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The Alien Visitors - volume II

How would you, as a serious and critical investigator of UFO phenomena, react if you suddenly found yourself in the position of the contactee? What to do, if you were presented with physical evidence indicating that the people you have encountered are real alien visitors? This was the dilemma facing Danish painter, photographer and UFO researcher Rene Erik Olsen in the 1990s. In The Alien Visitors, published in 2019 he gave the outline of some remarkable information he had received from two mysterious visitors. Now after 28 years Rene has finally decided to reveal the background story of what really happened in The Alien Visitors - volume II.

I have followed the writings and corresponded with Rene since 2017, resulting in several blog articles. His investigations of the photos and films of George Adamski are in my view groundbreaking, opening up new research avenues. After a few years of UFO research 1986-1988 he decided to concentrate his investigations on the Eduard Meier case in Switzerland. The first part of the new book is a summary of two research trips to Switzerland 1988-1989 where Rene interviewed Meier himself and most of the people in his group.

Rene Erik Olsen

As a professional photographer Rene concentrated much of his research efforts on the Meier photographs which were soon found to be rather crude fakes. In secret Rene visited the sites where Meier had taken his photos. By using two small 4 inches balsa-wood models suspended on nylon wires he discovered how easy it was to create fake pictures with these models. The original Meier photos compared with Rene´s pictures are reproduced in the book.

One of the balsa-wood models used by Rene Erik Olsen to fake UFO photos

Rene Erik Olsen with fake model in the air

Although Rene concludes that the Meier photos and films are fraudulent he is open to the possibility that there could be something more to this case. I am now in the rather unique position of being able to follow the inside story of Wendelle Stevens involvement in the Meier case as I am presently organising and reviewing the very extensive (13,000+ letters) in the Wendelle Stevens archive. Here I also find my own letters to both Wendelle and Lucius Farish in the 1980s.

”I am very sceptical regarding the Meier case. Personally I believe it to be a hoax. My friend Jan-Ove Sundberg visited Meier some months ago. Although he had made an appointment before leaving Sweden, he was not allowed an interview with Meier. He bought several photos from the Semjase Silver Star Center though, but to me they look like fakes.”
(Letter from Håkan Blomqvist to Lucius Farish, September 11, 1984).

Today I find it unfortunate that Wendelle Stevens invested so much time and money in promoting the Meier case as genuine. He should have concentrated on investigating the classic contactees of the 1950s while there still were first hand sources aviable. Much of the information coming from contactees after 1960 was obviously ”contaminated”, a fact that Wendelle was very much aware of.
”I am convinced that some of the earlier cases were actually the best sources of real information, because they are less contaminated by a history of such phenomena. I knew Kelvin Rowe, Truman Bethurum, George Adamski, George Hunt Williamson.. and many others personally, and I was often out of step of the crowd because I knew what the experiencers knew, while many others were being swayed by the UFO club positions abetted by the disinformation services of the U.S. Government.”
(Letter from Wendelle Stevens to Anders Liljegren, March 27, 2009).

Wendelle Stevens (left) with unknown friend at a UFO convention

From two independent ”inside sources” I have been informed that the Meier case was a covert intelligence agency operation. A view not shared by Rene Erik Olsen. But I find this quite possible especially since now the Frank Fontaine case in France, the British Rendlesham Forest incident and several others are by some investigators regarded as secret military operations, implemented by the Messengers of Deception.

”It was in late November 1990 that I was contacted by phone by a woman, who said she knew a lot about my research (into Meier and other stuff) and also of my upcoming trip to the U.S… How she knew about my U.S. trip, I had no idea. I was quite certain, only my family was aware that I was travelling in September 1991… She seemed to have extensive knowledge of alien propulsion and technology and said that ”she wanted to part information on this subject, if I was interested”.”

This phone call was the beginning of four most extraordinary encounters in Copenhagen 1990-1992 with a man and woman, presenting Rene with photos, films and a story indicating they were real interplanetary visitors. About one week after the first phone call a man called with the same message. Rene got the phone number to both of these individuals and called the woman first, which resulted in a visit to his home. She presented herself as Eva and looked like any ordinary Danish woman around 30 years old. Eva was employed at a Danish research laboratory.

After some small talk she began to tell an intricate story of how she had ben able to acquire information from acquaintances about UFO phenomena: ”The story (in summary) went like this – The aliens visiting Earth are human in appearance – looking like ordinary Earth people. Some of them work here for shorter or longer periods of time and ”interact” mainly with terrestrial science. While visiting they can also hold other jobs.”

While they were eating a light meal Eva went for her bag and pulled out 15 metallic plates with photos embedded in the metal. The photos showed some of the aliens´visits to other planets and their craft in flight and landing.”They were some of the most clear photos, I had ever seen. The photographs were definitely taken by someone who knows about photogaphy.”. Rene is presented with information on how the aliens use a combination of electromagnetism, gravitational propulsion and repulsive gravity. After the woman has left Rene make sketches of the photos and some notes of what he had been told.

About two months later Rene call the other man and they meet at a Copenhagen restaurant in February 1991. The man, called Peter, claimed to have an engineering background and was 28 years old. He looked like an ordinary Scandinavian man. During the conversation Rene is again shown photos on metallic plates and given further data on the aliens and their technology.

In August 1991 Eva once again makes a call to Rene and they decide to meet at his home. To Rene´s great surprise Eva and Peter now come together. A meal has only been prepared for two but Peter is satisfied with some fruit instead. During this meeting the woman pull out a small, flat television screen, much like an Ipad. Rene is now presented with films showing various types of space craft, including the Adamski type saucer, and sequences obviously from other planets. At this stage of the proceedings Rene was rather frustrated with the whole situation: ”I asked them both what was going on? The man said, ”What do you mean?” I said, ”Is this a joke?” He said, ”No, this is the real deal.” I said, ”Where does this come from?” – ”From us”, she said. I looked at them both. They looked very serious, then smiled and looked at me with the intent to get me to continue watching the film.” After some more viewing Rene thought he had to ask: ”Who are you really and how come you are in possession of this material? The woman said, ”My acquaintances – remember I told you.” I said, ”Come on.” They both looke at each other and then looked at me and smiled. Nothing was said.”

Paintings by Rene Erik Olsen based on films by the visitors

The forth and final meeting occurred in February 1992 when the woman, Eva, once again come to Rene´s apartment. He is confronted with more films and data of their advanced technology making it possible for the aliens to travel many times faster than light. ”She told me that two large crafts had travelled to another star system many lights years away in the time it had taken me to watch that movie (I calculated 5-7 minuter). The information was beyond belief.” During this last meeting Rene once again ask how she knew all these things. ”She looked directly at me and said two words: ”Direct knowledge”. I now had the answer which I had assumed all along, from the very first utterance of the cover story of ”her acquaintances”.”

Rene didn´t know what to do with all this information and waited 28 years before he decided to publish his experiences. Although the information given by the visitors mostly dealt with technology and space travel they did give a few details of their worldview. Rene asked where they came from and the only answer was ”not from the Solar System”. They did not share a belief in some form of God. ”They said that – God does not exist. There is no God. Personification of a God or belief in a God is a terrestrial religious phenomenon created to have a common moral effect on a population.” Whether they had knowledge of the existence of a multiverse, life after death or evolution of consciousness is not mentioned.

The philosophy of these individuals appear strangely technological and materialistic, a rather soulless Aniara version of existence, where only more advanced technology is the hope for mankind. This is very far from the Ancient Wisdom, the essentials of the Esoteric Tradition given to contactees like George Adamski, Daniel Fry, Orfeo Angelucci, Daniel Fry a.o. This makes me wonder where Eva and Peter really came from and their true mission. They claimed to secretly help us in technological advancement which is very good of course but did the actually come from another planet?

With these thoughts in mind I felt it necessary to ask Rene a final question:
”Have you ever considered the possibility that the visitors could have been covert special operations agents with publicly not so far revealed technical knowledge?"

I received Rene´s answer in an email May 21, 2020:
”I considered EVERYTHING when I was contacted by them both initially. If things sounds, looks or feels "too god to  true" I have always been suspicious. Had I not met with the woman and the man - and only received the information through letters or otherwise, I would have been very skeptical. But they presented photos (of a kind I had never and had never seen since) and film-material shown on a device I had never seen. The quality of the films and photos - in addition to their very technical explanations - made it all seem to me to be something they had a VERY close relationship to. Also their demeanor - when explaining things. They were VERY patient when they could see that I did not understand what they explained. They took their time to make sure that I at least got the full gist of what I was told. Even though I struggled at times, I must admit. They explained things in a different way, if I said that I could not understand. Their mood and seriousness is difficult to explain. They appeared very serious about the subject matter (being it technical stuff or many of my other questions). I do NOT believe they were somebody else but what I have concluded. Even though I know it IS a big conclusion.”

The Alien Visitors volume II is a unique contribution to UFO literature and research which I highly recommend. A UFO investigator revealing his own contact experiences. The book has 119 pages with 56 fascinating pages of photos and beautiful paintings, a real feast for the eye. I commend Rene for his courage to publish these encounters. But he is not alone in this situation. John Keel and MUFON consultant Rosemary Decker personally knew several researchers in the UFO community who had similar type of contacts, but kept the knowledge in a very small circle. The $64 question is of course – who are these visitors?

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Missing Time and Space Animals 1922

This Spring day in 1922 begin as just any ordinary day in the life of the soon to be eight years old schoolboy Östen Engström. He lived with his parents in the small village Orsta, south-west of the Swedish city Kolsva. After school he join his schoolmate Holger for a walk to Holger´s  home where the boys play for while. Then Östen start his journey home, about three Swedish kilometers. After having walked alone in this wooded area for some time there is a peat-moss to his right and the village school to the left. Östen is now close to home. But then something happen that would forever remain an unsolved mystery in the life of this young boy.

Östen Engström, photo by Clas Svahn

Suddenly lots of animals come running out from the woods: deer, hares, moose, foxes, badgers and other animals. They run towards the peat-moss. At the same time the sky is darkened and a strange light appear over the place. Östen can now feel an acrid smell all around him.

- I looked up and noticed three gray objects hovering silently above me. They were so close I could have thrown a stone at them. The objects were pulsating as if they were breathing and I saw two dark lines on them. A bit further away, over the woods, another two objects were flotaing. They were bigger and darker then the ones above me.

Drawing by Östen Engström

Then Östen remember nothing more. When he wake up he in lying on the road freezing. It is now dark. No animals are in sight but in the direction of Västlanda lake he can see a pulsing light becoming smaller and smaller. Östen is feeling very tired and start walking the short distance to his home. The time is now 7.30 P.M. indicating a loss of four hours. He try to explain what has happened to his parents but they don´t  believe him. When Östen didn´t come home they had sent his older brother Gustav to look for him. He had travelled by bicycle to the school only to find out that Östen had joined Holger at home. There he is informed that Östen left at around 3.30 P.M. so he return home, passing the place where Östen later woke up. As it was still daylight Gustav should have found Östen lying on the road.

What happened to Östen Engström during the four hours? This old and unusual close encounter case was first mentioned in the Swedish newspaper Expressen June 15, 1996. UFO-Sweden ufologists Clas Svahn and Andreas Ohlsson contacted Engström and made several interviews and visited the observation site together with the witness.

Östen Engström at the observation site. Photo by Clas Svahn

Here a few answers from the interviews:
- Where was I during those hours? I estimate having been gone around four and a half hours. I didn´t arrive home until half past seven or eigtht o´clock in the evening. I almost got beaten because they believed I was lying. They sent me to bed and I was bedridden four days in fewer. Probably I had catched a cold lying on the road.

- It looked as if the objects were pulsating simultaneously all three of them. Just like octopus functioning. They take in water and move by blowing it out. It looked like the objects used the same technique. They moved in a very elegant way, changed direction and appeared to steer with this pulsating.

- Where was I? Gustav cycled this way while I was lying there, without seeing me. I have pondered on this so many times.

Drawing by Östen Engström

When studying this early close encounter case I am immediately reminded of a rather obscure idea in the annals of UFO history, usually referred to as the Space Animal Theory. Various types of sky creatures is also mentioned in science fiction literature. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote the short story The Horror of the Heights published in 1913. An aviator investigating planes disappearing discovers that balloon-like creatures looking like aerial jellyfish reside in the upper atmosphere.

The theory of space animals or critters was popularized by UFO contactee Trevor James Constable (1925-2016) in several books and articles. Constable was a good friend of Riley Crabb and worked for many years in association with Borderland Sciences Research Foundation. In 1956-1957 Constable, together with his friend and co-worker James Woods, made many trips to various places in the Mojave desert in California, combining channeling sessions with infrared photography. They had hoped to photograph space ships but soon found something very different:

Trevor James Constable and Riley Crabb, June 1962

”I wanted a spaceship photograph, and went after such a photograph in a way that seemed to me to multiply my chances of success – all of it based on the radar evidence that some UFOs hail from the invisible yet adjacent realm. I got the pulsation not from a spaceship engine, but from something alive, precipitating its form repeatedly into a film emulsion… Study of thousands of exposures through the years leaves me in no doubt that the sky background of infrared photographs contain all kinds of artifacts, organisms and forms that are new to mankind… The existence of these organisms seems to be essentially plasmatic, i.e., having their form expressed in heat substance. They travel in pulsatory fashion, swelling and shrinking cyclically as they move through the air, much as we pulsate with our heartbeat and swell and shrink with our lung movements. They are spheroidal, and therefore often looks like discs.”
(Trevor James Constable, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, p. 84).

Constable has been criticized for reducing all UFO experiences to space animals but he was very adamant that there are both real extraterrestrial space craft and what he called critters:

”… it´s not a question of having spaceships or plasmoidal organism: you have both! There are at least two dimensions to the UFO phenomenon. One is the spaceships idea and the other is the living organisms. And because in the mode of their manifestation these two aspects of the UFO phenomenon are mutually confused…”
(The Cosmic Pulse of Trevor James Constable, Interview by Joan D´Arc, Paranoia Magazine, No. 5, 1994).

Space animal photographed by Trevor James Constable, August 25, 1957

Critics have claimed that the bioforms photographed by Constable are simply infrared artifacts occurring inside the camera or already present in the infrared film before the photos are taken. Whatever the truth in this matter there is a strong resemblance between the pulsating spheroids photographed by Constable and the pulsating objects observed by Östen Engström. What he really did encounter that Spring afternoon in 1922 and what happened during the four missing hours remain a mystery.

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The Quarantined Planet

Anyone reading the title of this blog post would probably assume it is just another lamentation of the ongoing Corona pandemic and all the problems caused by the forced quarantine most of us have to endure. Well, you are in for a surprise, this is about an entirely different sort of quarantine, a central theme in the Esoteric Tradition, what I use to call the Alcatraz theory. The assertion that our planet is a sort of interplanetary Alcatraz, a quarantined prison world where the scum and criminals of other planets have been placed to work out their own destiny.  An interesting point is that this claim was also presented by several of the first generation UFO contactees.

The flying saucer model placed outside the Köping UFO exhibition 1978

During the Summer of 1978 UFO-Sweden arranged a large UFO exhibition in Köping, a town in the middle of Sweden. This exhibition was also arranged for several years. The inauguration speech in 1980 was delivered by Anders Gernandt, former member of the Swedish Parliament och very interested in the UFO enigma. During the speech Gernandt stated his belief that ”Earth is the Kumla-prison of the Universe”. He was referring to Sweden´s largest prison facility at Kumla. This statement probably raised a few eyebrows. Not many of the listeners were aware of the history of the interplanetary Alcatraz idea, but it can be found referred to in the most unlikely writings. Famous Swedish author August Strindberg wrote in En blå bok (1913: ”… the earth is a prison for those who have committed crimes in heaven, we are all rascals…” (Zones of the Spirits. A book of Thoughts, p. 235).

Anders Gernandt

Vestmanlands Läns Tidning, May 25, 1980

Moscow, summer 1933. Journalist and author Arthur Koestler is relaxing at Café Metropoles. He has been sent to the Soviet Union to write about Stalin´s first Five-Year-Plan. After a few Vodkas his mood changes and he becomes painfully aware of the acute misery of human existence on this planet. Instead of an article on the Five-Year-Plan he starts formulating a fantasy on the Metropole´s napkins. This fantasy, a drama, was published as Twilight Bar in 1945. Two interplanetary visitors, Alpha and Omega, suddenly arrive on Earth with a mission to find the worst and most unhappy planet in the Universe. They find it - Tellus. Alpha and Omega give the governments three days to change the situation. If not, humanity will be wiped out and another civilization take its place. The drama ends one hour before the three days have expired.

Among the first generation UFO contactees we find many references to Earth as a very special type of quarantined prison planet:

”For all of its apparent beauty Earth is a purgatorial world among the planets evolving intelligent life. Hate, selfishness and cruelty rise from many parts of it like a dark mist.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.24).

”I may tell you that to the entities of certain other worlds Earth is regarded as ´the accursed planet´, the ´home of the reprobate, fallen ones´. Others call your Earth the ´home of sorrows´. For Earth´s evolution is evolution through pain, sorrows, suffering and the illusion of physical death. Belive me, all evolutions are not similar to Earth´s, despite the present beliefs of your scientists.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, p.43)

"...centuries ago, in a meeting among the teachers of wisdom on many planets, it was decided to ship such selfish ones to new planets capable of maintaining human life... Earth in our system was chosen for the new home of these unruly ones from many planets inside and outside of our system. These exiles were what you on Earth call trouble-makers." 
(George Adamski, Inside the Space Ships, p. 180).

”They (the arrogant and unruly-HB) were exiled to this earth, as well as to some other worlds set aside for this purpose… These guardians of space, our Brothers, are continually doing all they can in many ways to benefit mankind, although they could do much more if this was not a quarantined world.”
(Kelvin Rowe, A Call at Dawn, pp. 38, 60).

In the Esoteric Tradition this theme is often mentioned and interested readers can find hundreds of quotes referring to the Alactraz idea expressed in various contexts:

The Tibetan, writing with the help of his amanuensis Alice Bailey, often refers in his books to "...the unhappy little planet of suffering which we call the Earth" (Discipleship in the New Age, p. 649) or "...this planet of suffering, sorrow, pain and struggle" (ibid. p. 385) and that this is part of a large experiment. We are also told that "conditions of agony and of distress such as are found on our planet are found in no such degree in any other scheme." (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 416).

Swedish esotericist Henry T. Laurency is of very explicit when writing about la condition humaine on this planet:
”Our planet (Terra) is the only planet in the solar system where organic life is possible. On other planets, man’s lowest envelope (49:5-7) is an aggregate envelope and not an organic one. As a rule there is only one such planet in each solar system. That planet is in fact given a special task. Organic life is the life that is the most unsuitable to consciousness development. The organism is an envelope of suffering with its potentials for disease, disablement, and general helplessness. It is to such planets that monads are transferred from other planets, monads that have a repulsive basic tendency and thus instinctive hatred, which renders evolution so enormously difficult.
(Henry T. Laurency, Knowledge of Life Two, Conscious Development, 7.2.9).

Our planet holds a special position, not just in our solar system but also in the greater globe comprising seven solar systems. Nowhere has such a mass of monads of repulsive basic tendency been gathered, nowhere has the tendency to selfish individual character been so intense. Nowhere has mankind incurred such a bad reaping by bad sowing. Our planet is the star of sorrow in our cosmic globe.
(Henry T. Laurency, Knowledge of Life Two, Consciousness Development, 7.17.6).

The idea of Earth as a very special planet in our part of the universe can be found in writings of authors perhaps not expected to harbour such ”irrational” and heretic views. On November 17, 2013 British author Doris Lessing died, aged 94, at her home in London. She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2007. Once asked what she considered her foremost works she answered that it was the five novels collectively known as Canopus in Argus: Archives, written between 1979-1983. This was a surprising answer to all who were not aware of Doris Lessing´s profound interest in mysticism and esoteric traditions, especially Sufism. That the Sufi tradition was an important philosophy and the ideological basis of many of her later novels was totally missed in the obituaries and articles in the Swedish press.

The Canopus in Argus novels is the story of interstellar intervention with the aim to accelerate the biological and cultural evolution of Earth (Shikasta). Early in Earth history extraterrestrials from Canopus visited our planet and tried to civilize the the primitive inhabitants with genetic engineering and cultural influence. After a cosmic catastrophe contact is partially broken and another group arrives with evil intentions, spreading violence, hate and destruction. Both groups infiltrate their agents on Shikasta and the story is presented through the eyes of George Sherban, a Canopus agent.

After Shikasta there were four more volumes in the series. Anyone acquainted with the esoteric tradition will immediately recognize ideas and themes from the Ancient Wisdom. Volume three, The Sirian Experients, is especially interesting because of Doris Lessing´s preface: "I think it is likely that our view of ourselves as a species on this planet now is inaccurate, and will strike those who come after us as inadequate as the world view of, let´s say, the inhabitants of New Guinea seems to us. That our current view of ourselves as a species is wrong. That we know very little about what is going on. That a great deal of what is going on is not told to ordinary citizens, but remains the property of small castes and juntas."

In a further comment Doris Lessing´s interest in both UFOs and the esoteric tradition becomes even more explicit: "I would not be at all surprised to find out that this earth had been used for the purposes of experiment by more advanced creatures... and that there might have been a science in the past which we have forgotten... that we may be enslaved in ways we know nothing about, befriended in ways we know nothing about... As for UFOs, we may hardly disbelieve in what is so plentifully vouched for by so many sound, responsible, sensible people, scientific and secular".

The Alcatraz idea is fascinating but not very comforting. In the Esoteric Tradition we are told that evolution on this planet is especially tough but makes us specialists in handling excessive and organized evil. We can if doing the right thing become a sort of interplanetary Navy Seals or Special Operations Forces. Earth is a hard school and not the nicest place to be stranded on. John Keel expressed it in his own very special way: ”The earth is not inhabited. It is infested”