Thursday, September 13, 2012

AFU today

This is the first time I write in english but I plan to publish the blog in english now and then especially to present material och data that may be of interest to the international ufo community and our donators and sponsors from other countries. Archives for UFO Research (AFU) is, as far as we know, the largest archive in the world for ufo, fortean and paranormal phenomena. Donations of books, magazines etc is constantly coming to AFU from many countries around the globe. We try to collect three copies of every book on ufos and fortean subjects published, from every country and language and in every edition.

We are unique in that we collect all types of material, from military records and doctoral thesis to publications from the most far out cult groups. You can come to AFU to study our subjects from all disciplines: folklore, comparative religion, military history, media history, sociology, psychology or whatever. Students from swedish universities often visit us to find rare and unusual books, data and documents.

Recently my AFU collegue Anders Liljegren made an "estimate of the situation". I present this information here for our international readers:

Here comes some estimates of the current holdings of the AFU foundation:

Ten different premises/stores with a total of 450 square meters.
About 1,5 linear kilometers of shelves.

Board (8 members), five archives volunteers, ten out-of-work employees, three work-trainees

12.500 catalogued book titles/editions + 5.500 now being catalogued (Evans + CFI) = 18.000 titles/editions. With 1-5 copies for each title this will become a 24.000 volume library by the end of 2013.

Anders Liljegren with a large donation of french ufo books

45.000 invidual magazine issues representing more than 10.000 annual volumes

20.000 Swedish report (UFO-Sweden) + 10.000 Danish (SUFOI) + 12.000 British (BUFORA & Contact)

35.000 Swedish clippings + 15.000 other Scandinavian
500.000 international clippings (including the CFI archives)

60 linear meters of Swedish history about ufo-related personalities, groups & organizations
10 linear meters of international history papers on personalitieis, groups & organizations

Your blogger at one of the AFU premises

Organizational files, correspondence

3700 audio cassettes + 400 reel-to-reel

2.700 video/VHS cassettes and CDs/DVDs

1000+ objects, including everything from pins to models, artworks, posters, t-shirts, ufo detectors, etc.   The archive is open daily for visitors. If you wish to visit us or donate material your will find adress and phone number att our homepage. There you will also find info on latest donations.