Thursday, October 5, 2023

"I told you the truth, just not all of it"

The quote in the title from American contactee George Adamski can be found in Glenn Steckling´s recently published book The U.F.O. Reality – Can Truth Prevail? (p. 145) It is to a large extent an autobiography, narrating his involvement in the work of the George Adamski Foundation (GAF).  Glenn´s many experiences with alien visitors and assertions about their activities on our planet are of course controversial and will surely be questioned and criticized. This is not an ordinary UFO book.

As George Adamski and contactees in general is such a controversial subject I find it relevant and honest to present a basic position statement regarding this entire subject. Glenn Steckling is a good friend of mine and we have been corresponding for many years. Although we differ on several issues he is aware of my view that George Adamski really was in contact with alien visitors from – somewhere. Although I consider several of his experiences and claims should be taken with a grain of salt.

Glenn Steckling and I at the UFO-Sweden field investigator seminar 2018

This taboo view of Adamski of course makes me something of an heretic among heretics in the ufo research community. But 50+ years of field investigation, study and research into the ufo phenomenon and especially the contactee enigma has resulted in the following conclusion:

Based on both empirical evidence and Esotericism as a paradigm I have advanced the theory that some of the first generation UFO contactees of the 1950s were involved in a cultural and psychological test. An experiment implemented by a group of highly advanced, benevolent aliens, earth based or extraterrestrial. A group with access to “vimana” technology. Involved in this experiment were a.o. George Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, Paul Vest, Rosemary Decker, Millen Cooke, George and Dorris Van Tassel, Daniel Fry and Howard Menger.   

The 335 page The U.F.O. Reality – Can Truth Prevail is divided into two sections: 1 Our Journey, which is the family history of Glenn och his parents, Fred and Ingrid Steckling, and their involvement with George Adamski and the Foundation. 2 A Reality Check, consisting of part ufo history and Glenn´s critical examination of the ufo movement and its mistakes, based on personal experiences and information provided by various visitors.

Section 1 is a very valuable contribution to ufo history as a documentation of the Adamski movement from the perspective of Glenn Steckling and his family. From their first ufo observations in Germany and the United States to meeting George Adamski in 1963. An experience that would change the life of the Steckling family for ever and eventually leading to Fred Steckling becoming the Director of the George Adamski Foundation. A responsibility, since 1992, resting on the shoulders of Glenn Steckling, resulting in numerous speaking engagements at conferences and meetings all around the globe.

According to Glenn the visitors were in regular contact with the Steckling family: ”These space visitors would visit us after GA´s death and, over the years, assist us with many things… Such visitors have a program, very much like our U.S. Peace Corps, where they are incorporated into our society for two years or less…”. (p. 35) The visitors sometimes attended the Steckling lectures as in 1981 in Germany when the visitor named Orthon was sitting in the front row wearing a light blue suit. ”I did not participate in that trip but was to make acquaintances with seven other extraterrestrials while with my father at the 1989 Frankfurt UFO conference.” (p. 81)

In his last book (2013), Earth An Alien Enterprise, British author Timothy Good devote an entire chapter to the rumor that President Eisenhower had a meeting with extraterrestrials in 1954 or 1955. A rumor that has generated an enormous amount of strange tales. Acoording to Glenn Steckling this is what actually happened: ”What was discussed was a compromise that our government would release the true space visitor information to the public. In return, we would receive technological advancements, a significant advantage, and progression to our civilization. Our government declined.” (p. 31)

Section 2 – A Reality Check, includes, besides a ufo sighting history, some very pertinent comments on and criticism of the ufo community. In respective chapters believers in Chemtrails and that we never went to the Moon receive a severe bashing. Neither is Glenn an advocate of Disclosure, which has made ufologists worldwide running after the dangling carrots offered by various government agents and former ”insiders”: ”… Disclosure will never willingly happen via public pressures”. (p. 265) Here I fully agree will Glenn. Investigators are spending large amounts of time, money and energy on this charade. A very effective method getting the ufo research community sidetracked by barking up the wrong tree. The Real Disclosure will come from the people.

Much of Section 2 is information on what Glenn has named ”The divergent misinformation program”, initiated by the CIA and other intelligence organisations around 1961. Here we find much of the abduction stories, implemented by using advanced mind- och memory-altering methods. By using this fear and terror agenda and getting the people to believe that abductions are caused by evil alien visitors the real and  benevolent visitors program was effectively shattered. It was what George Adamski called a ”foolproof plan”. (p. 269)

This MILABS (Military Abductions) theory, with minor variations, is getting more and more acceptance among serious ufo investigators, a.o. Nick Redfern and Tanner Boyle. The theory was studied and documented by Dr. Helmut Lammer and Marion Lammer in their book MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction (1999). Based on several years of research Lammer concluded that some abduction cases could actually be secret experiments by various military intelligence agencies. In April 2011 I wrote to Dr. Lammer asking for more data on his research. He very kindly told me he had abandoned all research on abductions and mind control and his entire archive had been thrown way!

This question becomes even more relevant when studying the abduction experiences of Alison, a woman living on a ranch not far from Sedona, Arizona. The case was documented by Nick Redfern in his 2006 book On the Trail of the Saucer Spies. (pp. 115-117) Alison´s abductions always start with a humming sound, loss of electricity in the house and her dogs becoming very distressed. Bright lights envelope the room and in a semiconscious state she is aware of small creatures carrying her to a small craft outside the house where she is examined and then led back to the house. On her fifth abduction something extraordinary happens. The humming sound stops abruptly and Alison slowly regain her normal senses. The small gray aliens fade away and instead she find a group of large and burly men in black fatigues in her room. According to Alison one of the men screamed "what happened" in a microphone. Another man utters the word "sorry" in her direction and the men leave in, not an alien spacecraft, but an unmarked black helicopter. Did their psychotronic equipment fail this time?

It would of course be an easy way out to blame all abductions on covert (black) projects and intelligence groups. With no bad intentions Glenn Steckling is actually opening a Pandora´s Box on this issue, when he in several chapters and interviews is stating that there are also non-benevolent visitors using unsuspecting victims: ”In fairness, opposing forces of not-so-benevolent societies and ”races” (NOT species) also visit and exist beyond our planet.” (p. 49) When Anders Liljegren and I in September 2015, had dinner with former CIA operative Jim Semivan and his wife Deborah Stokes, Jim told us that he and his wife had been the victims of a very traumatic abduction-like experience. He also mentioned that several of his colleagues in the CIA had encountered the Men-in-Black. If abductions is only used by intelligence groups why harass CIA personnel?

If we also have non-benevolent visitors to cope with and covert intelligence groups have reached the same conclusion, it would certainly be a good reason for non-disclosure. Imagine the widespread paranoia and fear such a disclosure from any government would create. Unfortunately my own investigations of contactees have actually confirmed Glenn´s claim. The experiences of Swedish contactees Jade Ekström and RichardHöglund definitely involved non-benevolent visitors. Especially is this evident in the Höglund case, where the visitors acted more like a global crime syndicate than interplanetary Peace Corps. Richard became deeply afraid of the visitors he worked with for several years. Perhaps it was the activities of these intruders American contactee Howard Menger was briefed about as a warning by his visitor friends. He was told they were very dangerous and used ”advanced brain therapy”. (From Outer Space To You, pp. 143-144)

Finally Glenn reveal one assertion from his visitors, which, if correct, certainly would create widespread appehension among the public. Because of ”solar systemic changes” and the ”solar system´s decelerating cycle” we can expect large catastrophes on Earth. Therefore ”inhabitants of our neighboring planets” have to a large extent been evacuated to the solar system of Alpha Centauri. Two hundred thousand willing earth volunteers have also been transported to this new solar system. (p. 87) A scenario that must be regarded as a rather dystopian vision for our planet and culture. Let´s hope this ”prophecy” fails.

For obvious reasons there is not much new information on the life of George Adamski in this volume, as it is an autobiography. But on page 32 Glenn mention a most welcome project. After this book he is planning an ”accurate and thorough” biography of the life and history of George Adamski, based on documents from the extensive GAF archive. That is certainly worth waiting for.

The ufo enigma is like Chinese boxes. The majority of scientifically oriented ufologists in the ufo research community only open box one and two. Glenn Steckling´s very fascinating book is an intellectual challenge to all ufo researchers to dare open box three and four.