Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rendezvous at the Lilton Hotel

Once every year in January or February the UFO-Sweden board travel to Ängelholm for a board meeting at the small and charming Lilton Hotel. This has been a tradition since 1998. It´s a long journey for most of the members but well worth the trouble because of the excellent lodging and enjoyable get together with both new and old ufologists. For our new chairman, Anders Berglund, this was his first visit to Lilton but he was also full of enthusiasm for this picturesque place.

Anders Berglund at Lilton Hotel

Together with the film crew Kerstin and Michael we were 17 people around the table when the meeting started at 2.30 p.m. We decided that the annual UFO-Sweden meeting and exhibition will take place at Östersund on May 17. There will be a focus on the local sea creature Storsjöodjuret (The Great-Lake Monster) said to inhabit this large lake. The Nessie of Sweden, observations reported for many years.

Our chairman ready for the board meeting

Checking the draft for a new UFO-Sweden website

There will also be a renewed investigation of lake Nammajaure in the north of Sweden, trying to locate the strange missile that landed and sank in the lake in July 1980. For the next year we are planning a detailed investigation of the Kolmården area, north of Norrköping. Going from house to house interviewing and documenting all UFO and paranormal phenomena. During our board meeting we also approved two new UFO-Sweden local representatives, in Karlstad and Vetlanda. And we greeted our new active member, journalist Magnus Gatemark, welcome to the UFO-Sweden gang.

Journalist Magnus Gatemark

Close to 7.00 p.m. we all walked to our favourite restaurant in Ängelholm, Telegrafen. All except journalist Clas Svahn, who had to stay at the hotel watching the musical competition Melodifestivalen, chatting with listeners. During this event decision is made who will represent Sweden at the European Song Contest.

Very focused Clas Svahn getting ready to chat with listeners

Clas chatting and listening to the musical competition

The rest of us were surprised by a very heavy hailstorm on our way to the restaurant. But we arrived safely, although somewhat wet. We all enjoyed an excellent dinner before going back to Clas, who after his work, went for some hamburgers. The rest of the evening, and part of the night, consisted of the usual discussions, planning, anecdotes and jokes in good company.

Johan, Anders and Kerstin at the restaurant

One of the really nice aspects of our UFO-Sweden meetings is exhange of gifts. I collect owl figurines and Clas is an avid collector of stamps with UFO and space themes. We were both happy to receive new samples for our collections.

Some owls for me

New stamps for Clas collection