Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pre-1947 cases

1993 was a very eventful year in AFU history. From January 23 to February 28 we arranged a large UFO exhibition at Norrköping City Museum. The result was lots of articles in newspapers and several interviews on local radio and TV. We also received many UFO reports. Of special interest were some observations occuring before 1947.

Me showing the exhibition in 1993

One of these observations, which unfortunately I never found time to document by field investigation, was reported by Inga-Lill Emilsson, then living at Sankt Anna, not far from Norrköping. She called me after a TV interview on February 26, 1993 and related the following experience which happened in 1933 when she was five years old, living in a cottage in Östergötland. One day she noticed an object on the ground that looked like a saucer with a dome on top. Two small "people" emerged from the object, walked up to Inga-Lill and told her not to be afraid. They were clothed in dark green coveralls. Inside the object she noticed som kind of instrument panel. I was never told how the experience ended.

Another encounter also made by a very young girl occured in September 1925. The witness, Elvy Jogerö, sent a detailed report to UFO-Sweden in 1980 of what happened to her when she was eight years old. I quote from her own account: "This happened on an early Sunday morning between September 20-30, 1925. The time was around 6.30 A.M. and the location Åbyggeby in Ockelbo. I had just risen and took a walk around our home in the countryside. I followed a small pathway to a bridge and a field where cows used to graze. It was daybreak and the weather was fine. Looking out over the field I noticed something that looked like two saucers put together. This phenomenon had the size of a car. It was blackgrey and stood on four legs in the field.

Artist illustration of the Elvy Jogerö encounter

I don´t know how long I observered this strange contraption when I noticed a ladder being hurled into the object and at the same time a ring around the object started rotating. There was a low swishing sound and it rose slowly. I never observered any creatures. I felt a strange kind of fear and ran home to relate what had happened but no one believed me and my best friend just laughed when I told of my experience."

Drawing by witness Elvy Jogerö

An interesting pre-1947 humanoid case was documented in 1995 by UFO-Sweden field investigators Kurt Persson and Berit Bergqvist who visited the witness, 78 year old Bertil Berg, living in Säter, Dalarna. He told of an encounter that happened in 1932 or 1933. Bertil was an active athletic and one day when he was out jogging not far from Säter he suddenly became aware of a strange aluminium coloured craft on the ground in a forest glade. The craft was around 8-10 meters in length and about 2 meters in height. Bertil´s first thought was that this must be an airplane but he couldn´t see any landing gear.

Berit Bergqvist and Kurt Persson on a visit to AFU September 21, 1991

On top of the craft there were two small people, not more than 1,20 meters, wearing silver coloured attires. Bertil could not see their faces. The small people looked like they were working on something. Bertil felt no fear and started walking closer but was abruptly stopped by an invisible wall. He tried walking around the craft to find a way to get nearer but every time he was stopped by this wall which extended around 75 meters from the craft. After about 15 minutes he gave up and continued his jogging. When he returned, half an hour later, the craft was gone and there was a burned circle on the ground. At home he told his father, but he didn´t believe him. Only his brother became interested and they visited the spot were the ground was burned. Nothing grew on this place for several years afterwards.

Illustration by witness Bertil Berg