Sunday, June 11, 2023

The Real Visitors

The usual and popular media image of an alien visitor is a small, spindly creature with large black eyes, often referred to as the Greys. Ask anyone to draw a picture of an entity associated with ufos or search for alien images on the internet and you will come up with more or less ugly creatures of the Whitley Strieber variety. But are these entities the real visitors? Have both the public and mainstream ufologists been mislead in assuming the Greys and similar entities to be actual and intelligent visitors? Today there appears to be a re-evaluation of the human looking aliens as the real visitors. A theory or idea shared by both critical UFO investigators and contactees. ”The Strange ”Greys” of Ufology: Are They Manufactured?” is the title of Nick Redfern´s article in Mysterious Universe, May 22, 2020. If Redfern checked some of the old contactee stories he would find that robots were described already in the 1950s.

I often return to the 1975 classic 
The Edge of Reality by the two giants of ufology, Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee. The discussions and brain storming in this book are intellectually stimulating and often remarkably radical and open minded. On page 252 Hynek and Vallee try to develop a theory for the many humanoid cases involving different types of entities:

Vallee: ”How come there are men, ordinary men with them? There are cases in France where witnesses have seen two dwarves coming out of a landed object, and one man with them."
Hynek: ”… if these reported cretures are really robots, that would solve this problem."

Humanoid and contact cases involving human looking aliens interacting with small entities have been reported for a long time and from many countries. An interesting fact is that human aliens working together with small robots was mentioned already in 1955 by George Adamski. Here are a few relevant quotes:
 "Also in this room was a robot instrument which I was cautioned not to describe. I had noticed a miniature version of this robot in the Scout." (Inside the Space Ships, 1955, p. 60).
"Each pilot room has a robot. these, working singly or together, can fully govern the course of the ship, as well as warn us of any approaching danger." (Ibid. p. 77).
"True, they have robots to do much of the heavy work that once was done by manual labour." (Flying Saucers Farewell, 1961, p. 85)

A fascinating case where bio-androids are mentioned is the abduction experience of Amauri Rivera of Puerto Rico. He was abducted from his car by dwarfish entities in May 1988. When he regained consciousness Amauri found himself in an unknown room together with 15 people, all Hispano-Americans. Magdalena Del Amo-Freixedo documented what happened next in an article published in Flying Saucer Review, vol. 39, no. 1, Spring 1994: "Facing them was a tall, dark man of human appearance. His hair was long, down to the shoulders, and his complexion dusky. He would, says the witness, have passed anywhere unnoticed. This man said that he was human, just like them, who had come here from another planet in our galaxy. On either side of him there was a dwarf, similar to those we have already described. Almost all of those present in the chamber gazed with horror at the two creatures... He (the man) seized hold of its (dwarf) face with one hand and turned it to right and left, at the same time saying that they should have no fear of these entities, as they were biological robots created by them for certain kinds of work, and that they were quite inoffensive."

Cases like these are often disregarded a priori by scientifically oriented  ufologists but I think it is time to reconsider many of the old contactees of the 1950s and 60s and follow an alternative approach in research, looking for confirmation of the contact from independent witnesses and various types of circumstancial evidence. Many years ago I asked psychiatrist Dr. Berthold E. Schwarz about this problem regarding his investigations of Howard Menger. Schwarz told of the many witnesses who really did experience strange phenomena, including aliens at the Menger farm. In a letter to me May 29, 1986, Schwarz concludes: "Yes, the contact claims or case of Howard Menger is far from being an open and shut or black and white matter." This could be said regarding many of the both classic and recent contact experiences.

Berthold Schwartz

After 50+ years of research into the ufo contactee enigma my conclusion is that the real Visitors are human looking entities, who for their more or less covert work use robots and androids. Unfortunately there has since the 1950s been a stigma against any serious research involving human looking Visitors.

Here is one example of the type of contact cases, whether genuine or not, that should be investigated and documented by ufologists:

Joelle was born in St Petersburg, Russia in 1914. After the war she worked in Paris and later moved together with her husband and two daughters, Frederique and Isabelle, to London. In September 1963 Joelle was in the Sheffield area conducting a house-to-house field survey for a market research company. In one of the houses Joelle visited she noticed an unusually large amount of modern-looking gadgets, including a large radio transceiver. The lady in the house, Rosamund,  explained that her husband was a scientist and radio amateur. When Rosamund briefly left the room Joelle heard a message in English from the radio: ”Will be at Blue John tomorrow 4.30 p.m. – Mark”. She wrote down the message but when Rosamund came back she was only informed that message had come through. This obviously chocked Rosamund. Because of her background in the French resistance during the war Joelle suspected she had uncovered an international spy-ring and decided to go to the Blue John caves at the time mentioned.

On Monday September 16, 1963 she went by car to the this area and parked at a vantage spot overlooking the valley – and waited. At 4.30 p.m. Joelle noticed a brilliant light in the sky which came to rest several hundred yards from her position. The glow ceased and a disc-shaped aircraft appeared instead, landing on tripod landing legs. A man in a one-piece suit stepped out of the craft and simultaneously a man appeared coming from a car parked nearby. Joelle recognized the car as the one that had been parked outside Rosamund´s house. The two men greeted each other warmly and walked towards the car which drove away. The craft began to glow, lift off from the ground shooting off at a fantastic speed.

At that time Joelle did not accept the existence of flying saucers and believed the craft to be some sort of secret Russian aircraft. She decided to go back to Rosamund´s house to find out more and then perhaps report the incident to the police. When she knocked at the door the scientist husband, in the story named Jack, opened the door but was reluctant to let Joelle in. At that point Mark, now in terrestrial clothes, interjected ”that´s all right, let her in”. Joelle tried to present a cover story that she needed some more answers for her field survey. Mark understood that this was a lie and said: ”Why don´t you tell us the real reason why you are here?...You came here because you saw my craft and wanted to find out what was going on”.

Joelle was ”let in” on the truth and spent a large part of the night talking with the visitor. She gradually accepted that Mark was indeed a man from another planet. For the next fifteen months Joelle had several meetings with Mark and another visitor, Val. Two times they met in Joelle´s flat in London. These men claimed they were secretly working together with a team of scientists from several nations. At one occasion Joelle was invited to inspect one of their craft that had landed close to the Welsh border. She helped the visitors in a number of ways. Val and Mark were extremely refined, fair-skinned with perfect teeth, very kind and perfect gentlemen with lots of humour.

In 1967, three years after the last meeting with Mark and Val, Joelle claimed to have been visited by two men from the Home Office in London. They wanted to know about the disappearance of Jack and Rosamund and som other scientists. The men were aware of the contact story but Joelle refused to answer some of their questions. Neither did she tell all she knew to Timothy Good. One of the things mentioned by Mark and Val was that their group would intervene in the event of a nuclear catastrophe, if it threatened to destroy our planet. She was also informed that we are spiritual beings, surviving death. The experiences with Mark and Val remained a treasured and vivid memory for Joelle all her life.
(Timothy Good, Alien Base, pp. 249-256).

Very early in my ufological career I became involved in several quite remarkable aliens among us cases in Sweden. Ever since then I have often pondered the $64 question – Who are these people. When John Keel visited me in October 1976 we especially discussed this enigma, involving also the MIB – Men In Black.  Keel was intrigued by this aspect and convinced there were aliens among us. “I´d really like to get one”, was his comment. If we as private UFO researchers can discover so much data on this hidden activity then special operations intelligence groups must have studied these alien visitors for  a long time and are keeping an eye on their activities. UFOs is not only a scientific problem but counterintelligence problem.

Being one of the last pioneers alive, with inside knowledge of what really happened during the first years of the contactee era, silent contactee and MUFON consultant Rosemary Decker must have felt more and more like a stranger in a strange land in the UFO movement of the 1980s and 90s. She tried to express some of these thoughts in a letter 1995:

”Yes, I´ll do my best to take care – it´s true ´there aren´t many of us left´. And the early era of open friendly contacts has been so debunked, or at best ignored, by later researchers/encountered people, too much precious data has been lost. (Early era is among my 3 favourite presentations when I speak at a conference). Some of the early alledged contacts were real, thanks be. (And most never publicized).
(Letter from Rosemary Decker to Wendelle Stevens and Christine Stevens-Cox, December 12, 1995).


Based upon my experiences of contactee research in Sweden I regard it as a definite possibility that there are real human looking alien Visitors operating behind the scenes on this planet. Few ufologists, not to mention the public, could take such a revelation without developing at least a mild form of paranoia. How about stamp-collecting?