Thursday, January 16, 2014

Congratulations to Amanda och Irre

Today I offer my heartfelt birthday congratulations to two Swedish ufologists, Amanda Fredriksson and Irre B. Grytdal (now living in Norway). Amanda celebrates her 30th birthday and represents the new generation of Swedish ufologists. She first appeared as a daring and inquisitive newcomer at the UFO-Sweden annual weekend seminar for field investigators in November 2008. A young woman among mostly ufologist oldboys. But she was not deterred by this fact and soon proved to be an active and competent field investigator in UFO-Sweden.

Amanda and former UFO-Sweden chairman Clas Svahn at the field investigation seminar November 1, 2008

Amanda selling tickets for the UFO-Sweden annual conference May 22, 2010. Standing behind is Tage Bång

Another of the new generation Swedish ufologists is Anders Berglund, now chairman of UFO-Sweden. We were many who rejoiced when Amanda och Anders became a couple and also a star team field investigators. The family now lives at the small island Hönö in the Gothenburg archipelago with the new family member, Ossian.

Amanda and Anders at the UFO-Sweden annual conference May 7, 2011

Anders and Amanda at the UFO-Sweden board meeting October 22, 2011

Happy couple with newborn Ossian at the UFO-Sweden annual conference May 5, 2012

The family at home in Hönö April 13, 2013

Irre B. Grytdal also celebrates her birthday today. I will not disclose the age of a lady. She has for many years been a board member and hardworking enthusiast in Sweden. Irre´s UFO interest began with an observation of a triangular object in 1978. This year she also founded the local UFO group Vetlanda UFO-förening and was also for several years chairman of UFO-Köping. 

Irre B. Grytdal with a drawing of the object she observed in 1978

Irre at the UFO-Sweden board meeting April 10, 2010

Irre unloading the UFO-Sweden exhibition after the annual conference in 2011

My best wishes to these eminent ufologists. Although ufology unfortunately is very much a male occupation there are and have been many very active and competent women ufologists in Sweden. Let´s hope this is a continuing trend. I notice there is a website called Women in Ufology, but so far very few listed. In ufologist history there have been many more.