Sunday, August 10, 2014

UFO-Sweden projects and planning

This weekend several members of the UFO-Sweden board gathered at the AFU premises in Norrköping for discussion and planning of various projects. On Saturday UFO-Sweden chairman Anders Berglund and Johan Gustavsson, head of the reporting central met with Tobias Lindgren to lay the groundwork for Project Kolmården in the summer of 2015. A group of field investigators from UFO-Sweden will then concentrate their research efforts on a small area north of Norrköping where a lot of UFO activity has been reported for many years, especially in the 1970s and 80s. Field investigators will actually go from house to house in search of UFO or Fortean phenomena witnesses. This will be in combination with an intense media campaign to inform local residents of the UFO-Sweden project.

Anders Berglund searching for UFO reports in the Kolmården area

A contemplative Johan Gustavsson planning the Kolmården Project

From left: Johan Gustavsson, Tage Bång, Anders Berglund, Tobias Lindgren, Anders Skoglund, Christoffer Mossberg

This is not the first time for such a UFO-Sweden project. Similar studies were initiated in Värmland 2002 and 2004 and also the so called Mien Project in Småland 2007. The result was most rewarding with many new UFO reports documented. 

Anders Persson documenting a UFO report during Project Värmland 2002

Clas Svahn presenting the days work at the Mien Project 2007

Beginning August 30th a second expedition to lake Nammajaure will take place with a renewed attempt to find the ghost rocket that landed and sank in this northern lake in July 1980. Here is Clas Svahn´s announcement of the expedition:
"In a couple of weeks I will lead an expedition to Lake Nammajaure where a Ghost Rocket landed and sank in July 1980. Seen by two excellent witnesses in broad daylight during its flight over them, down to the lake and the landing.
The lake is situated in a remote area within a National park and we will carry all instruments, tents and personal packings through the woods.
This is UFO-Sweden's second attempt to find the strange ”rocket”. The first search was made in 2012 but now we are returning with better instruments and an expert on ground penetrating radar plus a TV documentary team that has followed me and UFO-Sweden since nearly five years. 
Please take a look at our information page
And if you are interested in helping us to make this within our small budget, all contributions are very welcomed."

My own AFU initiative this weekend has been a few hours work doing the final arranging of the Sven Magnusson archive. Sven Magnusson was editor of the Swedish magazine Sökaren from 1964-2008. Articles covered every conceivable subject within the UFO, paranormal, spiritual and new age field but usually the quality of the material printed was of high quality and Sven succeded in attracting the best minds and writers on these taboo subjects. His international correspondence file is a who´s who of active writers and researchers from the 1960s onward. Here a few names: Rupert Sheldrake, Ian Stevenson, Charles Tart, Hans Bender, J.B. Rhine, D. Scott Rogo, Allen Hynek, John Keel, Jerome Clark but also contactees like Daniel Fry and Ray & Rex Stanford.

Sven Magnusson in 1977

For anyone interested in borderland research and philosophy Sökaren is still a treasure trove of interesting articles and data. Sven Magnusson was a good friend and collegue and I am glad to have made his acquaintance. A wise and bold writer always challenging the reductionist, materialist world view with new intriguing data from the forbidden sciences. 

Sven Magnusson 1930-2008