Friday, May 19, 2017

Who are these people?

Writing in Ivan T. Sanderson´s magazine Pursuit 1991, American UFO investigator R. Perry Collins presents a group of very intriguing and controversial close encounter cases. (Unseen, Unspoken, Unknown, vol. 22, no. 1, First Quarter 1991, pp. 28-32). Observations of UFOs landing and normal looking people leaving the craft to enter parked cars or cars lowered from the UFO.  The British Blue John case of 1963 is one example, though not mentioned by Collins in his article. He definitely has a point in his initial remark that ”There are aspects of the UFO situation which are completely unrecognized by the public and generally ignored even among those people intrigued by the subject.” 

One of the select examples documented by Collins was reported to him by a newspaperman on the Miami Herald staff. No date is given.  ”In a town near Miami, Florida, the owner of a small supermarket was closing for the evening when he noticed a large, dark UFO hovering low over a field at the rear of his building. He immediately called the police and within minutes a cruiser arrived. Two officers stepped out and the owner hurriedly took them to the rear door where all three men clearly saw the object hovering less than fifty feet over a nearby field. As they watched the object began lowering two large cylinders to the ground below. Both cylinders landed and began splitting open and ”dissolving” at the same time. One continued a large Sedan. The other contained several men, dressed in business suits, carrying briefcases. Within minutes the two cylinders had completely disappeared and the UFO had moved off into the evening sky.  The men got into the Sedan and drove off the field, onto a nearby road and away.”

The next case is from Puerto Rico ufologist Jorge Martin´s book Evidencia OVNI. The observation occurred in the afternoon, March 1992 at El Cayul Sierra Bermeja, Puerto Rico:
”A man out testing a new video camera in an isolated wooded area suddenly caught sight of a flash of light overhead. He hid behind some bushes as he saw a small silvery disc-shaped object land in a clearing on three leg-like supports. A section of the object resembling an elevator was lowered to the ground and a door opened. Two short 4-foot tall beings then emerged from inside the object. The beings had gray skin and had large heads and large black eyes. They wore gray colored one-piece suits. They looked around for a few moments then re-entered the object only to emerge a few minutes later this time accompanied by a tall human, very pale and thin. He had short platinum-blond hair and wore a pair of dark sunglasses. He also wore a new black suit and pants with a white shirt and a red tie. The tall human looked around and walked towards a nearby path there he was met by two soldiers in a military jeep. He sat in the jeep and it then drove away disappearing into the woods. The two short humanoids then entered the disc-shaped object, which then shot, away into the sky at high speed.”

Similar cases like these are documented in the books by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke. The encounters experienced by the witness called Leland are especially fascinating. (Encounters With Star People, Chapter 6, They are among us). He describes what has happened during several nights at his ranch near the Nebraska border: ”They come at night. They hover over the field. They lower automobiles to the ground. They´re filled with people. The craft goes away and when the car returns the next night, only the driver returns. They take the car and the driver on board their spacecraft and then they´re gone again.”

Leland especially remember one night when he noticed that the car had a flat tire. The driver got out and walked to Leland´s cabin. ”He was a strange looking fellow… He wore a black suit with a white shirt and kept pulling at his necktie like he was not used to wearing it. He avoided looking at me so I never got a good look at his face, but he had a short thick neck. Almost no neck. Like his head sat directly at his shoulders. Maybe that´s why he struggled with the necktie. He just stood there. I got the feeling he wanted me to follow him”.

Leland follows the man and find three men and two women waiting in the car. None of them spoke. Leland help them change the tire and for this work he receives ten real silver dollars. Asked by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke what makes him think they are not humans his comment is: ”Well, they came in a spacecraft for one thing. They weren´t friendly. None of them spoke to me. They acted strange. Like they were scared or they didn´t belong here. The women were wearing those high heel shoes and had trouble walking in them like they had never worn them before.” As an indian Leland is familiar with stories of Star People but he is intrigued by these aliens who do not appear to be of the Star People group. ”These star travellers are different. They´re not our ancestors. They´re here for another reason.”

The man described by Leland has a certain resemblance to the mysterious Ben Austin, who invited Anna and her husband to dinner in Guatemala 1959. He obviously had an organic physical body as he enjoyed an ordinary dinner together with the couple. In my interview with Anna she gave a description of Ben Austin:

Håkan: Did Ben Austin work at the same company as your husband?
Anna: No, not at all and what would such a person be doing out there in the bush? He said he was keeping an eye on what humanity was doing. I believe he had this place as some sort of station or base. He was small, shorter than me. Maybe 150 centimenter, stocky and heavily built, not nice looking. He wasn´t fat but muscular. He was courteous and companionable. His hair was dark, more brown that black and no beard.

Håkan: What nationality did he look like?
Anna: Well, I asked about his nationality and he didn´t answer but claimed he had a Scottish passport. I asked how he got it? Well, he said, if we can build flying saucers we can also arrange such small details. As for Scotland he said: I have some difficulties with languages and there are so many Scottish dialects... We are checking what humanity is doing so you don´t set this planet on fire or other stupidities as this would make problems for us... When he spoke I don´t know why I felt this terrible fear. My whole being indicated that something is wrong here.

Håkan: You mentioned that he wasn´t beautiful. Did he have any physical defects?
Anna: No. He was dressed in a white shirt. You know in the tropics when you are invited for dinner they use a tie. His neck was not long and his hair short but I noticed he had beautifully formed ears. Well-groomed but his skin colour was not nice. Not as dark as the Indians of Guatemala but rather as a suntanned white person. But the tan didn´t look healthy under that brown colour.”

Trying to present some sort of taxonomy of alien visitors, based on contactee cases is difficult and speculative. The original group of benevolent visitors who contacted George Adamski, George Van Tassel, Howard Menger a.o. was probably extraterrrestrials but not from our part of the physical multiverse. We also have the small humanoids, sometimes associated with normal looking aliens. These small entities are in many cases obviously robots or androids used to perform various duties and menial work. But who are the people encountered by Leland and Anna? They are physical like us and most probably earth-based. If this is the case, where is their hiding place on this planet? Could some covert intelligence group have discovered who these people are and trying to deal with the issue in their own way?

Very few of the scientific mainstream ufologists try to uncover the truth in these controversial area. In his article R. Perry Collins comments on this situation: ”The facts that such reports are very seldom submitted and are scarce in the literature indicates that such direct activities are usually carried out in a completely covert manner. These reports do exist, however, and we must consider them in any complete analysis of the UFO situation.”