Sunday, June 2, 2013

Donation of CEI archives

The last two days I have spent working hard unpacking 93 boxes of material from Centro de Estudios Interplanetarios (CEI) in Barcelona, Spain. Two days of blood, sweat and tears. Well, no blood and tears actually but I could have shed a few tears of joy when studying the marvelous donation from CEI, administered by the present president Mr. Marti Flo. We at AFU are tremendously delighted to receive this great contribution to the AFU international collection. Thank you very much Marti Flo and collegues at CEI. We will do our best to catalogue and preserve this invaluable material from many Spanish speaking countries.

CEI collection unpacked

After two days of hard work

Here is a list of some of the collection according to Marti Flo:
- Library -+ 800 Books
- Newspaper library 125 volumes of bound magazines
500 cards of articles published in journals that have been detailed. These cards are grouped under the following headings: cases of interest, history of the UFO subject, author articles, technical articles on propulsion, magnetic detectors, UFOs and possible submarine bases, the affair UMMO, Bermuda Triangle, solid light, celestial photography and so on, etc.

- File casuistry CATIB 1945-2004 (Iberian Catalogue)
- Iberian Peninsula and rest of the world:
a) File of observations,
b) Photographic file,
c) File of possible cases of Contact,
d) File of false cases or mystification
File referred to the Canary Islands

Monographic file cabinets:
a) File "Charles Fort" comprising high strangeness events worldwide.
b) File on UMMO affair.
c) general and file reports: includes news and press - not observations - related to the topic.
d) File researchers.
e) File Symposiums, Conferences and Meetings.
f) Research Archive manuals, questionnaires, aid research, etc.
g) meteorological file: contains the meteorological bulletins for the period 1968-1969 and to the Flap 1974.
h) research archive of Spanish authors, complemented with other foreign researchers.
i) File of the possible presence of UFOs in the past and in antiquity.
j) File of luminous phenomena.
k) File of propulsion
l) File of animals mutilated mysteriously.

-Index file that contains the basic data of each event (date, time, place, province, type and source of the news), which in turn is complemented by a provincial file that meets the same data as the file-index. Another file meets the basic data of those cases with a special peculiarity: Type I (landings), stop engine, electromagnetic effects, observations of pilots, controllers, and meteorologists, solid light, car chase, etc.

I have not had time to study all the files but notice there are a many rare books in Spanish that I have never seen before, or heard of.