Saturday, April 25, 2015

Ghost Rockets documentary

About five years ago documentary filmmakerns Michael Cavanagh and Kerstin Übelacker watched a UFO documentary on Discovery Channel where several ufologists were interviewed. Most of them spoke confidently of extraterrestrials as the solution to the UFO enigma. One of the ufologists, Clas Svahn of UFO-Sweden, simply said he didn´t have the answer. This so impressed Michael and Kerstin that they decided to contact Clas Svahn to make a documentary on UFOs and UFO-Sweden. Beginning in the Autumn of 2010 the team has followed the activities of the organization and especially the expeditions to lake Nammajaure to find a Ghost Rocket that was observered to have landed and sank in the lake in 1980.

Michael Cavanagh and Kerstin Übelacker at the UFO-Sweden board meeting in Ängelholm January 21, 2011

Michael and Kerstin have been our constant companions for almost five years. And this year the result of their hard work has come to an end with the release of the documentary Ghost Rockets. Already the film has been shown in Gothenburg, Malmö and Stockholm and yesterday it was showtime here at Norrköping. Later this year the documentary will be shown on Swedish television. On Thursday we had a press conference at AFU for the local media. The media coverage was good and you can find links to articles, radio and TV on Clas Svahn´s blog.

Me and AFU collegue Anders Liljegren preparing for the press conference

Helena Jalkner of 24nt interviewing Clas Svahn

Journalist from Radio Östergötland interviewing Clas Svahn

Yesterday around 130 persons turned up to watch Ghost Rockets at Cnema in Norrköping. Clas Svahn gave an excellent introduction to the film and the mystery of the Ghost Rockets. This was the first time I watched the documentary and I was tremendously impressed by the quality and feel good sense in the film. People with no knowledge of UFOs will get a good and serious presentation of the real enigma of the Ghost Rockets together with a very likeable and empathetic view of UFO-Sweden and its members.

Clas Svahn introducing the documentary at Cnema

Some of the UFO-Sweden gang after the show

Ghost Rockets have already been sold to Norway, Denmark, Finland and Canada and I sincerely hope that people in many more countries will have a chance to watch this unique documentary. My salute to Kerstin Übelacker and Michael Cavanagh for an excellent job.