Monday, April 21, 2014

One hundred sponsors

There is a steady stream of visitors to AFU, representatives from various groups and organizations, librarians and achivists, university students, ufologists from Sweden and other countries and people interested in different aspects of the paranormal. Yesterday I booked an AFU presentation for the very active local spiritualist and new age group Norrljus. They visited AFU in 2010 but many new members have joined interested in UFO and paranormal so a renewed visit was decided.

Member of the Norrljus society visiting AFU June 1, 2010

The present treasurer, Eva Dahlquist, also had some sad and alarming news to share. Norrljus are forced to leave their premises in Norrköping because the rent has suddenly been more than dubbled. As a small and nonprofit society their economic resources are of course very limited. But that is of no interest to the robber barons who are the property owners. Isn´t neoliberalist capitalism wonderful! Norrljus will now be shut down in its present form and they will try a restart with new name and different premises this autumn.

Former chairman of Norrljus Rose-Marie Lundbäck

The fate of Norrljus made me very mindful of the shaky situation we at AFU are living with on a daily basis. A more than doubled rent for our ten premises would be a disaster. There is really only one solution to this dilemma: we need more sponsors making small but regular economic contributions, by month or year. We now have around thirtyfive sponsors donating 50 SEK or more each month. If we could find one hundred more sponsors around the world contributing 100+ SEK each month AFU would be on the safe side. It´s not the really large donations that matter (although of course wellcome) but the small and regular contributions. If you wish to support AFU and keep the worlds largest UFO and Fortean archive/library going and developing visit our Your Sponsorship site.

Another way to support AFU is buying surplus books and magazines from the AFU Shop. There you will find hundreds of rare items for sale.

Our ambition is to continue make AFU a world heritage for material of UFO, Fortean and paranormal phenomena. Although more and more books, magazines and other data are being digitized and is aviable on the internet we believe it is important that somewhere in the world there is a repository where the original physical documents can be found. I hope that many of our friends out there around the globe can help us make this dream come true.