Monday, April 4, 2016

Guides and mentors: Henry T. Laurency

To keep the chronology of guides and mentors in my life the relevant name here should have been Jacques Vallee. His writings and ideas have greatly influenced me personally in my research and he was also an important inspiration in the founding of AFU in 1973. But as I have presented Vallee and his theories many times before I refer readers to these blog entries. When reviewing the guides and mentors in my life I find it difficult to arrange them in some sort of order of importance. They have all meant much to me during different time periods. Still, there is one individual that stand out as unparalleled and transcendent – the Swedish esotericist Henry T. Laurency.

Laurency presented in the Swedish daily Morgon-Tidningen July 9, 1947

Henry T. Laurency (Henrik von Zeipel, 1882-1971) was an exceptional intellectual who studied philosophy at Uppsala University. His teachers were the famous Swedish philosophers Axel Hägerström and Karl Hedvall. For most of his life Laurency also studied the basic tomes of the esoteric tradition, especially Helena P. Blavatsky, Charles Leadbeater and Alice Bailey. He wrote several books presenting the Ancient Wisdom with a modern och scientific terminology, most of which can be found in English translations at the official website of the Henry T. Laurency Publishing Foundation. As an academic philosopher Laurency especially addressed the basic scientific, ontological and epistemological issues and problems confronting students of esotericism. He often pointed out that the only scientifically and intellectually tenable attitude to the esoteric worldview is to regard it as a working hypothesis: "To scientists without experience of other worlds than the physical, hylozoics can, of course, be only a working hypothesis" (The Way of Man, p. 39, online version).

To the esotericist the Laurency writings represent an invaluable treasure trove of data, a presentation of the Ancient Wisdom in a completely new way that can appeal to academics and non-conformist scholars. His criticism of other authors and writing style can be a stumbling block for the more emotional new age mystics but his books are not for the general public. Laurency is addressing the intellectual and cultural elite, His comments on science, philosophy, religion and cultural issues reveal a profound and penetrating knowledge. We also get to understand that his works have been inspired by one of the adepts of the Inner Government. "The Knowledge of Reality is not my work, even though I was the instrument holding the pen that wrote it, and was made to rewrite every page until the content was approved as being correctly perceived." (Knowledge of Life. Four. Online version, p. 17). That is why I presume the Alice Bailey reference to a "disciple of rare capability in Sweden" is actually Laurency. (A Treatise on White Magic, orig. 1934, p. 79. clothbound ed). If ever there was an esotericist of rare capability Laurency fits the description.

Swedish edition of the Philosopher´s Stone

In the biographical chapters Laurency gives a short summary of what information is new and unique in his presentation of esotericism:
"Philosopher´s Stone contains four revolutionary new teachings that were never given out even in the esoteric knowledge orders.
The first one is the solution of the mystery of “trinity”, the three equivalent aspects of existence, the basic idea of the absolute knowledge system, the foundation of the philosophy and science of the future. (Matter, energy, consciousness - HB)
The second one is the assertion that matter (the atoms) is the carrier of consciousness, that the meaning of existence is consciousness development, that this consists in the monad’s continuous self-activation of consciousness in ever higher kinds of molecules and atoms, that these molecular and atomic kinds indicate the limits of the different kinds of consciousness, that not having this understanding the self, or monad, will drown in the ocean of consciousness there is between worlds 48 and 46, as raja yogis do.
The third one is the objective criteria of the different stages of development indicated.
The fourth one is the formulation of the “laws of life”, particularly emphasizing those which are essential to our times as introducing the Aquarian epoch, the epoch of law." Knowledge of Life Four, p. 17, online version)

I have written many articles and blog entries about Laurency and his books, also with some critical remarks. As a ufologist I have naturally been trying to gain a deeper understanding of UFOs and life on other planets from an esoteric viewpoint. There is no reference to UFOs in his books but in a letter to a friend who asked his opinion Laurency writes: "Regarding the "saucers" I have no knowledge and I have never taken an interest in any type of "phenomena". Actually the idea itself is not preposterous. The inhabitants of Venus have in addition to an etheric envelop a dense aggregate envelop confusingly similar to an organism. They are far ahead of us in consciousness development and have solved their "physical" problems. They know all about us so the visits could be a way to give humans something to ponder on" (Letter, October 12, 1965).

This is an interesting assertion that I have never found  mentioned in the books by Alice Bailey or other esoteric writings. The esoteric tradition is on the side of mainstream astronomy in the opinion that no higher organic life is possible on our neighbouring planets. Esotericists assert that highly developed civilisations exist on the other planets in our solar system but at the next multiverse level, the etheric, normally invisible to our eyes. According to Laurency the people of our neighbouring planets do have dense physical bodies consisting of atoms and molecules held together electromagnetically. This means they can be formed and dissolved instantly if the individual so chose. Interestingly this is exactly what many of the first generation contactees reported to have witnessed, a.o. Howard Menger. But would they be normally visible or invisible to us on their own planets? According to Menger they would be invisible. Unfortunately Laurency never gave an answer to this riddle.

An American contactee with whom I have been corresponding for several years told me of his first experience of this phenomenon: "Before I had my first "visits", I was a total unbelieving skeptic. And I said to them at one point, "give me proof, personally", and I need never ask that again, that´s for sure. When you get proof my friend, you will feel like the world as you knew it has ended.... I remember the first time there was about 5 space people in xx (name withheld) house talking with her as I quietly watched, and then suddenly one of the men turned, looked directly at me, smiled gently, and then very slowly turned to the kitchen room wall and walked right through the wall! I watched this very closely as he then  came back in... Let me tell you, those kind of incidents have a very deep and troubling affect on our minds because we cannot comprehend it." (Mail conversation February 25-26, 2012).

We find the same type of materialization phenomena often mentioned in the Theosophical literature. But then performed by the adepts or the planetary guardians. There is a charming episode described in Charles Leadbeater´s biography How Theosophy Came To Me: "It was in Madame Blavatsky’s room in that hotel that I first saw one of the members of the Brotherhood. While sitting on the floor at her feet, sorting out some papers for her, I was startled to see standing between us a man who had certainly not entered by the door, which was straight before me the whole time, and had not opened. I jumped up uttering a sharp exclamation of surprise, which caused Madame to laugh inordinately. She said banteringly: “You will not go far on the path of occultism if you are so easily startled at a little thing like that.” Then she presented me to the visitor, who proved to be he who is now the Master Djwal Kul, although he had not then taken the Initiation which made him an Adept." (p. 68).

Charles W. Leadbeater

Most mainstream scientifically oriented ufologists would probably regard these type of studies and discussions as irrational, meaningless or new age nonsense. But I have noticed how several investigators of UFO and paranormal phenomena after years of research come to realize that the materialist, reductionist worldview is untenable. Like John Keel they turn from phenomena to philosophy in their search for answers. Ufologist Aime Michel expressed it this way to his friend Jacques Vallee: "Ufology is not a science but a process of initiation. One starts with field investigation and ends up studying Arab mystics". I agree with Michel but would change Arab mystics to the Esoteric Tradition.