a man - who knew each other) had information which I could not question. The woman worked at a research lab (in Copenhagen) and the man I do not know where he was working (or if he had a job). They both knew each other (I gathered that from a joint meeting with them both) and they presented things which I had no way of proving or refuting - photos attached to metallic surfaces (never seen that before) showing crafts (both large and small) and they also showed movie-clips on what best can be described as a small "Ipad" - which was not available back then (Ipads came out in 2010). They did not tell me what to do with the information, only that they wanted to give this, so I did the prudent thing  (back then) and sat on the information. 
(Email from Rene Erik Olsen, April 5 2019).

On October 18, 2018 Mr. Glenn Steckling, director of the George Adamski Foundation, lectured at the UFO-Sweden field investigator seminar. During a private conversation Glenn showed me a photograph from a UFO meeting claiming that one of the men in the photo was a space man. To me he looked like a very young man. Once again a case of youthful space people. The encounters I have mentioned are only a few of many similar cases documented in UFO literature.

A peculiar feature of these visitors is their ability to disappear in front of witnesses, whether this is accomplished by advanced technology, materialization or some form of hypnosis. All three options can be found in contact cases. An interesting example is the meeting between journalist and esotericist Paul M. Vest and the youthful alien visitor ”Bill” in 1953. Bill suddenly appeared out of nowhere to the astonished Paul:

Paul M. Vest

" We shook hands and I recall being aware of the peculiar feel of his hand-as though it were without any underlying bone structure... He was about six feet tall or slightly over and appeared to be about twenty-eight years old… A casual observer would certainly not be startled by his appearance. In a crowd he would pass as a rather unusual appearing person. But as I studied him more closely while he talked, I was aware of certain strange characteristics in his physical appearance. His skin was exceptionally white – so white in fact that it appeared to have an odd bluish tinge. His cheek bones were unusually high and his eyes and brows had a peculiar Oriental cast. Yet in no way did he resemble a true Oriental. And I noticed that his ears were oddly pointed and appeared to be more delicate and complex than any I had ever seen. I recalled how odd his hand had felt in my grasp. Looking at his hands, I noticed that his fingers were long and tapering and so smooth that they seemed to be without joints or underlying bone structure. He spoke slowly and clearly with no trace of an accent, but he seemed to be choosing his words with great care. I noticed too that his voice had a peculiar resonant quality."

Cases like these are often disregarded a priori by scientifically oriented  ufologists but I think it is time to reconsider many of the old contactees of the 1950s and 60s and follow an alternative approach in research, looking for confirmation of the contact from independent witnesses and various types of circumstancial evidence. Some years ago I asked psychiatrist Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz about this problem regarding his investigations of Howard Menger. Schwarz told of the many witnesses who really did experience strange phenomena, including aliens at the Menger farm. In a letter to me May 29, 1986, Schwarz concludes: "Yes, the contact claims or case of Howard Menger is far from being an open and shut or black and white matter." This could be said regarding many of the both classic and recent contact experiences.