Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The George Adamski correspondence

Today arrived the long awaited new book by my old friend and UFO collegue Timothy Good. Earth: An Alien Enterprise is a 466 page tome published by Pegasus Books, New York. Of special interest to me are the many chapters documenting physical contact cases from all over the world. In this respect the book is a sequel to Alien Base, published in 1998. Chapter eleven, The Overlords, in Timothy´s latest book is a summary of the complicated Swedish contact case of Richard Höglund, documented in my book Främlingar på vår jord. Ufokontakter i Sverige (Aliens on Earth. UFO contacts in Sweden). I gave Timothy permission to use the data from my own investigations because this case as very intriguing and should be of interest to ufologists worldwide.

I have been corresponding with Timothy Good since 1984 when his first book, George Adamski - The Untold Story, was published, co-authored with Adamski´s former Swiss representative Ms Lou Zinsstag. What I wrote in 1984 in my review is unfortunately true even today: "For several years I have experienced a growing frustration over the fact that so few of the old contactees have been investigated and their experiences documented." It is a peculiar fact that the only thorough documentations of the most well-known and controversial UFO contactee of all times, George Adamski, has been made by an Englishman (Timothy Good) and a New Zealander (Tony Brunt) - George Adamski - the Toughest Job in the World Where are the American ufologists and biographers?

Based on my own investigations of Swedish physical contact cases of the Nordic alien variety I believe we need to take a second look at the classic contactees of the 1950s: George Adamski, Daniel Fry, Orfeo Angelucci, George Van Tassel, Howard Menger Et al. They obviously were in contact with some individuals who claimed to be extraterrestrial. But there are other options and possibilities than "Venusians". I have mentioned this problem in several earlier blog entries and for many years suggested an alternative working hypothesis based on Jacques Vallee´s esoteric intervention theory.

What is needed in contactee research is competent, critical but open minded ufologists, neither naive believers nor reductionist debunkers. Academic scholars, authors and journalists are aware of the extreme importance of private correspondence when writing theses and biographies. Searching for and collecting correspondence has been something of a priority at AFU. And we are fortunate to have received files and correspondence including many of the early contactees. This week I also discovered we had a copy of The Adamski Documents. Part 1, published by Gray Barker in 1980, donated by Hilary Evans. This is a collection of various Adamski correspondence from 1957 to 1965.

George Adamski in Denmark 1963

In the 1980s I received, from Lucius Farish, a copy of a very unique correspondence between George Adamski and Miss Emma Martinelli. The letters were written between August 16, 1950 and May 8, 1952, i.e. before the famous contact in the California desert November 20, 1952. Emma Martinelli was a member of the San Francisco Interplanetary Club and knew Adamski from 1949 until his death in 1965. In these letters Adamski reveal some very interesting facts regarding his first "science fiction" book Pioneers of Space, published in 1949. "... speaking of visitors from other planets, you see, in the physical I have not contacted any of them, but since you have read Pioneers of Space you can see how I get my information about these people and their homelands." (January 16, 1952). In an earlier letter he presented this explanation: "In this letter I have explained, using illustrations, how one may venture from one place to another, while his physical is one place and he is in another. That is the way I have written this book. I actually have gone to the places I speak of; I actually have talked to the ones I speak of. To you I can reveal this since your letter reveals much, while to others I keep silent about this." (August 16, 1950).

This is very interesting data as Adamski later was very much against any form of psychic communication with space people and strongly objected to the esoteric interpretation of his physical contacts given by Meade Layne and Riley Crabb of Borderland Sciences Research Association (BSRA). They regarded the craft and space people as belonging to the etheric world, normally invisible to us. In The Adamski Documents. Part 1 there is a letter where Adamski gives this view of the problem: "... in reference to Riley Crabb we have met several years ago. I do not support his esoteric views for if the teachings had been correct we would not be in the trouble that we are today... I feel that his research is based on the psychic and his little bearing on the present day events." (December 11, 1962). This is a rather contradictory statement comparing his earlier explanations. Riley Crabb was a Theosophist and the space people teachings given by Adamski in Inside the Space Ships are basically identical to Theosophy so his criticism of Riley Crabb sort of miss the point.

Riley Crabb 1912-1994

In several of these early Martinelli letters Adamski mention that he has written another book on "saucers and space ships" and that his manuscript is now in the hands of Henry Holt Co. This was told in a letter of November 24, 1951. I have never heard of this manuscript but if it could be found we may get many more clues to the George Adamski enigma.