Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Richard Höglund Case - Second Contact

In several blog entries I have presented data and documents from my very extensive Richard Höglund file. The most complicated and controversial UFO contact case I have ever investigated. Basic information in English on Richard´s first encounter with the aliens on December 9, 1965 was published by Timothy Good in his latest book Earth An Alien Enterprise. It can also be found on this Norwegian website. I have not published so much data on Richard´s second contact, which proved to be decisive for his future life so here are some further notes from the Höglund file. 

In August 1966 Richard worked as a rock blaster at Färjelanda, north of the couples hometown Uddevalla, Sweden. On the night of August 24 he has difficulty sleeping and wake up at 03.00 a.m. Rising and preparing for the journey home he experience a compelling feeling to return to the lake where he encountered the aliens. Richard cannot resist this impulse and later told that it was like someone else was driving the car. He travel to the same lake again, Grindhultsjön (Grindhult Lake) parking the car close to the shore. Walking down to the lake he notice a craft hovering above the water, not far from the shore. It is somewhat smaller than the one encountered during the first contact. Beside the craft is a man standing in the air, as if he was weightless.

Richard Höglund

Richard understand that the man wants him to come out to meet him. After some searching he discover an old roving-boat and in spite of rather heavy wind and lots of reed, succeed in reaching the man. This alien Richard has not seen before. He is heavy built, ”a real wrestler type” with almost no neck. This man begin speaking in Swedish with Richard, but the sound is not synchronized with the lip movements and can be heard somewhat after coming from inside the craft. He explain that the Soviet Union and USA are planning a war with China and they need his help to start a peace movement. Inside the craft Richard recognize the older man from his first contact in 1965.

Alien met by Richard during first two contacts

Richard is given a mission which implies travelling to the Bahamas. He is also given a metal plate with hieroglyphic signs and is told to always carry this plate with him. Richard object to this mission explaining that he is only an ordinary worker with wife, a small private company and besides he cannot speak English so how could he accomplish any peace project. But the man standing in the air reiterate that they want him for this mission. After the conversation they bid farewell and Richard row back to the beach. He find this whole situation strange and uncertain and he buries the plate in the woods before returning home to Uddevalla, at this point not mentioning anything of what has happened to his wife Gunvor.

I visited the lake, Grindhultsjön, May 9, 2001

A few days after this encounter Richard call his close friend Gösta Johansson, narrating what has happened and that he has received a metal plate from the entities. ”I felt like a prophet when I got that”, he explain to Gösta. In spite of his misgivings Richard has decided to accept the project proposed by the aliens and go to the Bahamas. ”I sacrifice myself now. I feel I owe them this because they have cured me” (from kidney stones – HB).

Gösta Johansson

The statement that the Soviet Union and USA was planning a war against China is interesting. In his book The Ends of Power, Richard Haldeman, White House Chief of Staff to President Richard Nixon mention that the US in 1969 received several inquiries from the Russians concerning a suggested surgical attack against nuclear installations in China. Kreml were concerned that China could be a military threat to the Soviet Union.

It took some time before Richard dared to tell his wife that he had met the space people again and been ordered to go to the Bahamas. This project was not met with enthusiasm by his wife. Gunvor Höglund told of her reaction when Gösta Johansson and I interviewed Gunvor Höglund on June 1, 1984:
Gösta: When Bahamas was mentioned, How did you feel?
Gunvor: He started talking about Bahamas during the Autumn (1966 – HB). No, I said. I will never leave the home we have built. But he insisted that he must go. You are crazy, I told him – and what about Lizzie? (dog – HB). We can´t just get rid of her. Yes, but I have to go, and I will go alone, he told me. I have been ordered to go. And I thought, my God, I don´t dare to let him go alone. Then I was afraid.

Gunvor Höglund during interview, June 1, 1984

During the Winter 1966-1967 the Höglund couple sold their apartment in Uddevalla and most of their belongings to go to Bahamas. They were forced to have the dog killed as they didn´t know how long time would be gone. ”It is just him (the dog – HB) and me that has seen these entities. It´s almost like murder but I have to do it, Richard later lamented to Gösta Johansson.

The metal plate Richard received from the aliens, and which he later fetched by the lake, was around 7 x 4,5 centimeter and 1 centimeter thick. It was somewhat uneven, yellow brown and the backside was rough. Richard became allergic to the plate. It gave him rashes and it sometimes became extremely hot so he kept it wrapped up in asbestos. Usually he had it buried in the soil. The only person that has seen and held the plate was his wife Gunvor which she mentioned during the interview June 1, 1984:

Gunvor: He showed me the plate once, put it in my hand and I noticed those signs. He asked if I felt anything. Only a slight warmth but nothing more. But there was another man in the Bahamas who had it in his hand once and became badly burned all over his hand. He was also in contact with them (aliens – HB) but could not handle the situation. He started drinking and became unbalanced, but he knew what it was all about.

Signs on the metal plate Richard received from the aliens

The signs are in three rows, consisting of small winding lines and dots, somewhat reminiscent of stenography. I have checked with an expert and they are definitely not stenography. Metal plates with unknown signs has been mentioned by several contactees in different parts of the world. One of the first to write about this was George Adamski, published in Flying Saucers Have Landed.  The contactee Albert K. Bender, author of Flying Saucers and the Three Men mention that he received a small metal plate from the ”Men in Black” that ”got so hot I had to drop it” (p. 93).

There are still many unanswered questions regarding the second contact. Were the aliens during this contact also naked inside a transparent plastic garb as during the first contact? Why did Richard never encounter these aliens again? Later his contacts were only with ”normal” men of a slightly oriental look. They had brown complexion, like suntanned, thin, dark eyes, long fingers. Later he claimed that the aliens hem met during the first two encounters were higher developed (overlords) coming from outside out solar system. Those he worked with for the rest of his life came from planets in our own system. Richard Höglund was an unusual and reluctant contactee who never really trusted the aliens. That makes him unique in contactee history.