Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Alien Visitors

What would happen if it could be determined with abolute certainty that the photographs and films taken by George Adamski in the 1950s and 60s are genuine, showing real unidentified alien craft? The answer is not just of scientific interest but even more so a psychological and sociological issue. How would mainstream UFO researchers react to such a revelation or rather revolution? How would this heureka moment affect the UFO research community? Maybe we will soon have the answer, coming from the investigations implemented by Danish photographer and artist Rene Erik Olsen. His second book dealing with the George Adamski photos and films have recently been published – The Alien Visitors.

In his former book, The George Adamski Story, Rene presented the remarkable results obtained by digital enhancement of the Adamski photographs. The Alien Visitors is a sequel to the first volume. This is no ordinary UFO book or research effort, but a beautiful and inspiring artwork, a real feast for the eye. There are around 80 illustrations: Adamski photos, often digitally enchanced coupled with more than 40 visionary paintings by Rene Erik Olsen. The 58 pages of text is a detailed study of the visitors technology and propulsion system.

Painting by Rene Erik Olsen

Regarding the authenticity of the Adamski photos and his contact experiences the author simply states: ”… George Adamski. A man of much controversy, but a man who was exposed to an enormous amount of factual evidence of these amazing visitor-crafts. I have been extremely fortunate to have seen some of his original photos and been provided some digitized films and enhanced some of them for this book.” (p. 61)

When reading the chapters describing the technology and propulsion of shuttle crafts and cruisers I was immediately intrigued by the very detailed presentations. I did recognize some of it from the books by George Adamski, Daniel Fry, George Van Tassel and Howard Menger, but there is also very specific new information, not presented as theories och speculation but facts. Here a few examples:

The Alien Visitors, p. 20

Painting by Rene Erik Olsen

”In certain types of shuttle crafts the pilot has the ability to make any part of the cabin wall/outer wall transparent/translucent. This ”effect” is very useful, especially when in partly stealthy mode (not wanting to be observed) – they have the ability/technology to control the appearance (at the atomic/electron level) of certain materials.” (p. 26)

”The very large cruisers of 10 to 30 miles i sizes – are a different matter. They are a planetary matter. These cruisers are small cities and can easily travel for years without returning to their original base or home planet. For all crusiers traveling great distances, maintenance is performed at selected destinations during traveling – normally planned ahead of travel. All personnel on these city-sized cruisers are specifically selected for these trips.” (p. 38)

Painting by Rene Erik Olsen

I began to suspect that Rene must be the custodian of some very special information so in an email I simply asked what are your main sources for all these data? On April 5, I received several emails - and was I in for a surprise:
” Information from two direct sources in Copenhagen - between the years 1990 - 1992. While doing research both in the U.S. and researching the Eduard Meier-case (trips to Switzerland in 1988-1990) I was contacted by many people during that period, but especially two people stood out - they knew of my research in Switzerland and my planned trip to the U.S. and they wanted to part some information on the subject. Subsequently I had four meetings with these two individuals who provided intricate details on the propulsion principles.”..

"Direct sources - Those two individuals (a woman and a man - who knew each other) had information which I could not question. The woman worked at a research lab (in Copenhagen) and the man I do not know where he was working (or if he had a job). They both knew each other (I gathered that from a joint meeting with them both) and they presented things which I had no way of proving or refuting - photos attached to metallic surfaces (never seen that before) showing crafts (both large and small) and they also showed movie-clips on what best can be described as a small "Ipad" - which was not available back then (Ipads came out in 2010). They did not tell me what to do with the information, only that they wanted to give this, so I did the prudent thing  (back then) and sat on the information. You may recall that a lot of stuff was happening in the late 1980'ies and beginning of the 1990'ies in the UFO-field (MJ-12 controversy, big-headed aliens, alien/terrestrial pact and technology transfer)."

"I sat on this information until Glenn Steckling by accident (in an email in 2017-18) told me of an observation of a mothership (with a swirling force-field moving around it) and that was when it clicked for me - and I thought I had seen this and heard a similar description of this before  (from these two sources) - Back then I checked the woman's credentials (she did work at a research lab) but two years after the last meeting she was no longer there. Both of them I have not been able to locate again, to be honest - if I could, I really would not want to. Of course I asked them where they had the information from, but from the way they looked at me, it seemed self-explanatory. I think they wanted me to make my own conclusions. I sort of have. That is why I describe these two people as direct-sources. But I have no way of proving it… The two of them were looking just like you and me (meaning Caucasian in appearance and nothing special about them - seemed like two ordinary people you could meet on the street - but the only thing that stood out was that they were very patient with me - because I asked a lot of questions (talking fast when I get excited).

Rene Erik Olsen

Rene is here indicating the possibility that the couple could have been visitors or contactees themselves, covertly involved in co-operation with the visitors. This naturally opens up for hundreds of follow-up questions and research. Rene mention that further data may be published in coming books and on his website. The Aliens Visitors is suddenly not only a book about George Adamski and the interpretation of his photos but of a second mystery as well. Who were the strangers that contacted Rene Erik Olsen – and why was he given this unique information?

Inside of shuttle craft. Painting by Rene Erik Olsen

Readers of my blog are aware of that I have advanced the theory that George Adamski was involved in a psychological and cultural influence test in the 1950s. An experiment implemented by a group of benevolent aliens, earth based or extraterrestrial, a group with access to “vimana” technology.  Some of the people contacted tried their best to implement the projects and ideas received by the visitors. Others couldn´t stand the psychological strain and social stigma of the experiences or invented fake stories when the real contacts ended. During my many years of investigation and documentation of physical contactee cases I have found enough circumstantial empirical evidence to accept some of the 1950s contact experiences as valid and worthy of further study and analysis. "Scientific" ufology usually regard this group of contactees as charlatans and impostors but I am too old to play the ufologically correct game and sing in the debunking choir. In the George Adamski case there is a lot of circumstial evidence indicating he really did meet alien visitors from somewhere. Here a few examples:

Timothy Good interviewing Lucy McGinnis, former secretary of George Adamski.
”Lucy McGinnis: This was at Palomar. I was in my room lying down… in the afternoon… I don´t know what date it was… I was lying down and for some reason I got up and went out… And I looked up, and here was this great big thing. I was amazed. It was a saucer-like, and it was big. As I looked up I could see through it: it was two stories. You could see the steps where they were going up and down… I don´t remember how many people I saw – but they were moving around.

Timothy Good: Were they men or women, or both?

Lucy McGinnis: I couldn´t say because they had kind of like… ski-suits. But they were ordinary, fastened around the ankle, and pant-like deal, blouse deal…

Timothy Good: If the whole craft was transparent, could you see any machinery, or anything like that, or darker patches than others?

Lucy McGinnis; Yeah, you could see, but you couldn´t – or at least I couldn´t tell what it was.

Timothy Good: Did it have the same shape as the classical Adamski craft?

Lucy McGinnis: Yes, the round one…. It was kind of hovering up there and then suddenly it just started going up – drifting away.”
(Timothy Good interview with Lucy McGinnis, Nov 20, 1979).

Lucy McGinnis

Desmond Leslie´s observation of a golden disc at Palomar Gardens in 1954.
”We were sitting on the patio in the twilight, George, Alice Wells, Lucy McGinnis, and I with my back turned facing the doorway. A curious cold feeling came over me as of being watched, as if someone or something was standing directly behind me. I swung around in time to see a small golden disc between us and the Live Oaks fifty feet away. Almost instantly it shot up in the air with an imperceptible swish leaving a faint trail behind it, then vanished. George grinned solemnly. `I was wondering when you were going to notice that!`. I was amazed. `One of those remote control things?`I believe I asked. He nodded.”
(Desmond Leslie & George Adamski, Flying Saucers Have Landed, Revised and enlarged edition, Neville Spearman, London 1970, pp. 243-244.)

Desmond Leslie and George Adamski 1954

George Adamski´s former co-worker Lou Zinssstag mention this episode from Adamski´s hotel i Basle 1959.
”Yes, indeed I had a good rest, but this morning I had a visit from two of the boys who came to my room at nine o´clock” I was flabbergasted because I realized what he meant by this. It was his manner to call his extraterrestrial friends `boys`when he was pleased. It was hard even for me to believe him at that moment, but he insisted that there were several in Basle at that time. On a number of mornings that week he told the same story, so I decided to check on it. I asked the hotel manager, as well as the porter who I knew well, if Adamski did indeed have any visitors in the morning. ”Yes”, both men said. There are several men who come at about nine o ´clock, but never more than two at a time.” I felt that they were wondering about it, but, of course, I could not enlighten them.”
Lou Zinsstag & Timothy Good, George Adamski. The Untold Story, p. 30.

There is definitely a deeper mystery connected with George Adamski and several of the early 1950s contactees. We have only begun to scratch the surface of this great enigma. To delve into these aspects of the UFO riddle the ufologist has to be both a meticulous, critical investigator and a detective. In-depth research of close encounter and contact cases of this type is time-consuming and can be quite unnerving as you will discover facts very difficult or impossible to publish. Ufology at this level is very far from writing reports of lights in the sky or being entertained by fake videos on YouTube. You have all the chances of entering Forbidden Science. But then remember the motto of Riley Crabb, the late director of Borderland Sciences Research Foundation: ”If I have one goal in life it is an uncompromising search for Truth, whatever that might be, and wherever it may lead.”