Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jörgen Granlie 1929-2013

In just a short period of time UFO-Sweden has lost two of the old guard ufologists. Arnold Idebring, ufologist from Enköping died on December 31, 2012 och yesterday I received the sad news that Jörgen Granlie died at a nursing home in Stockholm on April 20th. Jörgen was for many years one of the leading lights of Swedish ufology.

Jörgen Granlie at the UFO-Sweden board meeting October 12, 1996

He started his ufological career in 1976 as board member of the local group Enköpings UFO-förening (Enköping UFO Society). Between 1978-2011 Jörgen served as board member of UFO-Sweden in several capacities: vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. He was also an active field investigator, always meticulous in research and documentation. The older generation of Swedish ufologists also remember him as a skilled instructor at the annual UFO-Sweden Field Investigator training seminars in the 1970ies and 80ies.

UFO-Sweden board 1979. Jörgen in the middle

Jörgen Granlie worked as an engineer all his life. He was a practical man, a doer and idealist always ready to lend a hand with hard work. At the cottage rented by the local UFO group in Enköping, Jörgen was often seen moving the lawn, fixing the plumbing or doing general maintenance work. He was a regular visitor to AFU, one of our sponsors who always expressed his admiration and support for our work.

Jörgen Granlie was one of the pillars of UFO-Sweden. I will always remember him as an accomplished UFO collegue and good friend. With these pictures I give my tribute to a fine human being I had the privilege to know and work together with for many years.

Jörgen together with former UFO-Sweden chairman Christer Nordin, 1981

Discussing with AFU´s Anders Liljegren at a planning Conference April 22, 1995

Three happy oldboys at board meeting November 28, 2009. Mats Nilsson, Gunnar Karlsson, Jörgen Granlie

Jörgen visiting AFU October 21, 2012, together with Anders Liljegren and Clas Svahn