Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Aliens and bio-androids

I often return to the 1975 classic The Edge of Reality by the two giants of ufology, Allen Hynek and Jacques Vallee. The discussions and brain storming in this book are intellectually stimulating and often remarkably radical and open minded. On page 252 Hynek and Vallee try to develop a theory for the many humanoid cases involving different types of entities:
Vallee: "How can they breath our air? How come there are men, ordinary men with them? There are cases in France where witnesses have seen two dwarves coming our of a landed object, and one man with them."
Hynek: "... these damn things adjust pretty well to our planet. This is an important point that is often overlooked. The chances that conditions on a "home planet" would be almost exactly like those on earth are pretty small... Of course, if these reported cretures are really robots, that would solve this problem."

Humanoid and contact cases involving human looking aliens interacting with small entities have been reported for a long time and from many countries. An interesting fact is that human aliens working together with small robots was mentioned already in 1955 by the controversial George Adamski. Here are a few relevant quotes:
 "Also in this room was a robot instrument which I was cautioned not to describe. I had noticed a miniature version of this robot in the Scout." (Inside the Space Ships, 1955, p. 60).
"Each pilot room has a robot. these, working singly or together, can fully govern the course of the ship, as well as warn us of any approaching danger." (Ibid. p. 77).
"True, they have robots to do much of the heavy work that once was done by manual labour." (Flying Saucers Farewell, 1961, p. 85).

In my blog I have often referred to George Adamski and some of the other 1950s contactees. I would not be surprised if some time in the future a few of them will be vindicated. Not in the way anticipated by the naive believers and cultists but from a entirely different direction presenting their experiences in a new perspective. The recently deceased Danish Adamski co-worker Hans C Petersen claimed to have discussed the robot issue several times with Adamski. In an article, The Sinister Forces From Space, he presents a somewhat more complicated view of the problem: "... the americans have constructed their own flying saucers, and that they fly just as if they were real space vehicles. Also, that they use the same propulsion system as do the visitors, and that these man-made vehicles are manned with robots - small grey men - all alike and produced alike in american research centers, as copies of the creatures found in the "crashed" saucers from outer space." (UFO Contact Newsletter, no. 1, 1993).

Hans C Petersen

The creation of very advanced robots is today not a science fiction idea. Research is going on around the world, especially for military and commercial use. And what is done publicly has probably already been tested in secret black projects by various known and unknown military intelligence organizations and the intelligence arm of global companies.

There have been several humanoid encounter cases in Sweden where the robot or bio-android interpretation seem reasonable. Take a look at the Ivar Naumann case of 1958 and the Norrtälje humanoid observered in 2008.

Ivar Naumann case 1958

Norrtälje 2008

A fascinating case where bio-androids are mentioned is the abduction experience of Amauri Rivera of Puerto Rico. He was abducted from his car by dwarfish entities in May 1988. When he regained consciousness Amauri found himself in an unknown room together with 15 people, all Hispano-Americans. Magdalena Del Amo-Freixedo documented what happened next in an article published in Flying Saucer Review, vol. 39, no. 1, Spring 1994: "Facing them was a tall, dark man of human appearance. His hair was long, down to the shoulders, and his complexion dusky. He would, says the witness, have passed anywhere unnoticed. This man said that he was human, just like them, who had come here from another planet in our galaxy. On either side of him there was a dwarf, similar to those we have already described. Almost all of those present in the chamber gazed with horror at the two creatures... He (the man) seized hold of its (dwarf) face with one hand and turned it to right and left, at the same time saying that they should have no fear of these entities, as they were biological robots created by them for certain kinds of work, and that they were quite inoffensive."

A rather different story is told by the neuropsychiatrist Dr. Shafica Karagulla och her research companion Dr. Viola Petit Neal, both well versed in the esoteric tradition as evidenced by their book Through the Curtain (1983). A close friend of Shafica Karagulla was Ingo Swann who passed away in February 2013. Ingo Swann is best known for his remote viewing experiments and his controversial book Penetration. Karagulla was something of a mentor to Swann and he has this interesting comment on her knowledge: "She also knew how almost all of the world´s intelligence agencies operated - those agencies known to exist, AND those which exist but are not known or even admitted to by anyone and don´t even have names... You see, Shafica was to become one of my three major advisors regarding international affairs of the type that never get mentioned in the media, science, academe, or mentioned even by conspiracy enthusiasts". (Ingo Swann, Remote Viewing. The Real Story (1996), chapter 40, Shafica Karagulla).

After a very strange experience in a Hollywood supermarket where Ingo and a friend observed and received unusual psychic "vibrations" from a woman with black hair and eyes covered by purple sunglasses, Ingo and his friend decided to mention this encounter to Shafica Karagulla. During a dinner they discuss ET civilizations infiltrating Earth and Viola Petitt Neal comments:
"There are a lot of THEM, you know, and many are bio-androids."
Shafica Karagulla: "They´re dangerous, you know, and they realize that Earth psychics are their only enemies. Be careful Ingo, be careful." (Penetration, chapter The Event in Los Angeles).

Delving deeply into these aspects of the UFO enigma is hardly recommended to the faint hearted. Paranoia can easily become your next door neighbor. Still, the original Vallee question is valid: "How come there are men, ordinary men with them?"
Will the real alien please stand up.