Sunday, September 22, 2013

Board meeting and festivity

This weekend we held the first UFO-Sweden board meeting, after the summer vacation, at the little town of Töreboda in the province of Västergötland. Our hosts were Tage and Christina Bång from the local UFO-Sweden group Skaraborgs UFO-Förening. Sweden is very elongated country so it was a three hour drive by car from Norrköping to Töreboda. The members of the board arrived from different locations and were happy to be welcomed by a beautiful autumn sunshine. First on the agenda was lunch at the local restaurant Peking.

Part of the UFO-Sweden board enjoying the sunshine

New chairman Anders Berglund and former chairman Clas Svahn at the Peking restaurant

We were nine board members who gathered for the meeting at 2.00 P.M., the first to be held by our new UFO-Sweden chairman Anders Berglund. As told in one of my blog entries in May this year Anders Berglund was unanimously voted as the new chairman of UFO-Sweden at the annual meeting May 4th. It is always a personal challenge to be the leader of a national organization but Anders has entered his new position with enthusiasm and dedication. Befor the meeting I took the opportunity to get a signed copy of Clas Svahn´s latest book Osannolikt. Märkliga möten och fantastiska sammanträffanden. (Improbable. Strange Encounters and Fantastic Coincidences).

Anders Berglund preparing the board meeting

Tage Bång and Tobias Lindgren conferring

The new book by Clas Svahn

During the meeting we were informed that UFO-Sweden at present has 311 members and 743 subscribers to the magazine, UFO-Aktuellt, printed together with the Norwegian UFO. 38 participants have applied for the next weekend course for field investigators October 19-20 and of these 16 are beginners, which is very promising for the future of Swedish ufology. UFO-Sweden need many more active field investigators. A new local UFO society, Hudiksvalls UFO-Grupp, was welcomed as a new member group of UFO-Sweden and I presented some of the news from AFU. There was also som planning of the next expedition to lake Nammajaure to search for the missile/UFO that landed an sank to the bottom in July 1980.

Anders Berglund as new chairman

Rickard Andersson and Anders Berglund

After the board meeting we were seven participants who went straight to Christina and Tage Bång´s summerhouse at Sjöfallet. Our hosts served a delicious dinner and as usual the talk and festivity went on for many hours into the night. Unfortunately I developed a bad cold and fever during the evening so I had to abandon the happy company and hit the sack a bit early. But still it was great to meet the old UFO-Sweden gang. 

Our hosts Christina and Tage Bång preparing dinner

Festivitas at Sjöfallet. From left Anders Berglund, Carl-Anton Mattsson, Clas Svahn