Sunday, November 25, 2018

The MILABS Enigma

How much does the military intelligence agencies of the world´s superpowers actually know of what is going on regarding UFO contacts and abductions? I don´t mean the general intelligence agents but the special black ops operatives with a need to know who are trying to understand and handle the situation. Are these operatives also involved in what has been called MILABS, military abductions of close encounter witnesses and abductees? Is it even possible for investigators of this secret underground world to discover what is going on and who is doing what to whom? This controversial issue is addressed by Nick Redfern in his latest book Top Secret Alien Abduction Files.

In his introduction Redfern relates what many investigators have come to believe regarding abductions: ”According to numerous accounts, after being kidnapped by alien entities, the abductees are shortly thereafter kidnapped again … by the government. These follow-up MILABS are the work of a powerful group hidden deep within the military and the inteligence community.” MILABS is short for Military Abductions. An important document in this genre is The Controllers by Martin Cannon. This theory was also studied and documented by Dr. Helmut Lammer and Marion Lammer in their book MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction (1999). Based on several years of research Lammer concluded that some abduction cases could actually be secret experiments by various military intelligence agencies. In April 2011 I wrote to Dr. Lammer asking for more data on his research. He very kindly told me he had abandoned all research on abductions and mind control and had no further interest in the subject. I then asked if he would consider donating his research material and archive to AFU. I was quite surprised when told that his entire archive had been thrown away. Why would a scientist destroy the result of many years of research? Was the subject too sensitive?

Because of documents obtained thanks to the Freedom of Information Acts in United States and the United Kingdom we know that military and intelligence agencies creates secret files on contactees and other individuals involved in the UFO movement. From the 1950s there are FBI files on George Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, George Van Tassel and others. Much of this activity was motivated by political reasons and the Cold War fear of Communism. In the first chapter Redfern presents some of these documents and contact stories. But he should have checked basic facts about the contactees better. The alien visitor Adamski met on November 20, 1952 did not present himself as Orthon. This was a fictitious name later adapted by Adamski and his co-workers. George Van Tassel did not ”drive out to a nearby area” for his encounter with landed craft and crew. He was sleeping outside at his property at Giant Rock when awakened in the middle of the night by the presence of an alien visitor. And Van Tassel did not die in 1977, but on February 9, 1978. These are minor faults of course but still facts that could easily have been found in UFO literature or on Internet.

Karl Hunrath was an enigmatic figure in 1950s contactee circles. Most well known because, together with his companion Wilbur Wilkinson, he disappeared during a flight, taking off from a small airstrip outside Los Angeles, November 10, 1953. Redfern makes a summary of the case based on FBI files and UFO history. These documents reveal Hunrath as a troublesome and not very savory character who claimed to have been visited in his bedroom by a tall, thin man dressed in a dark suit. The unknown intruder injected him with some form of chemicals and said: ”I am Bosco. You have been chosen to enter our brotherhood of galaxies.” Later Hunrath told of having a secret technology that could bring down both our own aircraft and saucers.

By a strange co-incidence the name Bosco appears in connection with the classic Antonio Vilas-Boas abduction in Brazil 1957. Ufologist Rick Reynolds was in 1978 approached by a mysterious man named Bosco Nedelcovic, who claimed to have worked for the CIA and the Department of Defense. One of his projects involved destabilizing prominent figures in the civil rights movement. Nedelcovic also revealed that he had been involved in the Vilas-Boas abduction which was a part of the CIA´s mind control program called MK-Ultra. With the help of a helicopter and a chemical derivative in gas form the MK-Ultra operatives wanted to find out how the human mind could be altered and manipulated by hallucinogenic substances. And Antonio Vilas-Boas became the unfortunate human guinea pig. After this first documented MILABs operation Redfern asks the obvious question – who are the real abductors?

This question becomes even more relevant when comparing the Nedelcovic story with the abduction experiences of Alison, a woman living on a ranch not far from Sedona, Arizona. The case was documented by Nick Redfern in his 2006 book On the Trail of the Saucer Spies, pp. 115-117: Alison´s abductions always start with a humming sound, loss of electricity in the house and her dogs becoming very distressed. Bright lights envelope the room and in a semiconscious state she is aware of small creatures carrying her to a small craft outside the house where she is examined and then led back to the house. On her fifth abduction something extraordinary happens. The humming sound stops abruptly and Alison slowly regain her normal senses. The small gray aliens fade away and instead she find a group of large and burly men in black fatigues in her room. According to Alison one of the men screamed "what happened" in a microphone. Another man utters the word "sorry" in her direction and the men leave in, not an alien spacecraft, but an unmarked black helicopter. Alison is convinced she has been used in covert military experiments with advanced forms of psychotronic technology, drugs and hypnosis.

Much of Nick Redfern´s new book is a chronology and summary of well known abduction cases such as Gerry Irwin, Barney and Betty Hill, Betty Andreasson, Whitley Strieber, Judy Doraty, Myrna Hansen and Christa Tilton, leading up to stories of black, unmarked helicopters, cattle mutilations and secret underground military bases. One of the most intriguing cases of recent MILAB activities is the story of Charlie, a man from Shreveport, Louisiana who contacted Redfern in late 2016. Charlie´s encounter happened on January 2, 2015 when he was nineteen years of age and living in a small house in an isolated area.

At about two in the morning Charlie was watching TV when a compulsion made him go to the living room window. He notice a police car parked outside the house. He decides to go outside and ask the police if everything is ok. As Charlie approach the car he get the strange feeling of being ”half-awake”. But what really frighten him is the look on the face of the police officers: ”an insane smile; like crazy and dangerous”. Suddenly the car and the two officers vanish and in their place is an egg-shaped object. Charlie try to run back to his house. The next thing he remember is standing in a field behind the family´s home together with two classic Men in Black. The men haul him aboard a craft nearby where he is strapped on a thin bed. Three small figures walk into the room, large hairless heads and huge black eyes. Charli can feel how something cold and metallic in put in his nostril and he starts to get images in his mind, apocalyptic visions of war and devastation. Suddenly Charlie finds himself standing in the family yard again, watching the police car leaving in the darkness of the early morning.

About a month later Charlie has a dizzy spell and fall asleep on the couch. When waking up he notice a man in black, military-style outfit and two other men in the room. Another man comes from the kitchen injecting something into Charlie´s arm and he suddenly finds himself in the back of a large van with the four men around him. They start interrogating Charlie, stating they know everything about his encounter a month ago and they want him to share every aspect of the incident. After sharing the story one of the men explain to Charlie that ”we have in our midst a dangerous race of extraterrestrials who are routinely implanting devices into large numbers of the American population – devices that have the ability to control and manipulate people as they see fit.” After this explanation Charlie is driven back to his home and given an apology for the rough handling.

In May of this year I received an email from an American woman, Laura (not the real name), who had found my blog and wanted to share a very frightening close encounter she had experienced together with her husband John (not the real name). Of interest is that her husband is a retired military, special ops, military intelligence. The close encounter was the beginning of a two year long odyssey of strange experiences, among others the observation of a sort of surveillance device outside their house. What then happened on the night of January 11, 2011 was documented in great detail in a nine page letter received by me on September 21, 2018.

At exactly 3:33 AM Laura is awakened by a very soft bump coming from the opposite site of the bedroom wall. Fearing that someone is breaking into their house she tries to wake her husband but realize she couldn´t move. ”I was totally paralysed with only the use of my eyes… From around the corner into our bedroom came several humans walking in a line. The leader was a large, tall female with auburn hair pulled back into a bun. She wore a white physician´s coat. Behind her walked a short male with a balding head who wore a blue coat. Behind them were others, less descript and faint in my memory… They appeared to float into the room rather than walk.”

Laura first thought they were ghosts but soon realized that ghosts don´t paralyze you. The group position themselves beside the beds of Laura and her husband. ”Suddenly, the room seemed to be filled with anesthesia… I knew I was being led to become unconscious but I faught it, refusing to go down. Luckily, I was successful and remained in control and awake for a while longer… These humans dropped their facade. They were not human entities but huge insects – something resembling ants without antennea. What I had been seing as human was apparently holographic imaging.”

”After dropping their human cover, one mounted John from his side of the bed and one mounted me from mine. They literally climbed on top of us and sat straddling our middle as if they had knees folded under them.” The entity tries to put its face an inch from Laura which she understood was an attempt to look into her eyes. But she refuse to cooperate and lower her eyes. ”As I looked down its long frame for details I saw the entity´s covering was very dark brown and leathery. It had spindly legs (at least four of them) about two inches in diameter with odd bumps here and there on the surface of its skin but no hair. The hands were more like pinchers with two operating parts. Its eyes were enormous, very dark brown and almond-shaped… There was no mouth, nose or ears and no mandables as one expects from some insect species. It appeared to have a hard exoskeleton covering its face that was a little shiny. The length of the entity was difficult to determine; it appeared to be five or six feet long.”

”When I would not engage, the creature leaned back, turned to his compadre sitting atop John who also sat back and they exchanged the loudest, shrillest series of tonal communications I´d ever heard. Clearly, the were conversing. Oddly, I knew what they were saying. Mine said, ”She is not cooperating.” John´s said, ”Try again.” Mine said, ”Ok.” Whether I heard their meaning in my ears or understood it with my mind I´ve no idea… they had no emotions and went about their business as living yet mechanical, task-oriented robots…. The next thing I knew it was 40 minutes later and I was sitting up in bed yelling the thing I could not get out before the incident, ”John wake up!!!” John did wake up, grabbed me and shook me. Of course, he thought I was having a nightmare.”

Reports of encounters with these type of insectoids, looking like praying mantices have increased during the last decades. They remind me of the American contactee Ted Owens who told that the space intelligences he communicated with looked like grasshoppers on two legs. Because of the shape shifting demonstrated by these entities it is difficult to evaluate what we are dealing with. Evil aliens, holographic projections or what? Whatever they don´t belong to ”the good guys”. There is not much help here in information from the core esoteric works of Blavatsky, Bailey or Laurency who very seldom mention evil extraterrestrials. But there is one interesting comment made by the Tibetan to Alice Bailey, warning of a form of ”cosmic evil” reaching manking: ”… an evil which is not indigenous to our planet, an evil with which it was never intended that men should deal.” (Alice Bailey, The Rays and the Initiations, p. 753). During his last years, living in New Zeeland, esotericist Riley Crabb wrote a few booklets trying to present this problem based on various esoteric sources.

In the last chapter, Conclusions, Nick Refern presents a timeline for the intelligence agencies work to handle the alien intrusion. In the 1960s ”something changed the nature of how and why aliens interact with us. It was nothing positive. It was all negative. For us at least”. The only option to the governments was to watch closely what was going on, keeping abductees under constant surveillance. Hence the use of black helicopters and quick-reaction teams. With the increase in reports of implants intelligence agencies took another step forward in the fight against the abduction phenomenon. This was the dawning of MILABS, the military´s own abductions to get the answers to what was really going on. Now abductees didn´t just have to worry about being kidnapped by aliens, they also had to deal with the military abducting them. 

In his conclusions Redfern seem to side with the governments regarding their way of dealing with the problem: ”And we see agencies of government doing all that they can – and, in the process, often struggling – to try to not just understand the full nature of the abductions but also to find a way to stop the aliens´secret agenda… governments struggle to hide the terrible, complicated truth from all of us.”

Field investigating ufologists today are faced with an increasingly complicated enigma. Trying to find out who is doing what to whom – and why? It is like opening Chinese boxes. You open one and find another box inside – with a still deeper mystery.