Saturday, March 27, 2021

Contactees and Contactee Research - A Guide for Students and Investigators

One of the most neglected areas in UFO research is the contactees. Shunned and often regarded as of little interest to serious ufology, except from a psychological or sociological viewpoint. This is especially noticed in studies of the classic contactees of the 1950s. My 50+ years of investigation of the contactee enigma has given me a somewhat different perspective and approach to this subject than is usually presented in mainstream scientific ufology. For those students and investigators who wish to enter what Jacques Vallee has aptly termed Forbidden Science here is a reference guide to my articles on one of the greatest enigmas of our times.


Contactee Research


Anna (Sweden)


Carol Honey


Charlotte Blob


Daniel Fry


Dorris Van Tassel


Elisabeth Klarer


 Eugene H. Drake


George Adamski


 George Hunt Williamson


George Van Tassel


Gerald Light (Dr Kappa)


Glenn Steckling


Howard Menger


Joelle Marchmont (Joan Marchwood)


Kelvin Rowe


Leopoldo Diaz


Millen Cooke


Orfeo Angelucci


Paul M. Vest


Ralph Holland (Rolf Telano)


Rene Erik Olsen


Richard Höglund


Richard Kieninger (Eklal Kueshana)


Rosemary Decker


Sonja Lyubicin


Sten Lindgren


 Ted Owens


Trevor James Constable