Monday, July 6, 2015

"We flew in from the east" - Part 2

Håkan: Did Ben Austin work at the same company as your husband?
Anna: No, not at all and what would such a person be doing out there in the bush? He said he was keeping an eye on what humanity was doing. I belive he had this place as some sort of station or base. He was small, shorter than me. Maybe 150 centimenter, stocky and heavily built, not nice looking. He wasn´t fat but muscular. He was courteous and companionable. His hair was dark, more brown that black and no beard.

Håkan: What nationality did he look like?
Anna: Well, I asked about his nationality and he didn´t answer but claimed he had a Scottish passport. I asked how he got it? Well, he said, if we can build flying saucers we can also arrange such small details. As for Scotland he said: I have some difficulties with languages and there are so many Scottish dialects... We are checking what humanity is doing so you don´t set this planet on fire or other stupidities as this would make problems for us... When he spoke I don´t know why I felt this terrible fear. My whole being indicated that something is wrong here.

Håkan: You mentioned that he wasn´t beautiful. Did he have any physical defects?
Anna: No. He was dressed in a white shirt. You know in the tropics when you are invited for dinner they use a tie. His neck was not long and his hair short but I noticed he had beautifully formed ears. Well-groomed but his skin colour was not nice. Not as dark as the Indians of Guatemala but rather as a suntanned white person. But the tan didn´t look healthy uner that brown colour.

Håkan: How did he live, his social life?
Anna: He had no family and was entirely alone out there. There were servants but he sent them away so we were alone all evening. The servants were ordinary natives. There were books. The place was neither beautiful nor ugly, an ordinary bungalow.

Håkan: Was there a village nearby?
Anna: No, there was nothing... The servants came and picked us up in his Jeep. There were coffee plantations nearby and large areas of corn cultivation. My husband tol me that the craft stood behind the bungalow, surrounded by some bushes and trees so it was almost impossible to notice. It looked like an ordinary flying saucer but appeared smaller that what you would imagine. I remember he told me they entered from below. It stood on high landing gear, taller than my husband. He didn´t have to bend when entering. The landing gear functioned like telescopic legs so they could land anywhere. Ben Austin mentioned that when they flew over my country house in Sweden they were many aboard the craft.

Håkan: Why were you afraid of Ben Austin?
Anna: I have pondered why this was the only two times in my life I have been afraid.I wasn´t even scared during an earthquake in Mexico... When we were at my country house in Sweden, it was a nice dinner and the UFO incident was simply a fascinating intermezzo but as far as I know I was the only one that felt fear at the time... As for Ben Austin I can only say he claimed to belong to the space people. I can´t guarantee the truth of what he said only relate what happened to me.

After my interview with Anna in her home in Stockholm in 1982 we have kept i regular contact by phone and letter and she has revealed some more data. Because of his bad temper her husband was forced to leave Combustion Engineering in 1975 after having worked in the company for twenty years. He lived in Mexico until his death. Before the UFO incident in 1959 he was never aggressive. After the divorce Anna only met him once, at the funeral of their son, who died in Mexico in 1998. Her former husband was then sorry that the marriage had ended and implied that it was because of the UFO incident. It had effected him psychologically. "It ruined my life", he claimed and he wanted to forget the whole episode. Anna noticed a peculiar change in his eyes after the UFO incident. From being blue they had changed to black-grey. When they met at the funeral of their son in 1998 her husbands eyes were blue again.

In a phone conversation with Anna July 30, 2009 she said her husband called the craft a "sport UFO". Only two people could travel in this craft. He had also said that "such craft will be manufactured on Earth". Anna speculates that perhaps it was actually she that should have been taken for a ride in the UFO. She is glad she didn´t. Anna remarked that Ben Austin was unattractive as a man, stocky, broad face, the laborer type. As for nationality he could have been from Sweden. But he was an intelligent man, supposedly working in the atomic industry.

Anna is still today convinced that Ben Austin, wherever he came from, was a dangerous man. That his intentions were no good. He is the only man that has made her afraid, except her former husband when he became aggressive. But could this episode be interpreted in a different light. Perhaps her husband simply couldn´t cope psychologically with the UFO incident? And the experience was so traumatic that it changed his personality and an inherent destructive tendency opened up?

I have found no reason to doubt Annas claims and experiences. She appears trustworthy, intelligent and honest but her wish is that this incident in her life should not be told with her name during her lifetime.