Wednesday, June 3, 2015

AFU - Archives for Forbidden Underground Science

No, we haven´t adopted a new name. AFU is still the acronym for Archives for the Unexplained, formerly Archives for UFO Research. But during a recent tour perusing our three libraries crammed with heretic subjects my association went to Jacques Vallee´s two-volume diaries Forbidden Science. There is such an overwhelming amount of data and experiences not recognized by mainstream materialist reductionist science. So much research just waiting for non-conformist and open minded researchers to attend to. My hope is for a new Invisible College of pathfinder scholars.

The AFU libraries are an impressive treasure trove of  both rare and unusual books and magazines of interest to ufologists, Forteans, investigators of paranormal phenomena and esotericism. Naturally we are also inviting mainstream academics and scholars researching various underground ideas and movements. At AFU they will find many tomes not aviable from the university libraries. We have the ambition to become a world heritage for our specialized subjects.

The UFO, Fortean library

The Evans library

The new third library: Philosophy, Religion, Psychology, Conspiracy Theories

Johan Gustavsson studying books on mind control

As I have stated in earlier blog entries we have chosen to remain a privately financed non-governmental foundation. And the reasons are quite obvious. Our subjects are scientifically, politically, religiously and militarily controversial. We are the intellectual and cultural heretics of our time. 

Five thousand books are presently waiting to be catalogued and donations of new collections are coming in a steady stream. This week we received a complete set of the Swedish editions of the books by Alice Bailey, kindly donated by Karl-Erik Edris who is the Swedish publisher. He is also a well known lecturer and the author of seven books, the latest Vart är världen på väg?