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The Doctor and the Alien

Since 1980 archivist Sven-Olov Svensson has with idealism and perseverance taken care of the day-to-day practical duties at AFU. But he is also, like myself, deeply fascinated by the contactee enigma and has for many years collected contactee cases in an international catalogue now comprising more than 700 entries between A.D. 800-2004. The sources are books and magazines but also correspondence with ufologists worldwide. Unfortunately Sven-Olov has no plans for including post-2004 encounters but the catalogue is a useful document because sources to each case is provided. Hopefully this catalogue can be made aviable as an AFU download.

Sven-Olov Svensson at AFU August 12, 2010

One of the more interesting letters received by Sven-Olov Svensson is from Dr. Leopoldo Diaz, Guadalajara, Mexico. The letter is dated October 26, 1984 and is a short account of the intriguing alien visitor examined by Dr. Diaz on November 28, 1976. What makes this case especially interesting in the annals of UFO history is that Dr. Diaz was briefed on his encounter at the U.N.

Dr. Diaz at first told no one of his experience but eventually he related the meeting to his family and some close friends. The pro-Adamski group UFO Education Center had a branch in Guadalajara and the story finally reached Charlotte Blob, director of the group with headquarters in Valley Center, USA. From then on the story became widely known. Michael Packer, a California radio newsman interviewed Dr. Diaz and there were many articles worldwide relating his encounter.

In June 1977 Dr. Diaz wrote a letter to the editor of Contactos Extraterrestres, describing what had happened:
”I am a general practitioner in the city of Guadalajara.  Well, then, on October 28, 1976, I attended to my patients as usual.  At 12 noon I was ready to finish, when the last patient came in, who attracted my attention very much.  It was a person about 50 years old, of very white skin, almost totally bald, grayish-blue eyes, a penetrating look, and of a genial nature.

I did not hear him when he entered the waiting room, but I saw him paging through a magazine when I opened the door to say good-bye to another patient.  When I looked at him he got up and I could see he was very short, about 1.50 m. [4’-11” -trans.].  With a high-pitched voice he told me, “I want you to give me a checkup”; I told him I would.  I proceeded with the checkup and was baffled by his perfect health; his vital signs and his reflexes were surprisingly normal.  He was hairless except for his face, where he had a very fine fuzz; on the rest of his body his skin was as smooth and delicate as that of a robust baby of six months.  Upon noting this to him, he told me, “I have always led a very healthy life, without any excesses, and have cultivated mental control for a long time I have not gone to the doctor for a long time.”

I almost fainted when I learned his age: 85 years!  He noticed my perplexity and told me, “I am not from here, and don’t ask me where I am from, because I can’t tell you.  My name is Llop Zarniet.  [In Spanish, the “ll,” a letter of its own, is pronounced like “y,” which is the more usual rendering of that sound. -trans.]  There are more planets in this solar system that have not yet been discovered; several such as I are distributed throughout the world trying to enter into contact with conscientious [or reliable] people who are disposed to help us make known our presence without causing any fear.  We want to help improve the general conditions of development on Earth and avoid the evils that can lead you to chaos.”
(Contactos Extraterrestres, no. 15, June 22, 1977 p. 5, translated by Richard Heiden).

I am not aware of any detailed and published investigation of the this contact case but Timothy Good did a follow-up on the claim that Dr. Diaz had made a special trip to New York and related details of his encounter to a United Nations delegation. Timothy Good spoke with Dr. Diaz on the phone in 1980:
”… he struck me as being completely truthful, and gave me the names of some of the United Nations delegates with whom he had spoken in New York. The meeting had taken place in the office of Robert Muller, Under-Secretary of Economic and Social development, and accordingly I telephoned him at the U.N. Mr. Muller confirmed the meeting with Dr. Diaz, but when I asked what the U.N. proposed to do about it, he replied: ”Nothing – nothing at all. I circulated it to some people who might be able to do something about it and I had not a single response.” (Timothy Good, Alien Liaison, 1991, p. 76).

Ufologist Ramona Cortez wrote an article about the Dr. Diaz encounter in Beyond Reality 1979 and included some more data on the U.N. investigation: ”Bertrand Chatel, in charge of the Technology Applications Section at the United Nations, stated that he has met Dr. Diaz several times in secret sessions in New York City. ”We still need more investigations. It is the only UFO contact case we are probing. It is definitely unusual. It cannot be considered a major scientific event because we must have additional scientific evidence.” (Beyond Reality, no. 36, March-April 1979, p. 16).

In the same article Ramona Cortez mention an interesting comment by astronaut Gordon Cooper: ”I´ve known for some time that there has been high-level interest in the Mexican encounter. I am not surprised at Doctor Diaz´physical description of the being. It conforms  to previous encounters I´ve been told about.” What happened to the result of these investigations? Could they still be found in the U.N. archives?

What I find somewhat frustrating in this case is that there is no mention of Dr. Diaz taking a blood sample of the visitor and saving it for further study. This could have confirmed whether the alien had a physical organism like us or maybe a non-organic, materialized, body as has been mentioned in several other studies.

Wherever this alien visitor came from his message to Dr. Diaz` is certainly worth listening to: ”It is necessary that you people recognize that many of us are here intermingled with you, and trying to help, because you are very close to having tremendous problems on your planet… You are misusing energy sources and it is necessary for you to learn to find another source of energy. We are trying to give you this information because you are polluting the atmosphere: you are contaminating not only your planet bu teven space, and are very close to being destroyed…”. (Good, Alien Liaison, pp. 74-75).

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A Crack in the Materialist Wall

In the February 1976 issue of the magazine Flying Saucer Review I found an interesting letter, UMMO again, written by the British Theosophist T. Bryon Edmond. In a discussion regarding UFO entities he referred to several quotes from various esoteric sources, among them Alice Bailey. I wrote him a letter and we exchanged valuable data and ideas before the correspondence ended.

T. Bryon Edmond proved to be an erudite and cultivated older gentleman, very well acquainted with Theosophical literature. He had also followed the UFO issue for thirty years and tried to find clues to the enigma in the Esoteric Tradition. I found his ideas and reasoning of great interest. In a letter he summarized his life of study and searching: “Basically I am agnostic, but I accept Theosophy provisionally because it answers more questions in a logical and scientific way than any other religion or philosophy that I know of.” (Letter June 17, 1976)

Mr. Edmond was surprised to find that I, a young university student in Stockholm, had read books by Charles Leadbeater and Alice Bailey. But I had rather early in life discovered UFO and esoteric literature, which I read alongside my university studies in History of Religion and Philosophy. I soon came to realize that this was rather odd and unusual interests in the academic world and among the reading public. A fact also noted by the Swedish esotericist Henry T.Laurency. In his introduction to The Esoteric World View in The Philosopher´s Stone he writes: “There exists a vast literature of which, amazingly, the general public appears to be entirely ignorant.” 

The vast literature referred to by Laurency are the works of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Alfred Percy Sinnett, Henry Steel Olcott, Charles Leadbeater, Alice Bailey a.o. Perhaps it is not so amazing that this literature is relatively unknown. To find the esoteric signal in the noise of  popular New Age and occult books requires a scholarly mind, discernment and persistence.

My personal search for a tenable world- and lifeview has gone through many stages. Already as a teenager I was fascinated by different spiritual teachings and read all books I could find on Spiritualism, UFOs, mysteries etc. found in my parents bookshelf. Later studies included Anthroposophy, Theosophy, Alice Bailey, Dion Fortune, Kabbalah, paganism and various New Age authors. Disappointed with what I experienced of fanaticism and irrationalism in the spiritual underground I abandoned my spiritual quest in 1986 and for a couple of years became active within the Humanist movement. During these years I was a harsh critic of  various New Age ideologies. It was a consequential and necessary psychological reaction in my life even though I in culture radical zeal as secular humanist threw out the baby with the bathwater. During my ideological path back to the Esoteric Tradition I was for a brief period influenced by Christian Humanism as expressed by the Swedish philosopher Alf Ahlberg and journalist and author Erik Hjalmar Linder.

Today I find it intellectually untenable to defend a materialist, reductionist or physicalist worldview. There are two basic reasons. The enigma of consciousness and the enormous amount of well documented paranormal phenomena, including UFO phenomena. Facts clearly indicating that reality is larger than what we presently know and can scientifically verify. In a 1966 interview Christian Humanist Erik Hjalmar Linder summarized the existential issue: “I find it incomprehensible that not everyone perceive our existence as a complete mystery, that we exist is inexplicable.”

Human self-consciousness, the illuminated window in the cosmic night, is to me a tremendous mystery. Simply defining man in material terms is presenting an incongruous flatland model of something infinitely greater. There is a quality in human self-consciousness that requires a different approach. I can never accept the proposition that a lump of matter randomly can form sentient beings, conscious, self-reflecting and capable of ethical decisions. That human beings have an almost unlimited capacity for evil, is something that we are constantly reminded of by reading global media. But what is really interesting and hopeful is that we can surmount harsh existential conditions and develop an almost limitless kindness and empathy. Here we find an indication that the deeper meaning of our existence is the transformation and evolution of our consciousness. We are a step in the evolution of consciousness in the multiverse.

A hint of the potentiality of consciousness is given us in the mystical experience vouched for by thousands of authors, philosophers and common man. The Swedish philosopher and educator Alf Ahlberg, for many years principal of Brunnsviks folkhögskola (college), recount in his interesting episode in his memoirs:

“… something strange happened to me during a cold night in November 1916. We were on guard duty in the vicinity of Ängelholm. Around 2:00 a.m. a friend and I were ordered on a mission. Reluctant and freezing off we went with rifles in our hands… We talked in a low key, like you always do in the woods at night and felt really ill at ease. We talked about the war that never seemed to end, about all the evil in this world and our own worries. Suddenly I stopped as if nailed to the earth. Close to me I experienced something overwhelming, impossible to describe… A living reality but of a different kind we usually designate. How shall I describe it?... Life, light, love? – yes, but of an entirely different kind, not just in degrees but in type. It was everywhere, in the trees, in the sea and in the stars. I felt penetrated by a flow of benevolent force and security. All my anxieties suddenly appeared strangely small and paltry.” (Alf Ahlberg, Från prästgård till arbetarhögskola, pp. 134-135)

A famous Swedish author and scholar for whom the personal mystical experience had a deep influence was Sven Delblanc. His mystical experiences were frequent up until his thirtieth year and are recounted with magical beauty in his autobiography Livets ax (The Web of Life). In spite of Delblanc´s words like ”mystical rapture”, ”higher reality” and ”distant land” he did not refer to his experiences in orthodox religious terms but they became an integral part of his lifeview. According to Delblanc man has access to deeper levels of ethical insight leading to a profound humanism. All individuals have the potentiality of reaching this depth dimension of life.

Alf Ahlberg and Sven Delblanc are no peculiar outsiders when it comes to the mystical experience. It is shared by people all over the planet irrespective of religion or lifeview and has been reported all throughout history. It is obviously a fundamental depth dimension of man. 

The second factor that makes it untenable for me to accept a physicalist worldview is the enormous amount of thoroughly documented paranormal experiences, including UFO and other puzzling phenomena. They become one more crack in the materialist, reductionist wall.

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Otto Viking - Bishop and Ufologist

During the first years of the 1960s Danish ufologist Ole Henningsen paid several visits to Otto Viking (1885-1966) and his wife Anna at their home, Besant Garden, near Nakskov, Denmark. Otto Viking was since 1946 Bishop of the Scandinavian Liberal Catholic Church and an internationally well known Theosophist. His wife, Anna, had worked as a Circus Princess for many years. A rather unusual alliance. But Otto was a rather unusual Bishop as he also had a deep interest in UFO contacts and had written a novel about the covert activities of a secret society of Venusians operating on Earth. It was their common interest in UFOs that was the cause of Ole Henningsen´s visits to Besant Garden. Ole has kindly forwarded some photos from his visit in 1962.

Ole Henningsen

Otto Viking 1962, photo by Ole Henningsen

Anna Viking 1962

Already in 1955 Otto Viking had written an article in Flying Saucer Review (FSR), Flying Saucers and Religion by ”Monseigneur Otto E. Viking” It reflected the ideas and hopes of several Theosophists during these years that highly evolved Venusians were coming to help our planet at a critical period in Earth´s evolution. Otto Viking expressed these ideas in his article: ”If we can be fairly certain that the people coming from other worlds are more evolved than our own humanity, there may still be hope for our survival… It is not unreasonable to suppose, therefore, that a race that has conquered space and speed will, in all probability also have attained this super consciousness, because it will be in the normal order of things. And if this is so, religion may bid our visitors from other worlds a hearty welcome as our saviors from global suicide and inaugurators of a world religion to replace all old ”Tribal” ones, and so make a world peace not only a beautiful dream but a living reality.” (Flying Saucer Review, vol. 1, no. 5, Nov-Dec. 1955, pp. 19-20).

Otto Viking

In these ideas the Theosophists differed from many Antroposophists who regarded and still regard UFO manifestations as demonic, inspired by Ahriman. In his book Flying Saucers. Physical and Spiritual Aspects, Anthroposophist Dr. George Unger writes: ” "True spiritual experiences should come to man in our time but Ahriman is distorting them into pictures of UFOs".  Flying Saucer Review editor Gordon Creighton was heavily influenced by these ideas during the later years of the FSR era. Incidentally, this is also the view shared by many fundamentalist Christians.

Otto Viking travelled all over the world, meeting Theosophists and colleagues in the Liberal Catholic Church. During a lecture in Johannesburg, South Africa, Summer 1959, the well known contactee Elisabeth Klarer was among the audience. In a letter to his friend Ms Edith Nicolaisen, founder of the Swedish new age publishing house Parthenon, Otto Viking told what happened: ”Mrs Klarer attended one of my lectures in Johannesburg and we were introduced by a common friend. We had a long and interesting conversation after the lecture, which Mrs Klarer commended very favorably and, what interested me specifically, she said that ”the philosophy and lifeview you presented in the lecture is entirely in accordance with the Venusians”. Mrs Klarer made a very strong impression of being a totally truthful, reliable and sterling personality whos word I would not doubt.” (Letter July 10, 1959).

Elisabeth Klarer

Already in 1954 Otto Viking had finished the manuscript to his novel En klode griber ind. But he couldn´t find a publisher. Edith Nicolaisen entertained plans to publish a Swedish edition by Parthenon (founded 1957) but these plans never materialized. The book was finally privately printed in 1961, with illustrations by Martin Poser. An English translation, A World Intervenes, was published by Exposition Press, New York 1964 but with no illustrations. This volume is obviously very rare. I bought the last copy from Amazon a couple of years ago and now I only find one copy aviable from AbeBooks.

In the book we can follow the fascinating story of the young Danish couple and peace activists, Ole and Anna, who one day receive a letter suggesting co-operation with another organization. This group claims superior means to prevent the catastrophe threatening civilization. The letter is signed Lami and this individual promise a visit in the near future.

When Lami appear Ole and Anna are told that he is working for a secret organization helping this planet during a critical evolutionary period. They are also told he does not belong to this planet but comes from Venus. The Venusians have followed our evolution for hundreds of years. In the 1940s they were allowed by the inner government of the solar system to establish a colony in Antarctica and actively interfere with our culture because humanity had began using nuclear weapons. Lami offer Ole and Anna to become secret agents for this organization but they must remain absolutely silent about their involvement.

Otto Viking

The work will imply education at the colony. Ole and Anna enlist enthusiastically and Lami explain he will fetch them in his ”vimana” or ”flying saucer”. They must also keep the existence of the colony secret as it is protected with various advanced technology and they wish no interference. In several chapters the education and work with the Venusians is narrated. After many adventures and complications the secret organization succeeds in establishing peace between all nations on Earth.
En klode griber ind was reviewed in the Swedish magazine Graal 1961, edited by Ingrid Nyborg-Fjellander, wife of Sigfrid Fjellander, Bishop in the Swedish Liberal Catholic Church. The couple were close friends to Otto and Anna Viking. In his review Jan Fjellander, activist in UFO and new age groups, wrote: ”If you are aquainted with ufology… one starts to wonder whether this is a novel, if it is only fantasy? From where have Bishop Otto Viking got his ideas? En klode griber ind is written with true intuition and makes you wonder: Is this the truth about the flying saucers?”

During the 1950s and 60s there was a strong overlap in membership between Theosophists and ufologists. Leading Theosophists such as Edward L. Gardner, Boris de Zirkoff, Geoffrey Hodson and N. Sri Ram wrote articles about flying saucers. The Swedish UFO movement was initially founded by members active in the Theosophical Society (Adyar). The history of this connection between ufology and the Esoteric Tradition is still not very well known and should be of interest to scholars of Western Esotericism.

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The Contactee Who Drove a MIB-car

In my large research file on the Richard Höglund contact case there are several very unusual and intriguing experiences and statements, coming from a Swedish labourer in the 1960s. Very few of the general public in Sweden at that time knew anything of the Men-In-Black (MIB) phenomenon. But Richard Höglund narrates som surprising experiences during his work with the alien visitors in the Bahamas.

Richard wrote a letter from Nassau to his friend Gösta Johansson, January 11, 1969: ”I hope that one day I can tell you why we are here, but now it is impossible. We have our own car here, a large black Cadillac. But you must understand we are under a certain control.” Later Richard narrated some further details about the car to Gösta Johansson: ”They had stayed at a villa (in Nassau) and he had driven an old, black Cadillac. It was old but looked like brand new. It was good driving but the strange thing was, you couldn´t collide with it, as it turned away by itself. The car had a magical eye, that´s what Richard called it. Very easy to drive when you found out how it worked.” (Interview with Gösta Johansson February 13, 1980).

Researchers of close encounter and contact experiences will immediately recognize this description as the classic cars used by the so-called Men-In-Black (MIB). John Keel encountered them several times during his investigations in the 1960s. “On a number of occasions I actually saw the phantom Cadillacs as advertised, complete with sinister-looking passengers in black suits. On Long Island, following the directions given me in an anonymous phone call, I pursued one of these cars down a dead-end road where it seemingly vanished into thin air (there were no side roads or turn-offs).” (John Keel, The Eighth Tower, p. 141)

There are hundreds of MIB-cases documented but I have never heard of a contactee working with an alien group, that has been allowed to use a MIB-car. Richard ones told Gösta Johansson: ”I have even been entrusted with taking care of their car”. (Nov 6, 1984). This car was obviously owned by a very special individual, Lou Chesler, active in real-estate development in the Bahamas and a frontman for organized crime boss Meyer Lansky. Richard Höglund and his wife Gunvor worked for a time in 1968-1969 in the house of Lou Chesler and according to Richard he also met some of his alien visitors there on several occasions.

Richard Höglund in Nassau, Bahamas

The connection between alien visitors and the mafia is certainly a riddle. Many times I have wondered if the complicated contact story of Richard Höglund was actually a front for some type of organized criminal activity or espionage? A sort of false flag operation to use a modern terminology. But the problem is that there are too much circumstantial evidence indicating real alien contacts.

To get some kind of overview of the aliens involved with Richard Höglund I have made a summary of quotes from different witnesses I have interviewed. GH- Gösta Johansson, SJ – Sture Johansson, TJ – Turid Johansson, GH – Gunvor Höglund (wife of Richard Höglund). Readers not familiar with the case can find a summary in Earth An Alien Enterprise by Timothy Good (pp. 165-180) and more information here, here and here.

Physical apperance
Re. Photos of the aliens: ”I saw several pictures he had taken. None of them could be seen on the photos. Instead there was a lighted square, like the photos had been damaged by light” (GJ, Feb. 13, 1980)
”They could disappear into thin air. He told me that he had been sitting on a bench in the Bahamas, talking to two of them. When some people passed by he felt very ashamed because suddenly he was sitting alone talking. They were gone. But otherwise they seemed totally material. (GJ, Feb. 13, 1980)
”They were brown, like suntanned, dark eyes. Richard said they were musical and some of them interested in art. But on the other hand also totally insensitive to humans. (GJ, Feb. 13, 1980)
”Richards aliens had long fingers and pointed noses.” (GJ, May 24, 1978)
”Richard had never seen them eat, only drinking, even liquor. There were no women among them in the Bahamas.” (GJ, Oct. 23 1980)

Gunvor Höglund, wife of Richard Höglund

”He doesn´t trust them. They say they don´t want an inch of our planet but maybe that is just talk and they have destroyed their own planet or something. He doesn´t even believe they are telepathic. (GJ, Feb. 13, 1980)
”They were not telepathic, maybe they had some form of technical device as help. Neither does he regard them as especially intelligent. If you ask them something you will not get an immediate answer. But the next time you meet them the answer may be given when they have talked to their leaders.” (GJ, Feb. 13, 1980)

”They are here in two-year periods, then they go home. I asked from what planet the came. It was in the outskirts of our solar system.” (TJ, Oct. 27, 1973)
”They belong to our solar system. The people he had most contact with belong to our solar system” GH, June 1, 1984)

Gösta Johansson, close friend of Richard Höglund

”Richard could not stand up in the crafts. They were semitransparent. No cooking facilities. He did travel in their craft but I don´t think it was many times. He said the trip went extremely fast. They arrived in just a moment. But he became ill on these travels.” (GH,  June 1, 1984)

Richard´s work for the aliens
Somehow he was a spy, but no ordinary spy. (GJ,  Feb. 13, 1980)
Richard once said that he translated from some kind of computer language to Swedish. He got papers from them with only numbers. The numbers faded for each day and he had to translate before they were gone.” (GJ, Feb. 13, 1980)
They spent much time on Paradise Islands. They had a base on an atoll far out. (GJ,  Feb 13, 1980)
Richard met a Russian in the Bahamas who had been in contact for twenty years. Other contactees were backed up by organizations and travelled free but Richard hadn´t succeeded with that for which he was heavily criticized. (GJ, Feb. 13, 1980)
”I cannot and am not allowed to disclose what we are doing here but I can reveal that we are attending a sort of school and then you realize that there are interplanetary teachers involved.” (Postcard from RH, Jan. 16, 1969).

Richard in 1974

”Richard was to help them prevent a third world war.” (GJ, May 24, 1978.
”After the third trip to the Bahamas Richard was picked up, travelling in the saucers. He drove to a secret place were ha could park his car. He became sick during his first trip. (GJ, Mars 5, 1981).
”After the first trip to Mexico, Richard travelled many times and was gone around one month. When he came home he was suntanned.” ( GJ, Mars 1, 1984)
”Richards basic motivation for working with the aliens was that he believed helping them preventing a third world war.” (GJ, Mars 22, 1985)
”Richard had small notes with numbers on them that he translated. During his last years he said concerning these notes: I have some notes here and I have to hurry before they fade. They faded in about two weeks. (GJ, May 3, 1986)
”He believed somehow that he was to get money from them, get some kind of help, but that never happened.” (GH, June 1, 1984)

Good or evil?
”Gunvor believes she has seen the angels of God, but I don´t think so, said Richard”. (Gösta (GJ, Feb. 13, 1980)
There was a black man, called Loftin, and a Russian on the same course. Loftin proved to be a CIA-agent and was later found on Little Exuma with a hole in his head. He had revealed some things so he was shot, executed. (GJ, Feb. 13, 1980)

Loftin and Richard in Nassau

Among them he felt like a monkey in the Zoo. They are totally callous and can witness the most brutal torture. It doesn´t affect them the least.” (GJ, Feb 13, 1980)
”Sometimes I wonder if humanity has lice. Someone is living on us and let us do the work for them? According to Johny Lindell (contactee) that is the truth. The Mafia have to pay them money”. (GJ, feb 13, 1980)
”They said that money is no problem, the world is full of money” (GJ, May 24, 1984)
”Gunvor confessed she had not told all she knew. Still she was afaid she had talked too much” (GJ, June 4, 1984)
”After the second trip to the Bahamas Richard told Gösta Johansson: Quit your UFO interest. They don´t like people prying into this.” (GJ, Nov. 6, 1984)
”Richard ones said: They can witness the most terrible torture and it doesn´t matter anything to them. They are not morally advanced, regarding us a domestic animals.” (GJ, Nov 6, 1984)
”Sometimes after the trip to Mexico 1968 Richard said: I have been forbidden to write but this aught to come out somehow”. (GJ, Oct. 28, 1985)
”According to Johny Lindell Richard´s aliens were a mafia”. (GJ, June 26, 1991)
”The moved their base when Loftin died in the Summer of 1968. He disclosed where their base was located to the CIA. Suddenly there were CIA-agents everywhere, Richard narrated.” (SJ, Oct. 27, 1973).
”He said he really doesn´t know what they want. Personally he believes they are enslaving us. He doesn´t dare to pull out because then he will not be alive. There have been six or seven contactees but only two are left, working as couriers. The others have been terminated, none of them are alive.” (SJ, Oct. 27, 1973)
”I always carry some pills in case I cannot take it anymore. You don´t know what kind of hell I´m living in”. (TJ, Oct. 27, 1973)
”My name must have come up in a lottery somewhere” (GJ, June 1, 1984)

Richard and Gunvor in the Bahamas

Richard Höglund was a reluctant contactee. During his first contact experience he claimed his kidneys had been healed by a group of aliens and because of that he, from the beginning, felt compelled to work for them in various international schemes. Richard travelled to their bases in Bahamas and Mexico during his active involvement with the alien group between 1965-1977. But he differed from the ordinary contactee in that he was very doubtful regarding their true motives and noted that their morals were not very  high. Richard was actually afraid of these aliens and didn´t always believe what they told him. "I don´t know if they are Gods or devils", he once told his friend Gösta Johansson. He didn´t dare stop working for them and towards the end of his life he told my ufologist collegue Åke Franzén to beware of this group as they were dangerous. Whatever happened to Richard Höglund circumstantial evidence clearly indicates that he was involved with some secret group, whether a spy organization, international mafia or alien earth based group.