Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer event and autumn planning

My five weeks holiday disappeared all too quickly. But the weather has been great and these last three days have been filled with various activities. Anders Berglund, the new chairman of UFO-Sweden arrived on Friday 26th. As the new director of our national UFO organization it is important for Anders to be briefed on all the files and data in AFU so Friday afternoon was spent checking our ten premises, especially the report achives and organizational files of UFO-Sweden. Friday evening we were invited to Tobias Lindgren who offered us nice sandwiches and beers.

Anders Berglund studying the UFO-Sweden files

Anders in magazine archive

Saturday 27th we went by car to the annual summer event and party at the cottage of Carl-Anton Mattsson and his wife Britt-Marie. These events are a combination of contest, quiz and party, with good food and coffee. This year was something of a record with around 25 participants. After coffee and cake Carl-Anton led the group for a stroll in the woods where he had prepared twenty tricky questions to answer, usually on astronomy and geography. On this stroll we also found blueberries and wild strawberries to eat.

Tricky questions here

Håkan Ekstrand with the quiz

After lunch we were all invited to the contest with five different games, minigolf, throwing saucers, shooting, darts with balloons and trying to throw a golfball into a nesting box (with no bird of course). Total winner was Dan Mattsson by I succeded in getting a medal as number one throwing saucers. Many thanks to Carl-Anton and Britt-Marie for this excellent event and all the good food and fellowship. 

Mats Nilsson throwing saucers

Rickard was pretty good with the rifle

Mats tries to get the golf ball into the nesting box

Proud winner Dan Mattsson

I got a medal for throwing saucers

All the participants at the summer event

Today Anders Berglund, Tobias Lindgren, Johan Gustavsson and I met at AFU to do some preplanning for UFO-Sweden field investigators course October 19-20, 2013. We discussed interesting and good UFO cases that will be studied by the field investigators. This year we have booked Föllingen Hotell as our new facility for the course. We are all looking forward to experience this new place, nicely situated at lake Föllingen in Östergötland. 

Johan Gustavsson, Tobias Lindgren and Anders Berglund studying UFO reports