Saturday, September 14, 2019

Satellite And Elementals

”We have a theory. It is not very scientific but it is based on upon the known facts. These creatures and strange events tend to recur in the same areas year after year, even century after century. This, in itself, indicates that the creatures somehow live in those areas which we call ”windows”.”. This idea or theory was formulated by John Keel in his by now classic Strange Creatures From Time and Space (1970, p. 15). He also originated the theory that these phenomena often seemed to appear on certain dates, referred to as The Wednesday Phenomenon. October 29, 1965 was a very special day in Swedish UFO history with a concentration of many unusual events and encounters.

On Thursday night, October 28, American contactees Wayne Aho (1916-2006) and Mrs. Leonora Croft lectured at the Swedish UFO society Ifologiska sällskapet. They were on a world lecture tour and told the audience of their meetings and telepathic contacts with the space people. Aho also mentioned that the space people followed them on this tour and many people had observed the saucers in connection with the lectures.

Wayne Aho

Friday October 29 began as usual for the contactee couple Sture and Turid Johansson, then living in the little village Ösmo, south of Stockholm. But during the day Turid received a telepathic message that the couple should go to a place called Väggarö, south of Stockholm at 10 pm. Turid had once received a similar message by phone when an unknown voice broke in during a conversation with a lady friend and told them to go to Väggarö. Now the voice also said, "be careful, there is a power struggle on Earth". They had visited Väggarö several times before and found it to be a peaceful place for meditation. But this time it would not be so peaceful.

Around 7 pm on the evening of October 29 thousands of people all over Sweden are confronted with a very majestic sight. A large elongated and extremely bright object is observed, slowly gliding across the sky. The object is photographed by Erik Ehnmark in Södertälje, south of Stockholm. There is a lot of speculation of what has caused this phenomenon. Olof Lagercrantz, editor in chief of Sweden´s largest daily Dagens Nyheter, said in an interview that it appeared as a large cigar shaped airship with windows or a train with illuminated windows. After some research it could be determined that the object was the re-entry of the American spy satellite 1965-79A that caused the beautiful spectacle this October evening.

Photo by Erik Ehnmark, October 29, 1965

Trajectory of the spy satellite 1965-79A

This Friday evening many members of Ifologiska sällskapet (Ifological Society) had gathered at an apartment in the center of Stockholm belonging to Ms. Diana Berglöw. Invited were also Wayne Aho and Leonora Croft. When the group heard on the radio of the object just observed over Sweden they was great excitement and Wayne Aho explained that he had received a telepathic message from the spaceman Val Thor, who was commander in one of the ships recently passing over Stockholm. Swedish contactee Sten Lindgren arrived at the meeting around 7.30 and heard Aho announce that several smaller craft would soon be observed over Stockholm. He then went to the balcony to have a better look. In an interview June 21, 1977 Sten Lindgren mentioned that six Adamski-type craft were circling the area:

”Håkan Blomqvist: Could you see them?

Sten Lindgren: Yes, they were in plain sight. Possibly at a distance of 400-500 meters or closer. So much happened so suddenly. We were there to listen to Aho and then all these other things happened. There was a balcony there but not everyone could go out.

Håkan: How did the objects appear? Were they like lights or distinct craft?

Sten Lindgren: Well, the contours I could see were these bells shining read and orange. There was six of them but not at the same distance, circulating all the time.”

Sten Lindgren, December 25, 1984

The group in the Stockholm apartment continued listening to Wayne Aho and discussing all the observations that had happened during the evening. About 9.30 pm Sture and Turid Johansson make themselves ready to go by car to Väggarö, as Turid had been told in a telepathic message. They arrive at Väggarö around 10 pm. On October 27, 1973 I interviewed Sture and Turid of what happened. Here are some excerpts from the tape:

"Sture: When we arrived at the place we were told to visit those entities were already there but we did not observe them until we had parked the car. It was not totally dark but twilight. We noticed them first over the field and then they came very close to the car, about 50 centimeter. We believe they were five or six, between 1,25-1,50 meter with large heads and shining eyes. The eyes were red, phosphorous. The entities didn´t walk but floated around in straight lines. I wished for all my life that another car would come but no one showed up. After some time the entities disappeared over the field and then it was like a saucer tried to land on the car. Our whole car shook and the radio screamed in the back seat. We took cover below the dashboard.

The Väggarö incident. My car at the spot during a field investigation 1973

Ufologist Lennart Johansson at the location where the entities appeared

Håkan: For how long did the observation last?

Sture: Maybe five minutes but for me it felt like eternity.

Håkan: Did you see any ears or fingers?

Sture: Imagine yourself sitting in twilight gazing through the car window. Would you notice the type of ears or fingers the entities had when you are absolutely terrified. You just don´t do that. Then you have to be enormously cold-livered and I couldn´t act like that. But I am sure they had arms."

Drawing by Sture Johansson

After this frightening experience Sture and Turid just sit in the car for a while before going home. But they arrive home in the early morning. Several hours are missing. They never wanted to know what eventually had happened during that missing time. When Sture Johansson later became a famous deep trance medium I asked the entity (Simenon) speaking through Sture what had actually happened on October 29, 1965:

”Håkan: I am thinking about the negative entities that my friends Sture and Turid encountered. What are they, where do they come from?

Turid: The ones at Väggarö.

Sture (Simenon): Yes, the negative forces appear in many shapes. They are created by humans themselves and have a certain intelligent life. As long as they are nurtured they live… A sort of vampires, you could say.

Turid: Thought energies with no soul maybe – from us?

Sture (Simeno): Yes, and they can also appear in physical shape. We know of these thought creations.

Sture and Turid Johansson

Håkan: May I ask, was it a magician that created the thought forms Sture and Turid observed at Väggarö?

Sture (Simeno): I am aware of this, yes.

Håkan: Were these entities created or did they simply exist at this place?

Sture (Simeno): Are you defining a magician as someone evil?

Håkan: No, not necessary. But was there a magician behind this event, someone who had sent them?

Sture (Simeno): Yes.

Turid: We were very frightened and then you often have a black-out, paralyzed. Did we leave the car?

Sture (Simeno): No.

Turid: Yes, that was an assurance to hear.”

So, what actually happened on this fateful day, October 29, 1965, in Sweden? Was it simply a bizarre coincidence that the spy satellite re-entered over Sweden at the same time as several contactees told of telepathic and physical close encounters? In 1965 there were very few active field investigators in Sweden and to my knowledge no one interviewed the many witnesses gathered at the Stockholm apartment. Today we are left with more or less anecdotal accounts of what happened. But the events on this date is certainly intriguing. Maybe the Gods played a joke on us that October evening.