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Rosemary Decker - Silent Contactee

”So glad to learn that you and Dan Fry enjoyed the years of friendship. He and I met about 1955, when he was instigating the Understanding groups, and kept in touch almost to the end of his Earth sojourn. Dan was one of the very few people I ever felt free to tell of my own few direct encounters with Visitors from afar. All between, January 1958 and 1960: One very brief face-to-face, two phone calls, and three telepathic contacts… which were just as clear as the phone calls. (I do not publicise my encounters). During the last contact (by phone) it was suggested to me that some day conditions would make it possible for me to write a book on Mars… He had said, ”Under optimum conditions, it is possible to get a craft from Earth to Mars in 35 minutes… There´s the title for your book… remember that”.  He placed the emphasis on Earth to Mars , so I realised that he and his group are hoping some highly ethical and technologically advanced scientists will be able to pick up enough clues to build such a craft, sometime soon. Of course, it will involve gravity control.”
(Letter from Rosemary Decker to Gordon Cooper, August 23, 2000).

This very interesting letter from Rosemary Decker to astronaut Gordon Cooper I found among the 13,000 letters in the Wendelle Stevens extensive archive at AFU, which I am presently organizing, studying and scanning. In the collection I have found ten letters from Rosemary Decker. She was one of the real pioneers in the UFO and contactee movement, with unique inside knowledge and experiences of what happened in the 1950s and 60s. She passed away January 22, 2009 at the age of 92. Space and UFO research were her passion. Her studies of Mars culminated with the publication of 35 Minutes to Mars, in 2004.

Part of the Wendelle Stevens archive, 13,000 letters

What a pity that Rosemary never published her memoirs. What a treasure trove that would have been. She now and then wrote articles for various UFO magazines and lectured at UFO conferences. Even more tragic is that her archive was destroyed in a fire, as told by Bryan Dickeson in his article UFO Archives – An Underrated and Vanishing Resource: ”Californian bushfires destroyed all of Rosemary Decker’s UFO records, accumulated over six decades from the early Adamski era to the present. Rosemary was considered “a living treasure” and resource by MUFON and died several years ago.”

Rosemary Decker was a close friend of several of the classic 1950s contactees a.o. George Adamski and Daniel Fry. She had been at the Palomar Gardens home of George Adamski on that momentous day, November 20, 1952, when he and some friends returned from the first meeting with the ”Venusian” in the California Desert. Later she was able to interview, separately, five of the six witnesses to the encounter. During these years she also came to know several silent contactees, still unknown to the UFO research community:
”Sometimes, guests would report their own close encounters. Very few of them ever publicized their contacts, and so I learned early on that the vast majority of early contacts were nerver made public, as even today´s are not. Some of these people found ways to express appreciation and do something to benefit our troubled planet… This quiet, but profound,  movement is still going on, not only among those pioneers who still remain with us, but among close-encountered people today.”
(Rosemary Decker, 35 Minutes to Mars, p. 179).

In her book 35 Minutes to Mars she narrates a few personal UFO observations but that she also had personal contact with one of the alien visitors was not mentioned and she actually kept this a secret until 2003 in a letter published in Flying Saucer Review:
”I had intended to tell them (Gordon and Eve Creighton – HB) of my meeting (in 1959) with a tall, kindly E.T. whom I saw only briefly, and received two phone calls from. He said goodbye on Feb. 14, 1960, as he was returning to his home planet… The people on Mars seem to be genetic cousins of ours. The man I met was about 6 ft. 4-5 inches, and if dressed like us, would blend into people on our streets. There are also not-so-friendly E.T.s, but I have an impression that we receive some protection from them.”
(Letter from Rosemary Decker to Philip Creighton, Flying Saucer Review, vol 48, no. 3, Autumn 2003, p. 25).

The ten letters I have found in the Wendelle Stevens archive give further data on Rosemary´s contact experiences, which I now consider legitimate to publish, after her death. Here a few quotes:

”Now and then I submit an article to a UFO magazine (and recently to Atlantis Rising). Some are accepted. But I´ve put most of my spare time and energy the past few years into writing a book on Mars. As a science hobbyist rather than a scientist I would not attemp it – don´t feel really adequate. But way back in 1959, a friend and mentor who is very knowledgeable suggested, to my amazement, that ”some day” conditions would make it possible for me to write a book on Mars. He offered the title (!), a few clues towards broadened research – and left! I haven´t seen him since; but now and again I send a mental message that at last I have written the book. It was the break-throughs that began with the Viking photos, including the Cydonia monuments, and the immense water-spout, that got me going.”
(Letter from Rosemary Decker to Wendelle Stevens, April 23-24, 1999).

”Late yesterday a letter arrived from a friend presently living in Australia, who cherishes you, she included for you the enclosed pic, an enlargement from a postage-stamp size ´snap´. (It is probably needless to say it should not be reproduced again.)
(Letter from Rosemary Decker to Wendelle Stevens, August 13, 1988).

 ”… the Visitor whom I met only briefly, about 40 years ago) suggested that ”some day” conditions would make it possible for me to do – and he offered the title (!) and very little other data… Among your small photos one is the Visitor of 1959. Sent courtesy Millen about 5 or 6 years ago.”
(Letter from Rosemary Decker to Wendelle Stevens and Christine Stevens-Cox, December 4, 1999).

Rosemary Decker´s interplanetary friend

The photo referred to and included in the August 13, 1988 letter I have never seen before. According to Rosemary this is an actual photo of her interplanetary friend and mentor whom she met in the 1950s. I have been somewhat hesitant whether I should publish this photo as Rosemary did not endorse reproduction and our visitors from afar usually do not want to be photographed, for obvious reasons. But as this gentleman, according to Rosemary, left our planet in 1960 I hope this photo will not cause him or his group any trouble. Representatives of this benevolent alien group are still around, but keeping a very low profile, according to some of my correspondents.

There were several reasons why this alien group terminated their experiment with open contacts around 1960. One was the psychological effect the experiences had on many contactees, who could not handle this unique situation and sometimes went off the beam. Rosemary Decker makes several comments on this problem on personality changes after UFO experiences:
”By 1956 I was already a bit alarmed at personality changes in some of these people (especially those who thereby came into the public eye) as they displayed the signs of deliberately seeking recognition. There was a general tendency among them to ”balloon off” on ”ego-trips”, and establish personal followings, as self-styled ”Authorities” on a great subject on which in fact they knew little more than the vast majority of the public, the ”un-encountered”. ”
(Rosemary Decker, letter to Flying Saucer Review, vol 31, no 6, Oct 1986, p. 28).

”We all found Adamski to be genuinely kind and deeply concerned with the problems the human race has been creating, to its own danger and that of the planet itself. However when his visitants withdrew, and he lost all contact with them, he found it exceedingly difficult to accept the fact, although he had admitted it openly, early on. He soon began to claim further contacts. Unfortunately his Achilles Heel was an immense ego, which grew alarmingly as time went on and his fame spread. As friends who had visited him for years,  we became worried about his well-being… In all fairness it should be remembered that Adamski was not the only early space pioneer to undergo stresses greater than they could handle”
(Rosemary Decker, 35 Minutes to Mars, pp. 182-183).

I do not know whether Rosemary Decker was a student of or acquainted with the Esoteric Tradition but she does make an interesting comment in a letter 1988, referring to Desmond Leslie. If she was a connoisseur of the core Esoteric Tradition she would have noted that the worldview and philosophy presented by the, in my view, authentic contactees a.o. Angelucci, Adamski, Fry, Menger, Van Tassel, was generally in accordance with the Ancient Wisdom or science of the multiverse. A fact I have mentioned in several blog posts.

”The reason I´m particularly interested in the Venus (Omnec Onec, From Venus I Came – HB) book is because my own past experience and data gathered in the UFO field have led me to understand that many, perhaps most, of the E.T. cultures advanced beyond our own are not based in this chemical sector of the physical Universe, but in the ´other side´ - still physical substance, but less dense, more malleable, and mores stable. This concept has long been known to esoteric and metaphysical sources. Desmond Leslie suggested it many years ago, but unfortunately that only made him seem less credible in the eyes of other researchers, with rare exceptions. I am sure tht some of the Now-you-see-em-now-you-don´t effects of spacecraft must be due to shifts into, and out of, densification. Others, of course are due to the speeds possible to E.T. craft.”
(Letter from Rosemary Decker to Christine Stevens-Cox, February 14, 1988)

Desmond Leslie and George Adamski

Being one of the last pioneers alive, with inside knowledge of what really happened during the first years of the contactee era, Rosemary Decker must have felt more and more like a stranger in a strange land in the UFO movement of the 1980s and 90s. She tried to express some of these thoughts in a letter 1995:
”Yes, I´ll do my best to take care – it´s true ´there aren´t many of us left´. And the early era of open friendly contacts has been so debunked, or at best ignored, by later researchers/encountered people, too much precious data has been lost. (Early era is among my 3 favourite presentations when I speak at a conference). Some of the early alledged contacts were real, thanks be. (And most never publicized).
(Letter from Rosemary Decker to Wendelle Stevens and Christine Stevens-Cox, December 12, 1995).

Readers of my blog are aware of that I have advanced the theory that a core group of contactees was involved in a psychological and cultural influence test in the 1950s. An experiment implemented by a group of highly advanced, benevolent aliens, earth based or extraterrestrial, a group with access to “vimana” technology.  Some of the people contacted tried their best to implement the projects and ideas received by the visitors. Others couldn´t stand the psychological strain and social stigma of the experiences or invented fake stories when the real contacts ended. But the cultural impact of this experiment was awesome, inspiring millions of people, some in humanitarian projects, others into UFO research and or a personal spiritual quest. There is still much research left to get a clear picture of what happened during these years. Rosemary Decker is definitely an interesting and valuable source of information regarding first hand data from the pioneering decade of the contactee movement.