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Space People - Physical Versus Etheric

”An outstanding point in flying saucer research which requires to be cleared up is the question of whether U.F.O. 's are material or non-material. Adamski says emphatically that the saucers and mother ships which he has seen are solid, material craft, and that the people in them are human beings like ourselves, who live on other planets much as we live here on Earth… On the other hand, Angelucci's experience was definitely of a psychic or spiritual nature. He states clearly that the beings he contacted were spiritual beings who were able to appear in human forms, and ascribes all saucer appearances to a form of manifestation.”
(Australian Saucer Record, vol. 1, no 4, Last Quarter 1955, p. 1)

This quote from the editorial by P. D. Thomas is a good summary of one the most long-standing controversies and debates in the UFO movement. It is still not resolved, although today a large number of ufologists are adherents of the multiverse, 4-D or etheric theory. To get a historic perspective of what the first generation contactees stated on this issue I have compiled some relevant quotes from the early UFO literature.

The first statement that UFOs were actually not physical craft in the ordinary sense was presented in 1946 by Meade Layne, director of Borderland Sciences Research Association (BSRA). The information was given by the ”Inner Circle”, speaking through the unique deep trance medium Mark Probert.

”Anonymous communicator came as formerly – repeated that ”Kareeta” really came from…  planet not in our vibration rate , and that K. could pass from one rate to another and materialize here, just as everything else on this planet is rooted in the invisible planes as source.”
(Seance Memoranda, 8-A, no 1, Nov. 3, 1946, p. 14.)

Mark Probert

”Ramon Natalli: The phenomena of the flying discs will continue and probably increase. And no doubt there will be some of your bold and devoted pilots who will pursue these phantoms of the skies – very foolishly, of course. … No, we do not change the interpretation of the discs as we first gave it to you. They do come from the Etheric world.
(Seance Memoranda, Transcript 5, Janury 24, 1948, p. 26-27. BSRA No 8-C).

”We have repeatedly described the aeroforms as emergents – meaning thereby that they emerge out of one space-time frame of reference into another, by means of converting their energy rates, or frequencis. When they enter the frequencis of color, sound and tangibility to which our senses react, we are able to perceive them. This word emergent was recommended by the Mark Probert Controls as being the most suitable at our command.”
(Meade Layne, Clips, Quotes & Comments, C3, Aug 1, 1954, p. 1.)

The first public contactee, Eugene Drake, published his experiences in a small booklet, Visitors From Space, 1949 or 1950. In line with the multiverse explanation given by BSRA Eugene Drake present this view of flying saucers:

”They come into our atmospheric belts from their planets not in solid form but in a etheric form. Upon entering our atmosphere they, through their superior knowledge, change the atomic elements in the contruction of these ships and materilize them into the density which they are now using. The beings on these various craft are also passed from the etheric to a dense form of matter and appear to materialize.”
(Eugene Drake, Visitors From Space, p. 2)

Eugene Drake

 In his letter to Karl and Amy Veit, September 19, 1961, published in Besucher aus dem Weltraum, Drake makes these interesting comments (my translation): "There are very few people who have had real physical contact with space ships or space people, like ourselves. I have on various occasions experienced how space people appear in condensed form and I could shake their hands. After the contact they disappeared into a higher frequency." What made me especially fascinated by Eugene Drake was the fact that he, several years before George Adamski, claimed physical contact with space people and was actually the first to print illustrations of the classic Adamski type scout ship and cigar shaped space craft. A fact that has not been noticed, or at least mentioned, by American ufologists.

Page from Visitors From Space. Notice the Adamski scoutcraft

Based upon the published writings of BSRA och Eugene Drake it is evident that the multiverse explanation of flying saucers and space people was clearly established as an idea in the California metaphysical community before George Adamski. He was the contactee that, from the beginning, always insisted that flying saucers were physical, technological craft and the space people just like us with organic physical bodies. People on Venus and Mars were no different from Earth people except in spiritual and technical advancement. This was clearly stated in the booklets he sent out:

”Q35. Do space people materialize and dematerialize?
No, they do not! If they were capable of materializing and dematerializing, why have they bothered to build metal ships… We know from tracking their ships on radar, and from examining them after they have crashed, that they are indeed very ”material”. They are normal human beings of flesh and blood the same as we on Earth.”
(Cosmic Science, Series no 1, part no 2, 1957).

”Q – Do space people materialize and dematerialize?
A – They do not but they can place their mind in a high frequency state that causes their body to become invisible to our limited range of vision. There are some Earth people that can use this law. But the body reamains as solid as the blades of an electric fan revolving at a high rate of speed that causes them to become invisible to our sight.”
George Adamski, Answers to Questions Mot Frequently Asked About Our Space Visitors And Other Planets, revised 1965).

George Adamski 1959

 Immediately after George Adamski´s first meeting with Orthon on November 20, 1952 Meade Layne asked the Inner Circle about Adamski´s experience and received a somewhat different interpretation:
"The story is in the main true. The Disc did land and Mr. Adamski did carry on a conversation with the operator of said ship. But brother Adamski was so excited he does not remember clearly all that was said. This particular ship was from the planet Venus. We would like to remind you however, that the intense heat on that body, due to its proximity to the sun and an atmosphere heavy with carbon dioxide, make it highly unlikely or impossible that beings with the same organic structure as earth-man could abide on its surface. The Venus beings live in the ether of this planet."
(Journal of Borderland Research, Jan-Feb. 1972, p. 20. Trance session December 1, 1952).

To get an overview of what the other leading public contactees of the 1950s stated regarding physical versus etheric craft and space people these quotes are of interest:

"Many of the space people live in frequencies of life beyond the human limits. By using methods developed by them, they can bring their body vibrations inside our visiual limits as easily as we can condense unseen moisture out of the air into water, and then freeze it into ice... Many spiritualist mediums can materialize people from beyond the door of death. do not let yourself be confused, howeer, with these ectoplasmic figures; or the words spoken through them. All figure of people generated through the ectoplasm of another person, are from the transition or earthboud level, or are created by the mind of the medium… Many of the space people coming here are from levels of life that would require them to lower the vibratory rate of their bodies in order to be seen. Others are from levels of life that come within our range of physical vision."
(George Van Tassel, Materialization and de-materialization, Proceedings, vol. 3, no. 9, June 1955, pp. 9-11).

George Van Tassel

”… we function in dimensions unknown to man and hence interpret all things differently”:
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, 1955, p.12).

”You have just fully realized that we are not like earthmen in that we function in dimensions unknown to your world.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, 1955, p.43).

Orfeo Angelucci

”The last time you saw me, Orfeo, I was in a less objectified projection in your three-dimensional world… but tonight you see me fully objectified… tonight I am no half-phantom, but can move among men as an Earthman… You now know that we can appear and function as human beings.”
(Orfeo Angelucci, The Secret of the Saucers, 1955, p.56).

”Question:  ”From your statement that you are etheric, am I to presume that you have evolved beyond the stage of a physical and astral body”?
Ashtar: ”Correct. I do not possess a physical casing of the dense type such as yours. I am definitely etheric, as are all people on other planets in this solar system.”
(Trevor James Constable, They Live in the Sky, 1958, p. 39-40).

Question: ”When you become visible to our eyes does the person who sees you know that you are a ”converted etheric?”
Ashtar: ”Not as a rule. The conversion can be made so completely that a physical person encountering us thinks that we, too, are physical.”
(Trevor James Constable, They Live in the sky, 1958, p. 41)

Trevor James Constable 1961

 Question: When you speak of making etheric matter visible at will, is this the way that George Adamski was permitted to take his now famous photographs?
Ashtar: ”Yes, Ether ships as they have been called on your surface, have been made visible to and for certain individuals, selected, upon your surface of whom Adamski is one. Normally the ships are part of the invisible world.”
(Trevor James Constable, They Live in the Sky, 1958, p.46-47).

Howard Menger was one of the classic contactees, who later in life, found it difficult to accept the Venus origin of the space people. When Timothy Good interviewed Menger in 1978 he speculated or wondered whether the visitors he met really came from Venus?

Howard Menger: ”Well, I asked them where they came from, and they told the truth, but I believe it´s a possibility that I might have distorted that answer. You see, when they say they have just come from a planet we call Venus, that doesn´t mean they are Venusians, but I interpreted it as that…. But I think that I might have been wrong. According to what they told me, they led me to believe that there´s no life on any of the planets in this solar system – I mean such as we people.”
(Timothy Good interview Howard Menger 1978).

Here it looks like Howard doesn´t recollect what he was told of life in our solar system and explained in his book From Outer Space to You, that organic life exists only on our planet but the space people in our solar system live in another part of the multiverse, normally not visible to us:  
"For instance, on Venus and Saturn the rate of vibration is much higher, and renders corporeal structures more tenous; and if an Earth man in physical body could go there he probably would not see some to the life forms which vibrates more rapidly than his own - no more than he can see the spiritual life forms in and around his own planet." (p. 126-127).

Connie and Howard Menger, National UFO Conference, Miami Beach 1990

It is obvious that the majority of public contactees of the 1950s were given a multiverse explanation by the alien visitors. Possible exceptions are Truman Bethurum and Daniel Fry who, to my knowledge, made no clear statements on this issue. But Daniel Fry mentioned in an interview during his trip to Sweden in 1970 regarding his contact Alan: ”Alan is a middle-aged gentleman with an appearance that does not disclose his origin. But if a doctor examined him he would probably make some shocking discoveries.”
(Helsingborgs Dagblad, Sept. 9, 1970).

I am quite used to funny coincidences or synchronicities á la Carl Gustav Jung. While writing this blog I did my daily check of the Anomalist website. In my view the best daily review of news about UFOs, Forteana etc. There I found a reference to an article by Paul Seaburn: Former French Government Official Says UFOs Come From Parallel Worlds. I can hear Meade Layne whisper from his multiverse heaven – I told you so!